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I called for support, was given a place in Canada I Fix PC I called them 6-8 times with issues with my computer. Each time they worked on it my comuter got slower. I was suppose to receive a bill in the mail but they never sent it.....then they complained I didn't pay it. I finally told them point blank......I don't think you had the nerve to send the bill because you cant fix my machine..... Went away for 12 days, after no calls from me they got up the nerve to send the bill. First day back to my computer it was a mess. Hours they want me to sit here waiting for them to call me back.....now for the 8th time was it or the 9th.....My machine is worse than it was when I started....and the last time I had it worked on I had to leave the house after a couple of hours, to get groceries (as I said I had been away) they left me a message to pay the bill... Well I have more trouble than I started with......they sure are not getting paid This has been over about 2 1/2 to 3 months that I have been trying to get this thing fixed. Each time the work on it it gets slower and does more crazy things....

vulgarity rules at yahoo

is yahoo being undermined on purpose? your site has always been somewhat vulgar and news of movie stars or three-headed aliens took top billing but the new ads are one step up from solicitation. I put up with the old ads and you gave me email which i very much appreciated but you seem to have given the push to customer service and accountability- the site is so bad now i think you're trying to beat down your stock price-or some of your decision makers want to drive out the new boss?


From the ones posted below, I see that we are not the first to complain about the ads intruding on our email account. Understand that Yahoo obtains the bulk of your income from ads, but ads only generate income when there are people viewing them. We do not need to see ads for "singles" in our area or other risque items. The moving cockroaches interfer with mail operations. We've used Yahoo since the 90s, but are less and less pleased with your operation. May start a "dump yahoo" campaign on Facebook.

home page & e-mail page

A few days ago we sent an E-Mail complaining about the ads you are putting on the home page and e mail page. Since then you have chosen to increase the number of disgusting Dr. Oz ads from two up to five on the e mail page. Your ads have now taken over one third of our computer screen. The usable work space is decreasing steadily. Also you seem to enjoy putting on ads that blink, run back and forth, flash on and off. These types of ads are very distracting and annoying. Clean up your act or we will find another carrier, and we won't wait to long to do so. Bob and Betty

disgusting ads

We have been Yahoo subscribers for many years. We are very close to leaving Yahoo because of the changes you have made to the home page. The new adds are disgusting, running cockroaches, flashing and moving ads and now almost naked flabby fat repulsive women. We strongly object to this type of ads coming into our house. Our kids are no longer allowed on the e-mail page. Clean up your ads or we are gone.

Home page

I have had 'Yahoo" as my home page for as long as I can remember. With the new changes, blinkinging adverts, and messy lay out, I am leaving Yahoo for good. your new page design team really messed up a good thing.

HELP! Locked out of email

After numerous attempts discussing my situation with your customer service and help desk...I am still in this unfortuate position of not being able to access my email account. Someone hear my scream and help me.

Poor Management

I've had my fill of you changing the home page. The new one has me ready to leave yahoo after 13 years. I do not like the new advertisement that blinks the page off and on. I'm sure I am not a lone we do not need more forced advertising.

how can i recover my hack id.

dear, someone hack my official ID. How can i recover it? there are no work alternate email and question because of change the whole security. i hope you will cooperate us. thanks

I really preferred the last version of Yahoo. The new Yahoo is not user friendly. I am switching...

Awful new browser

I have been using Yahoo as my browser for several years, but I just switched to MSNBC. Please go back to your previous design. Your new one is endless and useless.


Long time yahoo user! Lousy home page, if it ain't broke leave it alone.

New Homepage

Your new design is the horrendous. Don't care that the pictures are nice. Just want to get the news, info, etc. that I need without scrolling forever to find it. Definitely thinking of saying "good-bye" and using MSN.

If it aint broke dont fix it

The new Yahoo format is horrible. The other format was much better. Please stop changing things for the sake of change sake. Seriously the new format is overbearing and I'm seriously considering changing the source of my daily navigation site.

your new yahoo page

the new yahoo page is terrible -- whoever designed this thing should be fired - impossible to rate this thing low enough! i too am changing to a new website.

The new Yahoo layout will give anyone a headache. The purple and blue is way too bright and it become irritating after a while as you are focusing on the next news subject below. Like the old cliché..."If it's not broken don't fix it"...You tried to do too much. It's almost like a page from FaceBook. Have your own identity.

Hate your sub titles

Not happy with your subtitles on your yhoo web site. I'm changing to another web sirte


If I could give your service and support for ymail and those who support ymail a negatiive stars, I would definitely give your group a negative 5 stars. The reasoning behind it was because I had my account hacked in several of times and I would receive notification in my email letting me know that my account was compromise. Now, not so much. The icing on the cake just happen today when someone hacked into my account and changed not only my password but also my security question. I have not way of accessing my yahoo account anymore. So Yahoo, I have lost trust in your company and the security level that you have in place.

Very poor service

Yahoo allows editors to post up articles then allows people to respond to the articles. You have no control over any of the comments, that are being made. Even if it contains vulgar content, yet you have a terms of service policy listed on your moderator boards. You can't even get in contact with someone if they have a problem with a person harassing you on the boards. Your service sucks and so does your mail. I am swapping to a service that actually backs up their products. Free or paying.

News Articles

I'm a busy person. I have Yahoo as my main page because you have more news articles than google. However Im fet up with the damn videos and commercials playing while Im trying to read the news1 Change or Goodbye Yahoo!

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