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I've been on hold for hours and then the call drops, and it happened more than once. I've been told that I will get a call back at a certain time, but never did. I cannot access my account but cannot get any help. this is the worst customer service that I have ever encountered. Yahoo is the worst and I would encourage everyone to stay away from the business side, and web hosting side.


My wife has yahoo for her home page and e-mail. She cannot---cannot get on to her e-mail. It does not recoganize her password. I have tried calling the help line at least 8 times in the last three days. I have held on the line for over 7 hours. No one has ever helped us. If you have so many calls from customers then you need more tech people to handle the calls. Did your company work on the Federal Gov. Health page? Would someone please get back to us soon. Thanks

Worst Customer Support

I have never experienced a more unproffesion organization in my life. They have the WORST customer serviece ever!!! After being on hold for 45 minutes, it disconnects. The one time I did get through, the prompts sent me to wrong area, then had start all over, spent entire day on this. The e-mail from customer service was even worse, it was an automated reply, didn't even address the question I contacted them for. Shame on you yahoo for such horrible customer service, Marissa you have your hands full as the new CEO!!

Yahoo e-mail

The new format you have created has to be the worst ever, for e-mail. Can you possible go back to the old format? The new one is really bad.

Yahoomail user

Yahoomail is the worst now and I will switch to Gmail.

I can't acsess my account I know my password u better fix it I have drawings on there I did and put on MY ACCOUNT! and basicly your stealing cause I can't acsess my items I worked hard on and want to use again. so fix it I don't want my drawings I need them. I am going to college in that field and I need to for a portfolio. I can sue u guys if I don't get them back because its your fault that I can't acsses my account in the first place

No e-mail for 2 days now. When are you going to get it fixed? At least tell us what is going on. Be honest and let us know when you expect it to be back up. Thanks.

new e-mail

your new e-mail stinks your phone support is worse it is no wonder you are struggling maybe you should have people who are not nerds review your new things before you release them better yet get rid of knuckleheads who came up with new e-mail and go back to old one

why nothing works at yahoo

I've been with yahoo more then 10 years; suddenly a few weeks back you switched to a format that doesn't work for me; Please go back to the old format that worked. I do need e-mail that works. Ps. I'm running ubuntu at my home- which was working fine till yesterday.

Lack of Cooperation

I have not been able to access or view any of my emails for two days now. There is no customer support for your 800 numbers. Since the change in leadership YAHOO has sunk to a new low.

Couric & New Format

I'd like to throw up when I heard you hired Katie Couric. Now you're going in reverse, not forward, and becoming a radical left wing political organization. As for your new format - PLEASE remove the envelope so I can see the whole page, instead of opening the next E-mail and scrolling down. You're making things harder to navigate, not easier. These are very bad business decisions.

Yahoo kept me from telling brother that mother is dead-

I kept all of my contact info in my Email. You lost everything but the name and address. My mother died in early Oct. 2013. It took until Nov. 29, 2013, before my brother was contacted by snail mail. He called me last night and I have his phone number again. I have over 2,000 books. It took me over a week to find an address book to write the snail mail. The whole government is as dysfunctional as you. USMC-Red Cross, VA in Japan all told me that they had to protect his privacy from me. What really makes me mad is that he instituted these PC security measures. He's now tired of PCs, and he had his turned off.

help with account

all of sudden today my account has vanished. My resume has it on it, my contacts ...a lot have only that account name, ive been on hold for 45 mins and all I hear is bad music. horrible. it directs to the non helpful site as well. also trying to take of my 2 kids while listening to call in background, keep hearing people calling phone so I get to miss them as well. thanks yahoo.

New format is absolutely pathetic. Ready to switch to a new server as this new format is horrible. So frustrated and try reaching a person to discuss this with.

New email format

The new October 2013 email format is absolutely awful!!! It's muddled and not at all easy to navigate. Please go back to the previous design; there was nothing wrong with it. Thank you.

New email format

Please go back to the previous email format!!! The one initiated in October 2013 is confusing and time consuming to use. I truly hate it. Please, please, please return to the previous design!!!!!!!


your new e-mail is so screwed up. what was wrong with the one you replaced.i definitely have got to go to a different home page.

New email design

The latest change to your email design is the worst ever. It's confusing and takes too much time to use. Perhaps you need to give your "design team" the boot. . . . and PLEASE return to the previous email design.

This is horrible

Why did you mess up the site. I can't follow a thread and comment within the thread anymore. When I wan to reply to a thread I have to re-write what the other person said. If you don't change this back to where it was before, or very similar I will be changing all my email over to something else. I can't tolerate this mess.

Your new format and type face is the worst.

Seems as thought you are always changing format. The current on is a mess. New type face and way to utilize e-mails very confusing. Thought this was a decent company. Also yahoo often does not respond. Maybe you could hire someone who understands business. Also advertising annoying. How to delete? I would not recommend Yahoo

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