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Jackson hewitt sux

The first time I whent to jackson hewitt they screwed my taxes up! So now 3 years later I decide to give them another try and guess what..not only are they unprofesional and the customer service is very very poor. but they messed up my taxes again..I paid 600.00 for this service I am highly upset and feel cheated..DO NOT GO TO JACKSON HEWITT!!!!!


I decided to go thru Jackson Hewitt for the little loan they allow you.Well to start off they used my checkstubs...they sent that to the irs before i got my w2s. The manager then told me that because i signed it the irs took that instead of my w2s..I contacted the irs because the Jackson Hewitt preparer had messed up my taxes and I said that when i was getting the loan that i was told by the jackson hewitt preparer that its not my final...so basically no worries. I believe that what Jackson Hewitt did went against the law according to the irs and now i have to appeal my taxes.This was the worst ever the lady i had at Jackson Hewitt was under trained and I will never use them again ..This was my first time too.I even paid more than i did here then at H and R block...The manager of jackson hewitt said im so sorry and you don't have to pay for the appeal ...no really i better not ...really disappointed....Never Ever Again

2012 tax time

I went into your downtown Cabot Ar. office. Asked if short form would be right for us, or ez, even long form which would be right for us. The agent never answered. Just started punching in some info on her computer had a heck of a time afraid to ask for help, then said your done need the $$$ etc. What my wife and I just looked at each other. She even admitted to being a newbee to Jackson. Beware trouble lurks. Were going to a well known CPA now at 2/3 less, one who did and can answer questions, and one who knows how to input the info etc. Beware!!!

I will never go to this company again. They lie when they say they stand behind their services. They try to tell you it is your fault. WHAT?? You pay THEM to do your taxes so how is it your fault?

Got it! Thanks a lot again for helipng me out!


Jackson Hewitt is HORRIBLE!!! They used my 2008 W2 to file my 2010 taxes!!! I originally got a refund (not knowing they used the wrong W2). I few months later I'm being audited by the IRS and now owe $800 in taxes!!! I asked for my money back for preparing the taxes ($250). They denied my refund but offered me a 50% coupon for next year!!! I can't believe they would actually think I would ever get my taxes done there again. Prior to this, my fiances' taxes were also screwed up at the same location. I don't know what to do. Why should I have to pay a company if they didn't do their job correctly? They should be held accountable for their mistakes.

Two different Jackson Hewitt did my taxes for 2007, 2008, and 2009. In each of the three years, my taxes were done incorrectly and I have received 51 letters from the IRS over the past two years. I owe the IRS interest and penalties on the simple mistakes made by their service agents. Additionally, I have tried getting information to correct the mistakes but the phone numbers are either disconnected or go unanswered. I drive by two of their offices frequently to reach someone but they are vacant as well. It is the WORST company to use for your taxes. Buyer be ware, do not use Jackson Hewitt.

my fiance and i went to the walmart in melboutne fl jackson hewitt the ladys name was barbra i was unemployeeed and my fiance supported me and my kids that for the ast three yrs so i gace approval for him to claim them .. we sat down and explained to the lady that were not married yet and i give him approval to claim my children he supported them she stated yes he can claim them and procided well guess what she did taxes all wrong to make long story short we now owe almost eight thousand to irs for her mistakes jackson hewitt can kiss our ass u are sorry people and will never ever use u again and im in the process of a good lawyer this woman will not get away with this i have never in my life owed irs now they ruined our lives thanks jackson hewitt for ruining a struggling familys lives

I typically do my own taxes; however, I moved from Ohio to Virginia last year and when I did both my state taxes I didnt think it looked right. Specifically, it showed I owed $600 to Virginia but I only lived here 3 months last year. So I went to Jackson Hewlitt (first time customer) on Plank Road in Fredricksburg, VA, to have them do my seemingly simple state taxes to ensure they were accurate. The Jackson Hewitt person came up with the same numbers that I did. The person doing our taxes said they gave us a deal and only charged us $100. We were told they would e-file our OH taxes but we would have to send in our VA taxes becase we owed. Afterwards, we sent in our VA taxes in with a check and all was good. Several times, we checked the status of our OH taxes with the OH state IRS office and was told to wait 6-weeks to give the system time to pay us our refund. After 6-weeks we were told our taxes were never filed. My wife contacted Jackson Hewitt who told her they never filed our state taxes because they didnt file our federal tax portion(??). At that point, we were told we could come into their office a week later to pick up our tax forms to mail off (so considerate of them). When we went to pick up the forms a week later, they werent ready and the office manager said she couldnt get in the system because the boss took the software off the computer(??). Then she asked why we were charged $100 by her office because it was only $25 to file state taxes. The office amanger then said she would have to do some research and to call her in a couple days. We called today was told the office manager was out sick and that we'd be called back on Saturday. What in the world is going on?? What happened to customer service?? If this is your expertise and what your business is marketing, I dont think its unreasonable to expect professional services. I'm shocked this company has remained in business and the CEO should be very, very concerned with the future of this business. I know I'll never use them again and definitely wouldnt recommend them to anyone else. At this point, I'd simply like to have my money refunded and have any fees associated with my late return to be covered!! Especially since I paid for a service that I never received...pretty certain that's considered fraud and I'm also pretty certain any court would agree with me!!

