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My husband and I have had our taxes prepared by Jackson Hewitt for the last 6 or 7 years. We consider ourselves to be faithful customers. As such we should have been offered a RAL. Instead our preparer told us she could only do the main part of our taxes and we would have to file an ammendment because we could not itemize until the 15th of Feb. As a result of having to do it that way we could not get a quick refund it would be 8 to 15 days. Okey we did that. When we got home there were no tax documents in the folder that she gave us, only the stupid coupons they give you. We had to go back to get our papers. She said come back on Feb. 14th to file the ammendment. We did that. Then we were infromed that we could not sign them until the end of the week! So we went back and signed on Friday Feb. 18th. After signing my husband told the woman that we were not very happy with the way we were treated this year and would not be back. She copped an attitude and pretty much said "Yeah, well so what?" As we walked away she called us back, "Here are your papers to mail." What the F____? We just paid them to file our taxes and she hands them to us to mail? No one told us that we would have to mail them ourselves. We are incredably unhappy with them. I told the woman that my daughter filed with H & R Block in January and itemized and had her refund the next day. She said "Impossible". Well, it was only impossible with Jackson Hewitt!!!! H & bR Block apearantly can do what they can't do. We will NEVER EVER do business with JH again. You obviously do not value our business or you would have made sure that we got our money in a timely manner. You suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went and got my taxes filed on Feb 1 2011. I contacted them a couple of time to check on my refund 8-15 days refund, well on day 16 I decided to call and see what was going on they told me they put in a wrong code and had to refile so now I have to wait no problem right but I called the Republic bank they use for th RA checks to find out that the IRS is sending me a paper check. BUT I HAVE ALREADY GAVE them information to direct deposit my money??? WHY DO THEY HAVE MY BANK INFO IF THEY NEVER PLAN ON USING IT.

I filed my taxes on Jan 31st. The rep that prepared my taxes asked very little questions and explained even less in the way of what he was doing. I was told over the phone that I would and could receive the RAL (rapid anticipation loan) that Jackson Hewitt offers. After the rep has prepared my taxes I asked about the RAL and was told that they did not do that from the office I went to when I was told that I would be able to from regional headquarters. I have been an HR Block customer for 16 years and this is my first experience with JH. I was told direct deposit was faster and would get my return in days not weeks. here is it almost 3 weeks and I have no refund yet. I called LAST week and was told that the money was in THEIR bank and just waiting to be distibuted. This morning I have been told to call their bank which says they have no record of me I call back and JH tells me the money is being held by my bank I call my bank they have not seen it I call back and am told that the money it still with the IRS wtf I paid $250.00 to have this done and I am getting lied to and the runaround from every which way I turn. I am about to file a claim in court against them to get my return.

my opinion about Jackson Hewitt is as follows.....i beleive that any person who uses them to prepare their taxes is foolish....reason being i went there to do my taxes and i had a person who filed my taxes and had to keep asking other people in the office for help doing them because she had no knowledge of alot of the questions and procedures i had owed them money for preparing my taxes and i was told by the office manager and the assistant manager that i could pay the money through out the year...well when my federal return was issued to the office and the head office took all of it from me i would have liked to have been told this when i was in the office by the person doing my taxes...i also was told by the assistant manager that they have no way to contact the corporate office at all...and i found out that was nothing but a big lie...i beleive that the corporate office should refund me the money that was taken out of my federal check...because i was not given the proper imformation that i should have been given by the tax preparer...the office manager...and the assistant manager.....I WILL NEVER AGAIN USE JACKSON HEWITT TAX SERVICES TO DO MY TAXES

Jackson Hewitt ripped me off enough said 316 dollars are you kidding me ???

This company needs to be taken out of business! Sad thing is on the BBB web site they are a 5 star rated company! How can a company get 5 stars when the customer service is so shitty and the cost of the shitty service is so rediculouse! my daughter paid $350 to get her taxes done for 15 min of work! Their reason was the software needs to get paid for! These people are rude and eragant when I called to complain! Someone needs to go picket outside their offices and get a point accross that this is not going to be stood for anymore! My daughter needs that $350 to keep care of her child. Not pay stupid rip off artist who can only work 2 months a year. My Daughter dererves a refund. They do not know who they just pissed off. I have over a hundred family members just in my imediate family alone. Not counting all the nieces and nephews and cousins! This Jackson hewitt is in Lincoln Nebraska and as far as i've read they all SUCK! This is not the last they will hear from me!

