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1892 Barstare Flare Jeans

Bring them back or somehow arrange for special orders for the mens 1892 Barstar Flare Jeans.

The more that moms get upset that their "little" girl won't fit into some Abercrombie clothes the more skinny chicks will want to buy it. Funny ol' world...isn't it? Keep up the good work. Keep American speech free!


Worst experience ever i will never shop at Abercrombie at Redondo Beach mall location. (1815 Hawthorne Blvd- Redondo Beach Ca- 90278). The bunch of kids ( even store manager) talk too loud about their personal and give customers worst service very rude!!! Treat customer really bad. I hope Abercrombie 's Managerment Group will responds for this matter. Thanks you!

Employees Not Paid

I have been working at Abercrombie and Fitch in the in Sterling, VA, I have not been paid the past two paydays, several other empoyees were paid only for half of hours worked. I worked OT on Thanksgiving and my hours clocked were tampered with so I would not be eligible for overtime. NO ONE will respond from Payroll or Corporate office, store managers made several attempts to reach someone regarding missing checks but no response. I told them i woud not work again until paid. I am filing complaint with Dept. of Labor. Would NEVER recomend shopping or working at this company!


I work at Hollister and was suppose to get paid last Friday Jan. 3.. I worked' over 30 hours.. $7.85 an hour w/ taxes that's a little over $200! Jan. 3rd comes they put $70 something dollars in my account and me and others that were affected were told we'd get out money by the 7th.. its the 7th no money! How hard is it to pay someone!

They dont like black people

Worst experience ever i will never shop at the eastview mall location Victor NY!! A bunch of kids worst customer service very rude!!! Treat me as if i was a criminal. I work my money isnt good for them, talk about as if i was standing there if it was for my daughter with me i might have went to jail!!! I will be going to the media too!!!!!


I've been working for Hollister for about 3 months and I absolutely hate how we have payroll cards now. None of my checks are going into direct deposit in the payroll card nor do I even get my checks. I'm so tired of having to ask my managers whats going on or having to call Abecrombie alertline about getting paid. I just wanna quit.

Get over it

A&F can do whatever they want. Every company has a certain image. A&F sees them as relatively skinny and beautiful people. If you don't fit in their clothes then go shop somewhere else. The company is popular for a reason it has a certain IMAGE.

impossible customer services if you live in the UK

Agreed. Worst customer services I have every attempted to find. No one picks up the phone in the London store. There is no Return address to be found anywhere. And the number listed as for UK customers does not work in the UK!!! Sort it out Abercrombie. You charge enough for your products nows the time to invest it back in to the company???


If there is a negative 1 on the rating scale that would go to Abercrombie stores. They have the worst customer service of any store I have ever been into. Their philosophy on philanthropy may be all well and fine but the customers paying for that philanthropy to take place are not put number one. Every other store I shop in understands that each customer willing to spend their hard earned money in that store should be treated well. Abercrombie does not care about it's customers and the sales people are dumbfounded when their store policies are questioned by the consumer. They have no answers to give just a "uuhhh...". No willingness to go out of their way to please a customer and retain customers.

Horrible HORRIBLE management and staff. So incredibly rude. Whatever you do DO NOT shop at the Abercrombie kids store in boca Raton fl. You will be ignored and have your shopping bags thrown in your face by management. Also, they have no idea how to work their computer system. Everytime I visit this store there is an issue. Never stepping foot in there again!


I recently visited your store on West 3rd street in LA and the store was well kept and the sales associate were very helpful.I notice that the accessories that were avaible was enough to complete my shopping experience.I have a few suggestion that would work make that experience at your store a little better.Satisfied customer

Where can I buy Abercrombie Woods Cologne

Hi there. I was in the Columbia MD store this morning to buy my usual amoutn of Woods cologne and I was told it has been discontinued once again and that they were pulled off the shelf. This is my absolute favorite cologne of all time! Every time I go into the AF store to buy this I also buy a few outfits so this really stinks it is not being sold again. if it was pulled off of the shelf did you send it to another store/outlet? I would love to get my hands on some and if it is really discontinued then I would buy a large supply. Can you let me know if i can find this somewhere? Thanks


Dear Abercrombie and Fitch, Hi, our names are Emma and Emily. I think you need to offer sizes larger than a 10. It is very inconsiderate to those who wear plus sizes. It’s very arrogant to discriminate against people who wouldn’t be able to fit into sizes that “pretty” people can fit into. If you put yourself in their shoes, think about how it would feel to walk into a store and know that you’re not welcome in there because of your weight. Sometimes being overweight isn’t something someone can control. Occasionally it can be a medical condition. If they like your clothes but can’t find a proper size, they feel even worse about something that’s not their choice. Being heavy shouldn’t be a reason to not wear clothes like Abercrombie and Fitch. Many people in America are above a healthy weight. If you don’t offer clothes for them, that’s less money for you. Not only will you get more money if you change the sizing, but bigger people will not feel so segregated. Sincerely, Emma M. and Emily N.


I was wrongfully terminated because we haven't fired anyone in a long time and the LP manager fired me. DIDN'T SHOW ME PROOF!!! PLEASE DON'T SUPPORT THEM!!

horrible company

worked there as manager for 2+ years and it is a horrible company to work for with no morals and care for young people. All about image. Don't support them.

gift card - forget it!

I have tried to send a gift card for 24 hours now. Every time I enter the information and click for the next screen, I am taken to a blank page. Fortunately, I have not yet reached entering credit card info, but at this point I am giving up on sending a gift card and will send a check which the recipient can use anywhere she likes. Their loss!

No more $$$ from me!

Really???? This is your true belief. You deserve everything bad in life that comes your way. I have 14 yr old twins who are both skinny and popular, who used to frequent your ridiculous stores. Luckily I have instilled decent values in them and they will be shopping elsewhere from now on. Too bad your mom did such a poor job raising a son with good moral values.

Company Policy

Reading about your corportate policy and the market your after and all the bad comments from some of the mis-fits. As a US Vet we fought for companies to have free enterprise and if the mis-fits don't like a company they have choices.. Go some place else.. Keep up your good work and your CEO should be proud of his accomplishments to make your brand what it is... Just the opion of a Navy Vet


They should do away with this company. it's very rude that they do not even have plus sizes, and only hire "attractive people" what is that teaching our generation? Hopefully they read these reviews and realize that the clothing of A&F suck along with the people in charge.

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