I hate to give Jackson Hewitt a star. I wished it could be in the freaking negative (-)!! I went to a Wal-Mart location where they were located in Montgomery, AL (Ann St.). I explained that I didn't receive credit for being a student. The representative reviewed my information and says that the fee is $75. Once she started and completed the amendment she says that the amount jumped to $173 but that she can save me $10!! I thought WTH!!! I needed this done so I said ok but I asked why was the amount so freakin high! She claims that she didn't know. She says that she called a Manager and they state the fee is correct. I paid her cause I was fed up and tired. I have gone and spoken with the locale Manager which I will leave her nameless! She says that they prepared my taxes and the fee is correct. I told her you only amended to provide me with the school credit that I am entitled to. She says that she will speak with the owner. Yeah right she did. She avoided me. She never called me back!! I called the Corporate Phone number. And all they have been doing is saying it takes 24-48 hrs for someone to call you back. I keep expressing that no one has called me back since May!!!! PLEASE BEWARE ....USE THESE TAX PREPARERS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

We went to this poor excuse of a tax outfit for the first time this year. NEVER AGAIN!! They charged us $345 and we ended up paying in $250.00 to Federal. The old fellow who did our return was a one finger typer, went to the bathroon at least 3 times while doing our return, asked questions from a gal that was barely out of high school, kept us there for 4 hours, and to top it off, we just received a letter from the IRS telling us we still owe the government $30.00 and .41 for late fees and penalties! Now I can't reach anyone at JH to talk to someone. They now lost ANOTHER customer! Stay away from these money grubbers . . . they only care for the fees they charge, not the customer who pays!


As a tax preparer and office manager for Jackson Hewitt, I really hate to hear the unsatisfied reviews. I know not all of the employees are capable of processing every return with satisfactory results. But in my store I teach my crew how to handle all situations. If someone comes in to have their return done and the preparer doesn't feel 100% capable of doing it they are instructed to have another manager prepare it. They are also responsible for informing the client of the reason behind this whether it's because they are new etc. I would advise everyone to give us a second chance to

Dear Sir: I had my taxes completed by your office at the Walmart in Hudson WI. While my return was a little on the difficult side - it was't that difficult and there was one of your supervisors involved in this preperation as well. I took the same tax material for a second look with H & R Block in Hastings MN. In the end you I am now receiving an addition 900.00 back from the state of Wisconsin and 2600.00 back from the federal government. Now I have nothing against the preparer or the supervisor - but I feel that Jackson Hewett owes me a refund of the money I paid Jackson Hewett plus a couple of dollars more. We will need to talk to you about this and if you need to see the H & R block completed tax forms, but we will need to talk first. John Mundt 612-801-5742

The Office located in Plainview Texas has a very rude manager who does not carry herself very professionally. You are suppose to have people who represent your company/business and that are friendly and look professional. This girl will use foul language and does not have any respect for anybody much less for herself. She is also always in the paper for various legal actions taken against her and her husband and this is who you have representing Jackson Hewitt---a bunch of trouble makers who get in trouble with the law!!! I will never do business there again.

It took my JH preparer over a week to do my itimized taxes. Went there because H&R Block had charged me nearly $300 last year and I had gone to them for years. This was in a Wal-mart. Three times she told me I owed and I knew I couldn't owe if I had more expenses than income. Finally made her delete entire works and start over, and I was right, $3,000 due me. My sister bought their guarantee insurance and her return still isn't here, (Mar 8). She filed the last week of Jan. They will not refund her the ins. money because it was the govs fault it was so late, not theirs. She is living on a shoestring and very badly needs that money. Nope, I will never go there again. Nothing but sorrow. And their kiosks are so cheap and shoddy. Everybody knows your business just by going to the restrooms where the kiosk was set up. I would love to be in a class action suite. They have no business playing with everybody's money. Good luck to us all.

wow, couldnt agree more. Is it me or does it seem that they pull any old person off the street to play accountant for three months? I used them purely because I had problems with H&R last year. Never again! Three accountants in the office (or actors?)could not answer a simple w2 question. Then after slowly, very slowly punching all of my information into the return they proceeded to tell me it would be 164.00 to process a simple single w-2 return. When I said "im outa here"...they proceeded to tell me they made a mistake and it would only be 68.00. I filed it anyway, purely for convenience, but Im sorry robberry and ignorance is the only motto's this company has. Very dissapointed. I filed on Feb 6th and have yet to receive my refund either.

Im so glad I finally read the words, "Class Action Suit", because that is exactly where my mind was headed. Seriously just keep an open mind when I say this, You ALL should really use H&R Block and do your taxes yourself. It's $20 for the CD and I get 5 efiles free. I recieved my refund in 8 days for every year except this year I waited 12 days. It really isn't difficult, it guides you through step by step! You can even play around to see what would get you more money, Filing jointly/seperatly. Just try it. The most you will lose is $20. Trust me, NOONE, not even GOD can find you more deductions than this!

This is my first year filing with Jackson Hewitt and I will NEVER do it again! We are not tax professionals and when you are expecting a refund, u deserve to have a pro hold ur hand through the entire process. It is not free money we're getting, it is OUR money that we overpaid the I.R.S. We have filed over a month ago now and JH keeps telling us to call back. I really don't have time to chase my refund around, that's what we paid them $400 to do!!! I was told that we would be receiving our refund this morning. I'm praying that actually happens this time. If it does, I will be filing a formal complaint with the BBB and the IRS. And then I will be filing for a complete refund of the fees they charged me. Do NOT complain to JH directly, it won't do anywhere. Instead, go around and above them. If the IRS and the BBB receive enough formal complaints they will take severe action against JH!!! Good luck in getting your refund everyone!

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