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My Fiance and I went to Jackson Hewitt Tax Services in the Wal-mart on 6th street in Fayetteville, Arkansas. On February 2nd, 2012. The man who did my fiances taxes was named Aaron. While we were doing our income taxes, Aaron had told us that we had an option. We either pay one hundred and something dollars to get our income taxes back quicker, or we pay $68.00, which was the slower route to getting it back, but we didn't mind. The deal was, we would have to wait 7-15 days AFTER IRS received our papers, for our check to come in. Which was ok. Well, 21 days past since the day we filed on February 2nd, and we got a little worried. So we called Jackson Hewitt customer service to see where my fiances check might be. The man we had talked to was confusing, and didn't answer any of our questions correctly. Then he told us that IRS didn't receive the papers till February 7th, and our check didn't get sent out till the 17th of February. He asked him when he might be able to receive his check, and he started back tracking everything he was saying and stuttering, and wouldn't answer his question. Finally, after 5 minutes or so of bullcrap, he asked him again. He said that he will definitely receive it that next week on either Thursday or Friday FOR SURE. My fiance said, "Thursday or Friday, for sure?" The customer service man said, "Yes, for sure on Thursday or Friday next week." Well, Thursday had came and there wasn't a check. So we said, ok maybe tomorrow. We checked the mailbox the next day, there wasn't anything. My fiance, being very upset, called Jackson Hewitt Tax Customer Service again. The lady we had talked to, just like the other customer service man, was very confusing, back tracked everything she had said, and stuttered with her words on everything my fiance questioned. He told her a man she had talked to from Customer Service said that he was for sure supposed to receive his income taxes on that Thursday or Friday, and that it had never showed, and he was wondering where it was. My fiance told her, that the man he had spoken to, told him that the IRS received the papers the 7th of February, and that it had gotten sent out the 17th. She completely ignored what he had said, and she said that she had no idea when it would come in, and that it wasn't sent out till the 21st of February. She told him to blame the IRS, It is now the 27th of February, and finally received a check. Our check was actually SHORT of over 300 to 500 dollars. This is the last time we will go to Jackson Hewitt. This is the first year we used them, and sadly, I expected better of them. The Customer Service was terrible, confusing and unreliable, and they rip you off. They tell you to blame the IRS, but the truth is, its them screwing you over and trying to pinch out every penny they can get from you. And they won't even tell you the reason why that certain amount was deducted from your check. For future reference, I suggest that you do your taxes yourself online. My brother and sister in law both did their taxes online, and they got thousands of dollars more than they did last year. In fact, when they filed with a local tax service, they were ripped off thousands of dollars last year, that they should have been getting and they had to actually PAY into taxes. If you do them yourself, you will be able to see exactly what is going on, so you won't have to worry about getting screwed. For those of you out there that do get good service from JH, then good for you and congratulations. You're one of the many few who actually do.

0 stars from me thanks, we paid them 500 $ and they said it would he re in 7-13 days well it's been 21. We are hanging by a thread waiting for our money. Oh the irs website says it's been deposited and so does the jackson hewitt app under check my status....i don't know where uoursbeen deposited burt not in my bank account. I will never use them again and for the employee up there who posted that we were boneheads, that just shows you how much they don't care about their customers.

This number is outsourced to the Philippines.I was charged 328 bucks for the 2 day loan return.They filled out the paperwork wrong,so I was denied.It took 2 weeks to get my return,I was never reimbursed.The general number told me to call the regional number,so I did.They told me they didn't own the franchise then so they are not responsible and stop harassing them!Are they fkin kidding me?!NEVER EVER EVER go to them!

The stupidity displayed on this message board is unbelievable!! Nobody can assure your refund will come in 7-13 days. If the IRS is changing how they process direct deposits, a professional preparer has nothing to do with it. I hope you bone heads don't come to my kiosk!!

The way things are done now I don't know why u guys are even going to Jackson hewitt or hr block ...down load turbo tax ...or go to the irs website ans do it yourself..its self explanatory..plus it will save u hundreds of dollars ...I stopped using these guys for three years now...the same thing they do u can do it ...

