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Katie Couric

I'm about to ditch YAHOO as my home page. Why? Katie Couric, your news anchor. Katie's never found a venue where she's succeeded, and it's true here. The news items that YAHOO presents are crowded with celebrity, glitzy, shallow junk. Who cares about the Jenners? Who cares about movie star lives? Not all YAHOO viewers are morons. Give us substance, and get Katie's grinning face off the screen. Absent this, I'm gone.

Terrible company. No one to talk too about a problem and now you have disconnected your phone.

That stoopid yellow banner

You may as well stop my phone number is private for a reason And I will not give it to you clowns period. Of course I will never hear anything bacl from you inepr imbeciles

New look

I have to say that I do not like this today's approach to introducing the new messages I do not like the whole page wide list. It takes too much room from my screen as it is, It barely allows me to delete the messages that are not relevant to me. Yesterday was better!!!

they suck

don't bother calling, they wont help you. the receptionist guard dogs wont let you speak to anyone anyway.

Why is YAHOO down so much lately. I keep getting error messages saying, YAHOO is having problems, try again later!

WORST Company ever!

On hold for over an hour and half and no one speaks English!


I give Yahoo zero stars. Impossible to contact for help. I once actually got a live person and he kept saying, "How did you get me on the phone?" Obviously by accident! He transferred me and the next person was as rude as the first.

poor business practice

very poor business practice to not allow consumers to contact them by phone with any issues with their site.

Services of Your Messenger

Yahoo Messenger has lost many features and they will not replace them with anything.


What is going on I have not been able to get all of my emails for the last three weeks. Please get it fixed this is the only way I have of getting in touch with my sister and my children.


Yahoo is a ghost company. No one answers the phone. I have not been able to recevie emails for two days. Yahoo is not available to help whatsoever. They are HORRIBLE!!!! I want to give them a negative rating but the "rating" function won't even allow that!

yahoo support

Nonexistent. No customer assistant at all. If you want to have web hosting try the Wizard of Oz for better customer support. Total waste of time and money

All Titles

"Tricking" your readers to view ad content will be Yahoo's ultimate demise. They will (I am just one of millions) will find it very easy to change default browsers, after which your run will be over.

terrible news

your news are redundant . every topic is repeated two and three times. as soon as I start with sports my internet is disconnected. its terrible since you went with at&t


I am sick and tired of you changing the main page around. It is harder to preview and I am just about tired of putting up with it. Sick and tired of the pop ups the article especially if I cant x it off. If this is how you are going to do it or keep trying to do it I can go somewhere else for my internet...........


I'd be happy to take over the CEO job at half the pay and turn the company around in six months.

Closed e-mail

My problem have be starded after yahoo e-mail hack. My e-mail is blocking. I have tried to get any helpfull address to help me, but it was not possible. No help, very poor service and no way to get in touch with the right people to correct a problem. That is Yahoo?

Worst customer service

Hours on hold. They don't care about customers. Have wasted all day.Just spoke 2 someone and they hung up on me. IDIOTS

A Joke

Yahoo needs to be shut down

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