I recently filed my taxes with Jackson Hewitt. I am very disappointed with the service provided. representatives and preparers were very rude. I singed a contract that stated i would have my return within 8-15 days. i have been waiting 3 weeks. I had to call the IRS myself only to find out that it would be almost another two weeks. I also called the bank that Jackson Hewitt uses for returns and they told me they are waiting on the IRS...i will NEVER use this company again, as well i expect a full refund due to breach of contract on part of your company.

I filed my taxes and was charged 300.00 for a basic return, now IRS informed me that I have been rejected my refund, why am I still being charged this fee if I am not getting any money. This is ludacrous I mean Im being charged money for something I am not getting. This needs to be addressed and fixed immediately. You have no right to charge me 300.00 for a service not credited. I will refuse to pay you this fee. It is absolutely absurd.

well it is suppose to be the day I got my taxes back now they say it will be another seven more days until thursday...gees if i would of went turbo tax I would of had it by now....and kept 300 dollars of my money instead of giving it to Jackson Hewitt...well last time for me that is for sure.....

I filed my taxes 13 days ago, when i checked the status of my refund the irs states that jackson hewitt never even submitted the taxes to them. so i contacted the local office and they tell me they did. so i wait a few days and still IRS has not received my tax information. I call local office back and gentleman states when he looked at it, that it instantly started processing my taxes to be submitted. So next day check their own website and still tells me that "in process: preparer has started but not finished my return" so what do i do now? if they just now submitt my taxes i am screwed, as i will have to wait another 8-15 days to receive my refund. This is unaccaptable. Im sure this is an isolated issue with this specific local office, but after reading these reviews im beginning to wonder how Jackson Hewitt has been in business as long as they have.

First of all I want to say this is my first and last year for using Jackson Hewitt. The customer service is HORRIBLE!!! Now that I have that out of the way, my local office was great! The lady that prepared my taxes was new and she did great. BUT everything that is advertised... MY TAX MANAGER doesn't even work. Why even say I can check my status when I can't even log on! Then I called customer service and she told me that program doesn't even work right now. She told me to go where I got my taxes done and they can find out the status of my return. I WISH THAT I WOULD HAVE READ ALL THE COMPLAINTS ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I will be sure to let everyone in my family and that I work with that they should use someone other than jackson hewitt. I really feel like I should be reimbursed for the lack of customer service!!!

My girlfriend went to them and claimed out daughter without my knowing. My girlfriend has never worked. Somehow they filed for her, charged her $400 dollars, and told her she will get $13. They would not even give her any of the tax information they filled out or sent in. Bad buisness here folks, take you time and tax work somewhere else unless you feel lucky.

i have never had a problem with the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service here in Illinois, they have always been friendly to me and i've been going there for about 9 yrs, never had a problem, always done it right. the reason i went to Jackson Hewitt is becuase H & R Block screwed up BIGTIME on mine, Jackson Hewitt i would recommend to everyone. i also have a friend i work with here who had the same problem with H & R Block and now they too go to Jackson Hewitt since and have had no problems.

Where is the no star option at? my wife and i filed our taxes on 01-19-11. the man misspelled my wife's last name on my 1040. i told him to correct it and his response was don't worry it will not affect it any at all. later that night they called my phone to tell me that my return had been rejected at 8:55pm. unfortunately the office closed at 9 so they couldn't take care of it then. i think my wife and i should get the $422 that we paid for prep fees refunded to us for their mistake. Ray Jones, Kinston, NC

