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my yahoo email is utah694@yahoo.com you need to see my computer i button the google then i button yahoo i cant submit at inbox and new message both but other websites i can submit the inbox and new message etc you must sue google i want google collapse reason bad public to people by photo

they hire person spy from google that cause yahoo cant submit inbox and new message they work for google at yahoo. you sue google i want google collape because bad public to people for photo name

I would drop Yahoo as my email contact, in a second, if it wasn't for the hassle to start all over notifying people about a new email account. I might still do it, but just to let Yahoo know, I don't appreciate your liberal bias when it comes to the news! Just like all the liberal news organizations are floudering, so will Yahoo. Nobody watches those liberal channels, and as you can see, there are many disgruntled people who think Yahoo SUCKS!

what gives with yahoo lately? you claim your working on the problem of being able to make comments, But nothing is done except for an occasional article every now and then. And on top of that you allow any e mail even though its not addressed to me, to be posted on my account? And you took away the ability to block accounts? I am fed up with Yahoo.... and will be looking elsewhere to get my news, and emails. I guess microsoft outlasted you after all.

all I want is to change back to yahoo classic. Your tech support hung up on me 3 times on the forth I spoke to a man named Binjimen. I ask to speak to someone in charge. He did not know who was in charge. I ask what country he was in and he said he was not allowed to tell me/ I ask for the telephone of the corp headquarters and he said he did not know a phone number for the hq. He said I could fill out a form asking for yahoo classic and i may get it but, would still be forced to use the new version. what the hell is that all about. YAHOO YOUR TECH SUPPORT SUCKS.

Someone hacked my Yahoo account and deleted all of mt e-mails including the saved ones. Been asking Yahoo to to do a restore since October 26 and it has not been done. Been asking Yahoo to contact me regarding this problem and I have not been contact. The real test of any company is how they deal with client problems and Yahoo has failed and I am now deleting my account after many years.

Hi, I'm contacting you for the benefit of my best friend's husband. She passed away August 2010 and he would like to retrieve her emails. Is that possible? If so, what does he need to do? Thanks very much, Barb Wheeler barbnwheeler@gmail.com

Could somebody tell me if yahoo and Microsoft made some lotery with the e'mail address of their users because I received a mail from somebody telling me that I was the winner of a prize of 1'950,000.00 sterling pound in a lotery made in South Africa and they are asking me to pay something about 250.00 US dollars in order they can send me the prize, please send me an answer as soon as possible to flacorhg@yahoo.com.mx. Thanks in advance and best regards.

I want to switch back to Yahoo CLASSIC. This new crap is awful. It doesn't even have a button to "check all" so I have to delete each item one at a time. AND there is no place to get customer service for this. YAHOO SUCKS ! ! ! !

All i want is to email or get a phone number to someone that can help me with my old boyfriends yahoo account. He passed away 2 years ago and id like to get into his yahoo and be able to have it. I would appreciate if someone could help me. Email me at metalchick1111112@yahoo.com or alyssajanicki@hotmail.com please anyone let me know what i can do. thanks bunches.

yahoo is nothing more than a virtual pimp for the filth and perversion you cater to..there is absolutely no concern for anyones welfare (as evidenced from the above comments) while using your sight, in short i intend to do everything in my power to fight you low life money moguls

yahoo is nothing more than a virtual pimp for the filth and perversion you cater to..there is absolutely no concern for anyones welfare (as evidenced from the above comments) while using your sight. in short, i intend to do everything in my power to fight you low life money moguls

For the past two months you guys have been asking me to update my yahoo mail account and I refused. If it ant broke don’t fix it. I don’t need your update and I don’t want your update. With that being said, what can you do to allow me access to my email account without updating? If I cannot log in without updating I will allow you to cancel my account and forward all my contact a new email address through Gmail. The advantage will be the ability to use my Gmail account with Microsoft outlook without any additional cost. The only reason I keep this account is because it is the oldest email account I own, But believe me I have no problem getting rid of it. I would like to give you the opportunity to correct you update login issues before I cancel my account. Remember (KISS) keep it simple stupid. If it ant broke don’t fix it. I will try to long on in a few days and if I continue having these issues I will have to let you go. I’m too old to be changing every time somebody wants to change something. My account is processman_2@yahoo.com

YAHOO WEB HOSTING PROBLEM UPDATE: I am mainly back up and running no thanks to Yahoo customer service. They intentionally took it (the entire account) down and could not answer why, then refused to answer any requests to customer service for 6 days, finally told me I could rebuild it myself. Then thanked me and sent me a customer satisfaction survey. I had used them for many years and liked their hosting. I had reasons for staying but do plan to file an executive complaint. And don't recommend them.

i wanted to thank you for going black on your header,but i tried calling the numbers above and got a fax machine sound.sorry your company does not like compliments, i will tell my friends about this experience for a long time to come. regardless, thank you for being patriotic anyway. michael j. newland

All I want is to be able to speak with someone at yahoo regarding a man using their messenger to talk to my 12 yr old daughter after I told him she was 12. He continues to send her offline messages and I have contacted the police, but would really like for Yahoo to cooperate. Instead, all they did was send me an automated message saying basically they were doing nothing. Sooo disappointed in Yahoo. They have shown that they don't care about the safety of our children!

If anyone else is upset that Yahoo has canceled Classic UNO online game, please email them & also corporate. It just stopped; no warning; no explanation.

i CHANGED MY PASSWORD ON SPUR OF THE MOMENT , NOW MY LIFE HAS STOPPED, I DON'T REMEBER THE ALTERNATE eMAIL ADDRESS BUT I CAN PROVE BEYOND DOUBT THAT AM jennifer nyambura OF jennynyambura78@yahoo.com. Please help. this email is the same i use for facebook login that proves i have been using this address

Wow - from these comments, I see I am not the only one to be frustrated by Yahoo's poor technology, irrational policies, and arbitrary loss of data. I lost an account, too. Yahoo is confused - it wants to compete with Facebook. Signing up for an email account exposes your personal information and contacts to the larger world! Takes 45 minutes to afterwards wade through dozens of pages to strip out the extraneous unwanted 'news' categories and to disable all the anti-privacy settings! Yahoo discourages abuse and spam reporting. They disabled abuse@yahoo.com. Instead, they expect you to fill out a multi-part form ?! You can't submit the form unless you have Adobe Flash software installed on the machine! Capt-cha is a jpeg format - there is no reason to require animation software on your machine. The goal may be to install a .SOL flash tracking cookie on your system. Stay away from Yahoo for email accounts. Report Yahoo generated spam to the FTC: spam@uce.gov Tell the FTC and Beter Business bureau about Yahoo's negligence.

My email box got updated by default recently. I have also lost “save box” and “personal box”. Is there a way for my to converted it back to the old version? I could care less on how faster you boast about the new version, I need my two lost boxes back as they contain very important information. I think you should take care of the basics first before go fancy.

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