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Why does your company allow your silly advertisements to be a part of our emails, their should be something we can do to 'STOP' that, I cant read my emails because of your daily silly advertisements


Yahoo has sunk to an all new LOW. What IDIOT messed the site up. It was PURRFECT before this new mess. GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will more than likely drop you. PLEASE GO BACK to before. HORRORS

Customer Service

Should never have changed the look on email pages ! Nothing but slow, studdering pages & sometimes, doesn't even load. I spoke with someone a few months ago & they just suggested to change password. Well I did & not problems are worse. Found a toll free number to call, but just goes to music & then hangsup. Maybe it's time I find a new home page cause of bad customer service & too many issues....

everything Yahoo

Yahoo has become so so so so very slow.............The simplest of tasks take forever in comparison to what they should take. It's not my computer; I've done all the virus checking, I regularly clean out my cache, cookies, etc. checked every possible thing that could be in my computer to cause this. There isn't anything. I don't get this awful slow response surfing the web. Only when on Yahoo and yahoo sites. Why can't this be fixed?? I'm so close to calling it total quits and taking many with me! Yahoo use to be awesome....every change sends it downhill and so not user friendly!!!!!

Yahoo is Dysfunctional

Tumblr . does not work..... ********takes too long to load ********sound only plays once ********picture and sound don't work. Together . . was locked out of "vanity_

yahoo ignores user problems

yahoo refuses to acknowledge there's any problem with the new email they forced us to use.

New format of emails

I do not like the new format at all; can't find a help button to answer questions like how can I delete a whole page of emails without clicking every single one. Also when I try to click again it doesn't take the check mark off to not delete. I think Yahoo needs to re-think the whole thing and to remember - if it's not broken DON'T FIX IT!

New Email -

The new email program, which did not give me a choice if I wanted it or not is the poorest email program out there. I have been using YAHOO for years and this is the first time I have been thoroughly disgusted with it.

what a waste of time talking to a tech!

talked with a tech about possibly a suggestion that in your "spam" folder " add a check off block to automactically add any checked email to the "BLOCK SENDERS"... without having to try and type in some 52 character long email just to be denied..... and its repeatedly the same types of emails.. "Adriannia" Loans/ on line pharmacies. requests for info that you won millions overseas.... enough already.. Maybe it is time I change to some other web browser home page?

Attachments can't be added

After working with my local computer geek we still are having a problem. Since ATT & Yahoo seem to be Siamese twins is there anyway to attach a photo to an email?

1984 ?

Heard on new's today, Yahoo will start screening e-mail's(did'nt catch complete report). For what purpose? Without my permission constitutes invasion of privacy and a violation of my Constitutional right's. Anyone remember a book by George Orwell ? Need more info. Yahoo or I will drop you.

What happened to Yahoo? I was a customer for years. Had live assistance which was real helpful. Last Fall switched to a different web host Called today for help. I was told I had to pay $49 in order to be helped. The rep gave me the yahoo headquarters phone #. When I called, just a recording, no live rep. Other contact #’s I’ve used in the past were all disconnected. Why would yahoo just cut off all contact with it’s customers, or the public in general? What we now get are outsourced representatives asking us for a credit card. This is disgusting. I’ve lost all respect for yahoo. Back in the day when I would call yahoo, I aways got a live person on the phone and pretty quickly too. The reps were always friendly and helpful, and now there’s not one in sight. Bad move yahoo. I can’t think of a way to sink a ship faster.

Does yahoo ever get embarrassed about their worshipping and slobbering all over Obama.

Horrible support

Our email server was blacklisted due to an error in it's setup. So far I'm working on two weeks to try and get it taken off the blacklist. Their tech support email team is completely useless since they don't understand the problem or what is required to fix it. What should be a simple fix that takes less than a minute is working on it's second week. Also, this number has been disconnected.

Yahoo Liberalism

I have stopped using Yahoo as my homepage and avoid using the server whenever possible. Yahoo! deletes comments that are not in favor of Obama, and their Yahoo! Answers section is an affront to the First Amendment. Any criticism, including constructive criticism, of the Obama Administration will result in a "Violation", and your account might be suspended. I hope that the sponsors of Yahoo! begin to reject their liberal policies and go elsewhere.

annoying photos

I have an account in the yahoo mail. I am quite petrified with the unnecessary advertisements which are displayed along with the mails, particularly the ads on finding a love buddy in thier bikni costumes. I find it extremely annoying and discouraging. I don even have an option to close the tab unlike your other ads do have. how do these people have an access to mails with such unimpressive portrays. Also, i feel this is funny and pathetic

Upset and in need of some answers

My email was hacked, I tried going in to changed my password....well I couldn't, because someone changed my security question answer. Called Tech Support got a person who seems like he take all the calls (because I called at least 3 times everyday). I could not understand him, he sounded like he had an Indian accent. I am disappointed becuse I had that email address for over 20yrs. Why doesn't Yahoo have their own Tech Support team? I'm sure you guys can afford it. Oh might I add they wanted to charge me a one-time fee of about $80 to fix this problem.

Add space

After more than 15 years with the same yahoo e-mail address i am thinking about changing. Yahoo has a saddled me with a add banner directly under my tool bar and its annoying. I would like to see it go or I will


had problems with email account called customer service, which is contracted out to other company's, got just geeks llc in Austin texas? the people I talked to sure sounded indian to me, tried to explain my problem, after all the talking somehow I wound up paying $499 for work to be done on computer after which computer is worse off then before work was done

E-Mail Acess

I am definitely so tired---so over the fact that I constantly have problems accessing my E-Mail. Yes, I have tried multiple domains---multiple passwords. It is ridiculous and a waste of valuable time when I am in need of very impotant information and results.

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