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My husband an i used jackson hewitt in 2011 an they lost our money. When i called them about it they was very rude an blamed it on our bank. I live in a small town so i know everyone at our bank an looked for the money an couldnt find it. Its not mu banks fault its theirs an never again will us or family an friends us that company.

stay away from these people they choke your taxes and when you try to get thier corporate address and phone numbers they refuse to give them they are rude have no clue about doing taxes my third grader can do taxes better then them we used them for first time this year 2012 and cancelled return and went somewhere else there isnt an option for zero stars but thats what they got from me.and we will be making copies of the b.b.b reports and plastering them around our town so they cant rip off anyone else in our town.

Jackson Hewitt is the worse place to file your taxes!Me and JJ went jan. 6th and filed and also applied for the loan was supposed to get it in 24 to 48 hours and still didnt get anything!We went to cancel our tax return with them they said come sign a piece of paper so we did that and as soon as we got to my moms they called us to go back because supposly the irs had already accepted our taxes.Paying that place almost 500 dollars and still nothing.I just called and they said the irs has not accepted your taxes yet!Its been 12 fucking days now!DONT GO TO JACKSON HEWITT THEY ARE A RIP OFF.I will never go back to jackson hewitt again they have nothing but liars there!

We went in walmart to file our taxes. Being served by two young girls that were still going to school and which were very unprofessional. It took them half an hour just to log in to the system, in the end the girl logged in into someone else's account (which is a federal crime doing it under someone else's name). Then my wife literary had to read the questions herself and answer them, basically doing the girls job. After an hour she was almost done and said we have to pay them 240 dollars, even though before we started she said it would be between $0 and $58. We left and my wife filed it herself online, within 20 minutes, no costs and a bigger tax return. They are now threatening us that they will file it as well. Our calls are unanswered and when the foreigners do pick up the phone, you can barely understand them and they end up giving a fax number instead of a manager phone number. Jackson Hewitt is a joke, by far the most unprofessional business I've bumped into in the last couple years. Try it yourself online people, it much easier then you think.

I Dont know why all these bad reviwes about jh when i been going there for eight years an never had no problem with them they alwaysdo a great jb for me when doing my taxes..

Jackson Hewitt made a serious error on my taxes last year when they failed to write one of our W2 forms in, even though they had the paper work. The IRS is now coming after us demanding 4,421.00. When I went to their office the stated that since I did not buy their guarantee plan, they were only responsible for the penalties and interest which as of right now our almost a 1,000.00 (that's not including what they failed to report even though they had our paper work). Louis in the Winder, GA office was apologetic but said that we still had to pay and she is sorry this man made the mistake. I make a little over $9.00 per hour, my husband $10.00 an hour. We are hard working people. If we knew how to do taxes we would have done them that's why we went to experts. My husband was out of work for almost two years. We were forced to go on food stamps. We can barely make ends meet now and now I can't get anyone to help me. A lady named Clarissa 404 343 8284 (who also works for Jackson Hewitt) said she would get back to me and see what they could do. She to has not gotten back. I called Fox 5 news and they told me to try calling headquarters and get the numbers for the regional office but headquarters gives a busy signal and I can't even find the regional office number. Should I go to Channel 4 investigates?

I am an employee of Jackson Hewitt Francise that covers Vincennes IN, Washington IN, and Carlile IN. The francise owner Marita Harris is taking hours away for a half hour break that the employees actually worked, she has also threatened that if the system messes up and you can't clock in or you forget to clock in, you lose thoes hours. she will not pay you. She also will not let you turn the heat up, it has to stay on 60 in an old building that does not hold heat, she claims that the clients can wear their coats. The employees have kept her well informed of situations within each office, but she blows them off and doesn't do anything about it unless the corporate office contacts her, the she lies and tells them she didn't know anything about it. One of her offices is such a poor envirnment for employees and clients, It smells like sewer no matter what you do you cannot get rid of the smell, she wont pay for part of a dumpster out side and has employees pile the trash up in a utility closet and won't come and get it for weeks, then they have the trash smell to...she blames the employees for the smell. She also yells at them and tells them how stupid they are, She shows absoluty no respect and shouldn't even be allowed to work with the public, she is not a people person at all!! She has also not honored clients Gold Guarantees, and tells the client that it was their own fault and there is nothing she can do!! She does not do the jhnet training, she cheats by going in and manually putting in passing scores for herself. She didn't even know what the tier pricing for wal-mart was this year. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS WOMAN!!

