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I have been a loyal customer for the people since 2007. And guess what! Last week I went and filed my taxes on the 28th of JAN., which cost me $600.00. They kept stating that my taxes were filed and that I would have it this week. But low and behold I found from the IRS that they never filed my taxes because if I did they did I would have had my refund no later than the 6th. After we launched am investigation ono them we were told today they finally filed our taxes yesterday. I was giving false inform, customer service who I could not understand and lies. I WANT MY $600.00 BACK. They made a horrible mistake of leaving a bad trail of evidence. I have voicemail, names, and texts and emails proving they lied. So I was told we can sue them do a class action law suit. I am so ready too. If I dont have my money back tomorrow. Believe me they will be hearubg from me.

My grandfather had his taxes processed in a Walmart in Henderson Texas and the Jackson Hewitt rep was doing fraudulent accounts and processing claims separate online for the first time home buyers. That was about 3 yrs ago. The Jackson Hewitt agent was supposedly arrested, the issue is still not corrected and now my grandfather who is 85 and living on ss and a Small military retirement has received a letter from IRS saying they are going to garnish his social security. BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you kidding me?!! After going through the process of giving our information (not a second before) to JH, they informed us there would an up front fee, which we could not afford. We declined their services and they told us they would get $100.oo of our return anyway! I suppose they're going to place a lein on our return for at least that amount. Pay attention America! Stay away from these people.

What a rip off! I'm still waiting on LAST yrs return! 2010-2011. Their answer is: use the mytaxmanager to track it. It's not even in there. I paid $486 for them to efile for me. Was supposed to have a check in 7- 14 days.. Still nothing. This was with the gold guarantee. They won't help. They refuse to reimburse me for NOT receiving my return. I wasn't audited, no judgements, don't owe child support or loans. Simply pu they screwed up and I'm screwed out of my return. You couldn't pay mento use them again or give them any good publicity.

Jackson Hewitt doesn't do background checks on their employees,they had a woman (Tiqua Anderson) working for them in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that has a felony conviction of identity theft. She had access to social security numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, etc. The police came to question her about her ex harassing her on the job, otherwise she would still be working there.

I filed my taxes at Jackson Hewitt in Valley Stream NY at the Walmart store in NY. The tax preparer Sayed charged me $586 and my wife $391 to do our taxes, just our personal taxes. He told us he will take care of us I guess that is his way of getting over middle class citizens. TOTAL RIP OFF!!! BE AWARE.

This is my second year getting my taxes done in the Carlisle Pennsylvania Walmart. I waited in line for 2 hours, but in the end it was well worth it. The lady who did my taxes was very nice, especially since the people before me waisted all of her time because at the end where she told them how much would be taken our for her services they left. How rude! do your research before you waist everyones time! I don't know where everyone else is going but maybe some of you just don't have patience or know what's going on.. If this is your second or more time coming to these places and say you can do it better than them.... then why do you keep coming back?!? I give them 5 stars because they have never failed me!

done taxes on 18th and still nothing!!! and thay dont know whats going on!! i had better sevice at a hotdog stand

Well one more person here that has been getting a total run around from these people. The preprarer messed up checking wrong boxes so they took all my state and I have been told 4 stories about where my money is, but yet none are added up. 467.17 dollars later for the fee to do the same thing a fifth grader could do for free with turbo tax.... This company is full of hollow promises to get you to come in after sitting over an hour waiting for them to do your taxes they finally say (your money will be here in 7 to 13 days and people are getting them back really soon thank you for your business) soon my ass they are LIARS just out to rob people, we might as well have our pay checks deposited to them as well they are LYING THEIVES and I have my a report to the better business beuro as well maybe we can put a stop to the outlandish lies this business tells.....

All efiled taxes are being sent out a week late . That hasnothing to do with jackson hewitt. Now dont get me wrong i am not defending them becaue they suck. I have never used them and never will. My sister uses them and her taxes are always being jacked up by them. Thats why i steer clear! besides any one that does taxes in a retail store o grocer comes off as not right to me.Igive one star because they wont let me say 0!

We went to jh for the past twelve years this year they did the stsae refund also after staying on hold yesterday for an hour or so my state said they sent it yesterday i called this morning and they said they never got it......hold on they took all my state refund to pay the costs of filing both state and federal witch i still owe over 150 for fees did not get the loan been 13 days since i filed and they take my state refund these people are stars crackstars who lie and put you off for as long as they can i am going somewhere else next year.

Well they say that "word of mouth" is the best advertisement because I was considering having my taxes done at our Wal-Mart with this company. I will NOT have it done by Jackson Hewitt because of what I have been reading here.

This is the 1st year I have went there and also the last year I go. They never ever answer their phones !!!! The tax preparer took over an hour and a half to do my simple 1 w2 and also didnt direct deposit it like she was asked to do. I have to pick up a paper check and that is even more inconvenient for me then having it in my bank account. It seems when you do get a hold of them, they don't ever have any checks in and are also snotty and rude. I am never ever going to go back to them even if I had free tax preperations for life from them !!!!!! You need to get your act together and run like a business should. My taxes have taken over 2 wks now and still waiting, and they never have any answers, ever.....

jackson hewitt is giving me the run-around and its obvious that they are. i filed my taxes (A.R.)with them on jan. 19, 2012 and was accepted the same day. the guy told me i was gonna get my taxes back in 7-13 days than switched it to 8-13 and said i was gonna get them no later than the 1st of feb. and now they telling me i gotta wait until the 8th of feb. im like i just goy me and apartment and i need my mney b4 the 5th of feb. or im getting kicked out and that aint gonna sit well with me at all. if anybody has any news or updates please inform me.

The only reason I gave this pathetic place a one star rating is because they wouldn`t let me give them a negative number like they deserve. I took my taxes to the and not only did they refuse to give me the instant refund I requested in favor of the bonus they get for letting the IRS sit on my money, but they deliberately entered my name wrong ensuring that I won`t see my money for at least a month so they will hae time to smoke and drink my money up so I will never get it. On top of that when I informed them that I was pursuing a double refund from Jackson Hewitt since they intentionally screwed up I was informed that upon doing what the hag should have done right the first timeit was not their problem. I think my lawyer will see otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Jackson Hewitt- I am writing this letter to you to let you know of an employee who showed exceptional serrvice to me and others at the Walmart location (Charlotte Pike) in Nashville Tn. Her name is Guitar N. and while I have always had good service her service was exceptional today given the troubles with slow computer and a large line. She never stopped smiling and listening and offering help. In this economy it is rare to find someone who offered such great service. She should be commended.

you know what after reading these reviews ive come to the conclusion that jackson hewitt is the reason why my taxes are messed up.after filing with them last year i never got any money back and this year my social is being used by someone else...what do u think????

Someone in my family works there , she is a liar so she fits right in with them, plus she's on deferred adjucation for stealing from a bank close to 8k. Go figure they hire a fucc up . It wil be funny if they fire her ass...go to h and r block

because of them me and my husband got audited and they said they couldnt do any thing for us and we did not no how to fix it and ended up paying the irs 9 grand back we did every thing we could to try to fix it but still fail thanks for ur help jackson u guys suck

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