Jackson hewitt is one of the worst places to get your taxes done. Went to the location in houston Texas 9421 Cullen Blvd horrible costumer services if you are reading this please run NOW!!!!!!!! JACKSON HEWITT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THERE CLIENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacksons hewitt should be sued for what they are doing! we filed our taxes on feb 2nd 2012 and was told tht the money would be there in 7 to 13 days ! still nothing this is bull we want or money and i will take legal action to get it ! and nobody should have to pay 400 dollars for jh services when they are screwing us all over!

Jackson Hewitt needs to watch how there franchise are taking advantage of there customers. Or do they already know? There slogan is this is how we do it! Well it should be this is how we do you!I never relized how terrible they are. I've been a customer with them for the last 4 years, but this is the last year I was charged $245.00 dollars for doing a 1040 long when it could have been done on a 1040 short thanks to loop holes. how dare they take advantage of people who trust them. Now I feel who is trust worthy, Jackson Hewitt Not!The branch I'm referring too is in Whittier CA 11801 Whittier Blvd. after confronting the manager all she said was everything was in order. another words toughshit we already have your money. well I'm going to let as many people know how bad that this office really is. I feel I was violated .

I agree with everybody on here, the worst service i have ever seen, should have a zero stars in my opinion. Will never use them again. Have been lied to, been rude to by customer service and still can't get our return back.

I have gone to a regular Jackson Hewitt for the past 3 years because I hated H&R Block. Maybe you guys should stop going to the ones in the walmarts because it seems that those are the ones everyone is having problems with. Never had one problem, great service, and completely friendly and it's always the same woman who does my taxes every year! Thank you, alteast some of them are nice and honest and know how to do their jobs thank god!!

To whom it may concern. I tried calling the corporate office and was put on hold, then hung up on.... I do not get my taxed done by you. However my daughter does. She recently got her taxes prepared by a Myra Murray at the location of 824 Maxi Rd in Houston Texas, 77013. Your very very unprofessional manager Myra Murray has threatened my 20 year old daughter. It would be at your best interest to investigate the actions of your manager at this location. I am very disappointed in this behavior of a manager. If I could be of any assistance please contact me at 946-615- 5709. Thank you. Sharon Knight

I filed my taxes on Feb 1. was told i WILL receive my refund in 7 to 14 days. now i am being told i wnt recv it till the 21st and they tell me that they didnt lie to me.

I worked for jackson hewitt and was never officially terminated. They will not even return my calls. I have seen from the inside how this corporation works and as soon as i am officially terminated i would be obliged to give the details.

I filed my taxes for 2010 and was told I have to do an ammendment bc of my son recieves ssi well that has gotten mr where I owe the state of nj almost 1500 dollars and I been calling even went to the office still no results.

First and foremost, you should have an option to be given 0 stars. Jackson Hewitt has given my fiance and myself THE WORST customer service that I have EVER received. And that is saying something! My fiance took his taxes to the JH in the Walmart in Martinsburg, WV. The MANAGER did his taxes herself. It cost him over $400. Everything seemed fine until the next night he just happened to be looking over his information and saw that she had filed his takes with all of his information, social and everything, under his WIFE'S name. They are going through a divorce and are legally separated for almost 2 years now. He had her on the phone while he was with the tax rep and I guess she just accidentally put the wrong name in the blank. At first, we weren't too upset. Everyone makes mistakes, right? Wrong. She admits her mistake and says to just wait and the IRS will send it right back after an error check and they can fix it. She says she will call him immediately when it is returned. A week passes. Nothing. We call and she passes him off to another repp that has no idea what's going on. She did not make the mistake. The manager that passed him off on the phone did. The repp refuses to put the manager back on the phone after stating that they have no check for him. She would not listen to anything my fiance was tying to tell her. She was so confused and irate. Then she also states they do not eveb have a FILE for him. So we have to drag our 3 month old son down to the place where they tell us we just have to wait and would not give us any copies of anything.A month has now passed all together, filled with a lot of unanswered questions and waiting on return phone calls that never come and he gets his state refund checks...in his wife's name! Finally the manager's supervisor happened to be there when we had had enough and went down there. She finally got everything straightened out. Thanks to Rose! As for Jackson Hewitt, you should be shut down. File a complaint with the IRS and BBB, people. This business needs to be shut down!