I got my taxes done last year and they messed up somewhere I got a letter in the mail today from the irs and there telling me I got to pay over 3,000 dollars back I feel they messed up they should half to pay it back.

I have been going to Jackson and Hewitt for the last 12years my husband and sister have to this will be the last year zI give my money to thse people including any business I have took them I will make sure nobody I know will go to there offices my husband has received his refund which has been sitting in year round office were there has not been anyone avail. at the office in Phx,AZ for the last month Jackson and hewitt got there moeny and they made sure they got paid first but he cant get hus money and when you speak with customer sercvice they want you to wait 7 moredays just for some one to get back with you bullshit this is company has poor service they have no problem takign there money now I WANT MY MONEY

they messed my taxes up so bad i have the irs chasing me for there mistake and they have done nothing to help me out.

I filled for tac school and The lady at 4585 Clairemeont Dr, San Diego California , she did nopt show up. I need my money back . She is a fraud and liar. I cant seem to get her to call me back. She owes me 175.00 dollars. Whats wrong why are the offices in San Diego with Jackson Hewiit closed when , They are suppose to be doing school on August 22,2011. How are going to make a school and not be a teacher and nto come .

Jackson Hewitt offices are franchises and open mainly during tax season. However, even the ones open throughout the year do not answer their phones. I needed to respond to an IRS letter on a fairly minor matter, but wished to have JH help craft the reply. Even the customer service reps I got from online numbers were unable to reach local offices in my city- about 5 of them!!!!! Finally one rep said she'd have someone contact me within the next 7 business days and I told her that was not acceptable. Finally, someone contacted me that afternoon and the appointment has been made. We'll see how much help I get, but right now I am totally, 100% feeling negative about a company where you have to call corporate headquarters in NJ to get someone in the Philippines who also can't reach a Jackson Hewitt person in Jacksonville, FL.

For all you people we just got hit with 2007 GA tax. We had the Gold Policy but according to 3 hours we just spent at the office we were told that the policy is good only for three years. They should close down this whole tax service. Why isn't the govenment doing something about this. Never again will we do business with this service. Also when asked were our files were we were told that they were in the cardboard boxes piled up in back from the previous owner who had assured us when we asked this Feb, that everything was locked up in a safe.

We just got audited from the IRS saying we owe $822 because the old man that did our taxes in 2009 forgot to put in the $4,000 lottery ticket we won. I looked everything over but I don't know a thing about tax forms. I've called the office where I had it done and no answer yet. Why should I pay for their mistake. I'm on disability! I'll fly to Philadelphia to the headquarters if I have to .We have the reciept from the lottery and he was suppose to put it in I guess. I am not paying the money. I've been using Jackson Hewitt for 6 yrs. and they never made a mistakeIM DONE WITH THEM!

I have always been an avid H & R Block user. This year I decided I would change it up to see if I received better service. Gosh was that a mistake. I paid 250 dollar just for you to put my information into the computer. The guy who prepared my taxes was new, and when I asked him if I get any money back from student loans he said no, unless you pay on them.So I went with his information. I called back and spoke with a supervisor after hearing from other sources that he was wrong. She says yes hes wrong....come back and we will file an amendment...SO I came back in to their office and because I did not purchase one of their "out to get more money out of you memberships" I was going to have to pay almost 100.00 to fix the problem. You are suppose to be the knowledgeable ones!!!!! They informed me that the IRS was not accepting amendments yet and I would have to come back when their software was delivered. I went to a different Jackson Hewitt looking for help...they did my amendment with no documentation in their system...sent off paperwork missing documents and it has been four months. Now most of the offices are closed and the open office insinuated that I made the forms up myself and they wont help me unless I pay for the return....I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND JACKSON HEWITT EVER AND HAVE TAKEN MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE AND SO SHOULD YOU.