Went to do our taxes today as when we walked in we were expecting H&R Block. After 15+ years doing our taxes with H &R Block we said maybe a change we can handle - typically they all do the same thing...right.... WRONG!!! BUT since we were there we decided to go ahead and give Jackson Hewitt a shot. Well the tax preparer was very nice explained everything to us. Then the down fall started as we were finalizing; 1) The Printer was low in ink (they didn't do anything about it -mind you they knew about it way before we came in, per the other tax preparer). 2) Apparently when we were ready to submitt for e-file what do you know....the system KEEPS TIMING OUT...???hmmm?! so she was able to print out the "Legal..blahblah -RAL stuff" not the most important thing the Tax Document. After awhile she said well if you have internet you can go ahead and get online and do it yourself -and since we dont have anymore ink to print it out for you.... WHAT...?! So as the "sucker" we were we went on home with the paper work of how and what to do to get online.... what do you know.... IT DOES NOT WORK! keeps stating that our "DOCUMENT PACKAGE NUMBER AND SS NUMBERS DONT MATCH"...Okay so we try my spouse's ss# and even the kids ss# maybe it was entered in error... that we can -okay maybe not- understand.!?! NO LUCK... Still it does not work.... we even tried to call the number and press 1 for status on our return ...what do you know it says... "the number you have entered is not in our system.... WTH??!! REALLY... 3) with all that being done .... we decide to call the office... oh me oh my... another run around... we get 4 different agents and no once can explain why i can't get a hold of the agent who prepared my taxes for me??? The topping is I call the number on the documents 1-877-476-3353 (which they answer Jackson Hewitt and then the wacked out lady tells me that this is not the 1-800 number...duh lady its a a 1-877 but can u help me...she just kepts saying NO, this is not the 1-800 number and this is not us jackson hewitt.... WHAT... This whole ordeal is ABSURD..... and now you all see why i choose to stay with H & R BLOCK FOR 15YRS.... Sorry Jackson Hewitt ... this is my FIRST and LAST!!!

We have filed our business and employment taxes with Jackson Hewitt for years. In the beginning we had a tax professional with an astonishing amount of knowledge here in Texas. Everything was perfect until she informed us that she was moving to a JH office location in Hotsprings, AR. She assured us that we would be okay with other reps. Well, in 2009 we received a letter saying income was left off, the young lady didn't enter in all of the information and I was penalized and paid taxes on something small in the amount of about $1,500 deducted straight from our taxes. We kept the faith in JH and then recently I received a letter about our 2008 taxes, another amount Jackson Hewitt left off. This year we owe again, another $1,500 some odd dollars according to the IRS. I want my money back. I paid for the insurance that covers mistakes made by the tax reps. I do my own taxes now to ensure clarity, and if I'm ever penalized, I would know it's my own fault. Reach us please at knndytgr@aol.com. No one has ever been rude to us, but I believe that a lot of young and not so knowledgeable tax reps have been hired and they should never assist with business taxes. We sat inside of the office for 4 hours and 15 minutes on the last visit. I had to keep helping the girl get to different screens. We we went to pick up our check from the office they handed us the wrong tax information even, but the right check. Other customers security were at risk and could have been compromised, thank goodness we work for the Dept. of Justice and are honest people.

I called this company for details on how to file my taxes and received an IDK. THEY THEN GAVE ME A NUMBER THATT WASN't WORKING! I called back and they gave me advice...i called a tx attorney and asked my question and told them what !ackson said, I was informed that if I used their adviceId be sitting in federal Pen the rest of my life. WOW. I JUST WANTED FILING ANSWERS ON A SEPaRATED MARRIAGE.

This company sucks ASS!!!! I have never used or even heard about them until today while watching tv and seeing the commerical for an inexpensive return. I called them to ask basic questions regarding the return and they didn't even know the answers. I was placed on hold numerous times and spent over 25 minutes waiting for a response. I finally got so mad I asked for corporates number and they didn't even know that number and forwarded me to some call center in the Philipines where no one understands English or comprehends what you are saying!!!! Overall, I wasted 45 minutes of my time trying to get somewhere and to no avail. I will not use this company after what I experienced and will tell everyone I know to stay away from their insane company. After reading all the posts of people that actually lost money I am so glad I declined. I think all of us should take road trip to PA headquarters and let them know how we feel about their shitty company and the incompetent people they hire to handle people's taxes!!!!!!!

I am appalled with this company and the customer service dept. All of the people I spoke with on the phone could not even speak English let alone comprehend what I was asking. They were ill equipped to answer basic questions for a potential new customer like myself. I spent WAY TOO MUCH time on the phone getting the run around. I am thoroughly disappointed with this company and have decided not to use them this year or even in the future because of the inconvenience and other reviews I have read. NO ONE SHOULD EVEN CONSIDER USING THIS CO TO PREPARE THEIR TAXES!!!!!


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