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The lady filed me as single and not head of household causing me to pay state and lowered my refund. I keep calling around in circles trying to get this fixed 100% guarantee then fix this and give me my money back never using Jackson Hewitt again

Horrible charged me 600 dollars to file filed wrong I got the jk gold an wanted to still charge. Me 30 dollars to file the amendment there very rude everyone will know about this

garbage service

totally about numbers. scammers of my time, I will never use Jackson Hewitt.

Appt...what appt?

I tried to use Jackson Hewitt and made an appointment. Change my plans around to get to my appointment on time and when I got there they said they knew nothing of my appointment and do not have time for me. Needless to say I will not be going back!

do not use

When I worked there ( for a very short period of time) I answered several calls from people complaining about how rude and unprofessional they are, and I saw it for myself. My advice, do business with and work for companies who treats you with respect.

Terrible service

I have never seen such terrible service as the store on Fulton Rd. in Cleveland, OH These folks are more interested in talking with each other and gossiping about stuff than waiting on people. Get it folks, don't discuss my return with each other when there are other people there!

horrible service

The IRS deposited my refund to JH bank. I have not received it, and they don't know why. All I am told is wait 3 more days. I tried calling the customer service number, but they cannot look at any info. All they can do is take a complaint. This is crazy!!!

They filed my taxes wrong

I paid to have my taxes filed for the 2011 tax year. I have just received in 2014 a letter from the IRS saying I owe 600 dollars. I am highly unsatisfied. I paid 300 dollars for them to file wrong. I called the Jackson Hewitt office that filed for me on chapman highway in Knoxville TN. They were so rude. Didn't want to do anything for me. I have tried to talk to corporate as well. I am very upset.

Was a customer for years

I have gone to Jackson Hewitt for over 7 years, but last year they messed something up, and now I owe the IRS. It doesn't matter if they are franchise stores or not, they all wear the Jackson Hewitt name. So do a better job in making sure that anyone on your staff is trained better. You have a guarantee and now you need to stand behind it!

i owe money bc of Jackson Hewitt

they do not keep they word. they charged me 300 dollars to prepare taxes. they left off a w2 and now i owe IRS 1700 dollars. i asked for interest accrued and prep fees bc i was not satisfied with the services. Robin submitted a request for the money and they denied it and told me it was my irresponsibility to catch the mistake. why should i catch the mistake when im paying they to do the work. i filed in 2011 and it was jut caught 2013 and now im pissed . i was in Nashville tn at the Walmart location. i will NEVER use thm again or recommend them to anyone. jackson hewitt is a joke and rip off.

highly unsatisfied!!!

I have had nothing but problems with jackson and hewitt. This year was the first time and last time I'll be filing with them. The first thing that upset me was my refund was put on supervisor approval for thirty days and I didn't not find that out until I called corporate the first time. So I had to go back and sign everything all over. Thesecond thing that upset me was they told me that I would recieve my state tax refund in the mail within five weeks. Well here it is three months later and I have yet to get it. So I called my state tax refund place and they told me that it was direct deposited into an account, that I did not know about!!! So I called jackson and hewitt twice today and both times they told me that they would call me back with information and they did not. So I will be calling corporate, for the second time, tomorrow!!

almost lost 500 dollars

I thought a tax service was supposed to know deductions and rules. Nope. I had to read irs rules and when I approached two of their offices about the return they did for me, they more less said I didn't know what I was talking about. After an hour and half call to the irs, I was able to convince them, they had indeed made a mistake. I mark this to lack of training. Even their higher ups tried to tell me I was wrong and they almost wouldn't believe the IRS.

My son went to the Bradenton Florida location (SR-70) to have his taxes figured. (7PM on 3/26/13) He was told his fee for the taxes to be prepared would be $508. My son will be filing a short form for Federal and State. The only deductions he has is for child care. Figure that! He was getting a refund back, so the tax preparer must have thought he could afford to pay her $508. I would NEVER use Jackson Hewitt and this preparer needs to loose her job!


I was disappointed in my tax preparation. The woman who did my taxes falsified it and now my taxes are in limbo. She did not follow procedure. If a social security card is not brought in for a dependent then they should not be added to your taxes and she took the liberty to. Very shotty work here in Cincinnati.

Please go somewhere reliable

You would think a company this large would be professional and accurate with handling returns not the case at all.Then try going to management for a resolution, just not going to happen. Really sad should be put out of business.

Do Not Trust Them

Jackson Hewitt office in Colfax Iowa is staffed by very unprofessional people who use the office as their residence, smoke in the office and keep their dogs in the office. They come and go all hours of the night and cause the dogs to bark and disturb the tenants above the office. Their signs are still up at their previous location in Colfax because they owe the landlord several months rent and landlord is holding them pending payment. I would not want them to have access to my information or SOcial Security #.

Messed my taxes up

My wife and I were finally gonna beable to file jointly and we did for the first time. So we thought that we would be able to go to Jackson Hewitt to get our taxes done. The lady was nice but she had to call all the time to ask questions about what I had. I had to withdraw from my Retirement, so I recieved a 1099 - R, which I knew I would be paying taxes for... So I turned all of it in and what do you know two years later I get something in the mail from IRS saying I owe them money because of my 1099R form. Luckily I kept the original forms JH gave which has printed on it, that she did my 1099 - R form otherwise I would be screwed from thousands of dollars.... I would not recommend them to anyone, I do my own taxes now, Hooray Turbo Tax!


It's very unprofessional when you go to pick your check up and the preparer (that you do not know personally) asks if they can borrow a few dollars...You ask how much is a few $$ and their reply is oh, $100 dollars or so ?!?!?! Then they get an attitude because you don't give in ?!?! We have used JH as long as they have been around but plan on going elsewhere more professional next year for sure...

My stepfather Curtis Reed had his taxes done at Jackson Hewitt in Wal-mart location on Mckinnet ranch in Mckinney, Tx 75070. The manager there did his taxes, he told her he came because of there free taxes preparation of EZ form. She did his taxes and told him it would be a small fee of $49.00. Him not knowing better, she took total advantage of him. He told me that he went here and he was only charged $49.00. When I looked over his paper work, she had taken almost half of his returns in fees. She had charged him $274.00. She total advantaged of a senior citizen that she new didn't know better. I am going to the IRS and let them know has he was taken advantage of by your Manager.

Worst experience

Victoria, tx location obviously did not want to do my taxes, told me It would cost hundreds of dollars to file with them and then there were more fees. When I said I would go somewhere else they seemed very happy. I cannot believe the lack of professionalism as well as the hour and half wait I waited to get booted out the door.

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