Are you kidding me?. I applied for the ral because I needed to pay enrollment for school. I was not approved ok, but thats never happend before. I call the office to see if they can tell me why and they dont have any info. I start to tell myself to calm down because I remember the lady told me if the ral does not go through I will still get the check in 7-15 days. I give it alittle time and check with IRS, but they have no info on my return. I called the office back and NOW they tell me they proccess on wednesdays. So my 7-15 days does not even start till a week after I filed. If they told me then I would saved 500 dollars and did them myself. They really jammed me up and I know for a fact I could of had my check sooner with another service.

I filed my taxes, PURCHASED the gold guarentee, PTIN number was entered on my tax return forms. YOUR PTIN mandated employee OMITTED 1099 earnings. I received a letter from the IRS stating that i owed $4000 taxes from the previous year. I took this letter to the EXACT employee, SHE ADMITS mistake. I have her file a claim with the GUARENTEE department. She does so 20 days later. 30 days later i CALL the insurance company, they state that no claim was filed, i immedietly call YOUR PTIN employee and she states that they didnt give her a CLAIM NUMBER. I tell her to GET one, she states NO..... That she'll not admit to the mistake anyway, that she will say that i never produced a 1099....hahahahahahhaha.... thats what recorded phone calls are for!!!! I politely explain that im filing suit! She states and i quote "Go ahead, you'll never win, ill deniy everything"....lol also recorded! i took my happy ass right down to the DISTRIC MAJISTRATE seeing how its according to you customer service number a FRANCHISE. Well I received my COURT paper work TODAY!!!!! yayyyyy we got a hearing in front of the judge on 3-5-2012 at 2pm. ALSO i contacted the BBB, which your not acredited by, The states Attorney General, as well as A probate attorney whos also excited, hell gitty about filing a class action suit........Like i stated in the NAME field you screwed with the wrong customer....

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc Corporate Office Headquarters 3 Sylvan Way Parsippany, NJ 07054 (973)630-1040 RE: Breland Martin 7500 Grabil Drive Charlotte, NC 28269 To Whom It May Concern, This letter is in regards to my 2010 tax refund being stolen by a representative of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Charlotte NC. The Jackson Hewitt Tax Center is located at the Super Wal-mart on 8180 South Tryon Street, Charlotte NC 28273. The individual that stole my tax return was Octavia Moore of Charlotte North Carolina. I have been working with your Office and Tax Advocates for over a year to have my money returned to me. At this point I am very frustrated because no one seems to be able to help me. I filed a police report only to be told that this was not something that the Police department handled. I paid an Attorney by the name of Eric Montgomery here in Charlotte, over $200.00 to send a demand letter to the Jackson Hewitt Company that employed Ms. Octavia Moore. Of course the company never responded. I just received a letter from your office dated February the 6th 2012 stating that I need to deal with the financial institution to resolve the erroneous deposit. As I mentioned before to you that Ms. Moore changed my information on my tax forms and had the money deposited onto a Wal-mart Green Dot Card! Therefore the financial institution cannot be held liable. Jackson Hewitt should be held liable because it was their employee that committed the fraud. I am again asking for your assistance in getting my refund returned to me. Ms. Moore stole my return, I went to the Kiosk several times to pick up a copy of my return and she was either never there or told me that she would bring them later. I never signed any forms and never signed my return. She simply took my return, processed it and sent the money to a card in her name. I want justice, otherwise she and others will continue to commit this type of crime and get away with it. Please advise what other steps can be taken to resolve this issue or direct me to an IRS Tax Attorney. Thank you in advance. Respectfully Submitted, Breland D. Martin

Sorry there are any stars there. U suck Jackson hewitt. My tax manager never works properly. I can't even track my refund. This is my second year and a third is unlikely. Last year was good. I thought I'd be dancing like the guy in the commercial but am not. I guess I gotta call the Its to find someone. Who speaks and understands english. I can't even ask questions because the agent doesn't understand me. What the?! #$@*

should be 0 Illegal and unethical practices.. You should be ashamed of business practices... for everyone file a complaint on the IRS website.. irs.giv/taxpros/article/o,,id+205878.html file form 14157

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