I went and filed my taxes with Jackson Hewitt and I had to file state and federal... well my St Loan took my taxes and they representive of Jackson Hewitt followed me through Wal-mart and asked me to come and talk to her, I did she said that I had to pay them 151.00 in order to get my State taxes I asked if we can set up a payment plan she said yes...someone would contact me to do this. NOBODY HAS CALLED ME AND I WANT MY MONEY!!! I will never go back to this place again

This has got to be one of the worst experiences ever! The environment was small and dirty, the prepareres are not up to date on tax rules and changes. They made errors on my return which created a headache and major delay. They refused to take responsibility and they behaved unprofessionally. They mailed my return to the incorrect address and it was then returned back to them. They will not take my call or tell me the location of my return. I am not sure how these folks are even in business, I cannot be the only one they have done dirty. Oh, BTW, I filed the last week of January and charged for rapid return, and all-here it is MAY and I still have not seen my return and they are refusing any type of reimbursement for such poor services and inconvenience. You will be better off buying TurboTax and doing it yourself! I have used JHewitt for the past 10+ years and will never consider using any location ever again.

We had our taxes prepared by a Jackson Hewitt office in NC. Upon completion we paid the accountant by check on 12 April 2011. The accountant placed the check in a lock box and into a desk drawer where it stayed until 15 April when the office was robbed, by robbers with a key to the office.. Our check was stolen along with those of others who had either paid by check or with cash that had not been deposited to the bank. We were out of contact until last week, when we returned we found a letter (not on company stationary and unsigned) informing us that our check had been stolen, it also stated that we should rest assured that OUR PERSONAL INFORMATION HAD NOT BEEN COMPROMISED IN ANY WAY. We called the local office to confirm that the letter had in fact come from them but no one was answering the phone. We then called the regional office to check the validity of the letter and they confirmed it was correct. We asked what the Police Case Number was and we told there wasn't one. After speaking with the regional office we called our bank to stop payment on the check. We were advised by our bank to close the checking account because in fact our PERSONAL INFORMATION HAD BEEN COMPROMISED AND THAT WE WOULD BE HELD LIABLE BY THE BANK IF SOMEONE WERE TO USE OUR ACCOUNT NUMBER (located at the bottom of the check) TO FORGE CHECKS IN OUR NAME. We have spent the last 3 days in the process of closing our checking account, changing all other account information associated with the checking account we had to close, making phone calls & faxes to all companies that have auto-deductions associated with that account, etc... Upon being told by our bank to close the account for liability purposes we called the regional office to inform them because this account was also the account we had given for the IRS. When we asked the Regional Operations Officer what the consequence of closing this account would be with regard to the IRS he was rude, insulting and unprofessional stating "Well, when they can't access the account then they will just mail to your address." He then stated, "I don't know what your problem is, no one else had to close their checking account." We informed him that we did not believe that to be the case, that any credible financial institution would advise the same as our bank did. His entire attitude was arrogant and unprofessional to say the least. We did not cause the problem and yet we are the ones who are having to spend over 3 days of our time, not to mention all of the financial complications this has caused when the entire problem could have been avoided if the accountant would merely have taken the proceeds to the bank, as normal procedure should have been. Then to top it off to have to deal with cleaning up their mess to be treated as if we were the problem was the straw to break the camels back. We have prepared a letter to the President & CEO (currently Phillip Sanford) and are reporting them to the BBB. We will never do business with them again and while we understand Jackson Hewitt is a franchise business if these are the people they are hiring to represent them we would not recommend them to anyone for accounting purposes........ We have given them a rating of 1 star (poor) only because there is nothing lower...................


I WILL NEVER EVER USE JACKSON HEWITT AGAIN. I would rather not file at all and go to jail for not filing my taxes. I filed my taxes at wal-mart in lancaster county and the lady there messed up on my address even tho all my papers and ID had my right address on them. I filed my fed and state on 1-27-10. i filed the A.R. so i can get my taxes faster. I got my fed in 14 day but my state took over 4 months. I realy hope jackson hewitt and all these other tax service places get SUED AGAIN for there mistakes and for hiring people with 5th grade ED. I realy hope that next year people ban together and use the IRS website and file for FREE and put jackson hewitt out of BIZZ. I will be boycotting jaskson hewiit as will the rest of my family and friends that they screwed. I realy hope that someone in the "higher up" of Jackson hewitt will see this.

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