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Videos arent working on site pages.

Yahoos commercial viruses have doomed this site. Feedback needs some people that work there they obvioysly dont. Yahoo and Youtube both run by google and all have the same problemsThe videos dont work. The commercials run all the time and rob the videos of any bandwidth to uuse.

non-support of Safari

Some times when I try to open my mail (tohuffy@yahoo.com) I get the message "Your version of Safari doesn't support the latest version of Yahoo mail", or words to that effect, and I am then not allowed to get my mail. Now - I believe the following is important, perhaps to both of us, but surely to me - I am using the latest version of Safari (version 6.0.1 - 7536.26.14) on my iMac (running Mac OS X 10.7.5). At least, I am told this by Apple - both systems are the latest, and no updates are needed nor available at this time. I wonder if the question about Safari you raise shouldn't be turned around. Your latest version of Yahoo Mail won't run on Safari - some times. Often it does (like at the present as I type this), but frequently - FREQUENTLY - it doesn't. So, I am preparing to take the only step open to me - obtain my mail via another service. I will continue to use my address noted above in the first paragraph of this email, but perhaps via another carrier my mail will get to me. I've written this message or similar messages to you before in the recent weeks, and I've had no response, and the problem continues. Yahoo apparently does not want to hear complaints or questions - at least you make it very difficult to pose questions and get answers. Service - Customer Service - is foundational to running a successful business, in my opinion. I've been a Yahoo customer for many years - but it looks like I'm no longer wanted. Allen Ft Worth TX

Being forced to change to the new Yahoo mail is such a breech of contract. I signed on to the old yahoo mail and you arbitrarily changed me I HATE the new mail We should be able to keep the format we registered for.

Im tired of that popup of vote dor that nigger coming up on my screen you guys would be great if the popups and the advertisements would go away

You have too many ads on the Yahoo Website, and is slowing down my computer operation...


I guess just add me to the list of OTHER customers who were given wrong numbers to Yahoo! The number listed on the is page is out of service. Guess who will be changing their home page after all these years....

I tried without success to reach the person responsible for making Yahoo News an integral part of the Obama Campaign and highlighting editorials in the guise of news articles issued by AP and Reuters.

Please warn others of this mohammed-spam I got in my inbox yahoo mail this morning Look out for: mrjohnharry300@yahoo.com subject title LOST and Found

the phone number you have listed is not in service...

I have an ex-employee who has written a very false and very vulgar review on Yahoo Local out of retaliation for loosing his job. I have sent 10+ "report abuse" posts requesting for this to be removed with no response from anyone. Maybe someone will respond to my lawyer! Jack Bohm (805)581-4587

I called Yahoo because I could not get into my email account. Someone has hacked it. The tech support said it will cost me $169.00 for them to tell the police in my city who it is. They told me that the hacker was using my account as we were speaking. I asked the tech if he could at least close my account or contact the hacker and let them know that they've been caught. But they couldn't do it because I would need to pay $169.00. If a real Yahoo Tech can assist me please let me know how. I think the Yahoo guy I contacted was a fake.

I have never encountered a company which is not interested in having people speak to someone or a receptionist in order to obtain a simple answer to a simple question. There are multiple menus, but no option lets you speak to a live person. This is utterly ridiculous,

I am being blocked from making Posts on Articles. I was not notified from Yahoo at any time about my content in my posts. I would like to know why Yahoo has decided to not allow me my Freedom of Speech. I deserve an explanation.

I do not click on many of your articles even though they sound very interesting because it takes forever to bring up the article because of your advertising for yourself, Axis, and Shine at the the bottom. MSN.com articles come up immediately.

Class Action law suit on the way. Yahoo severely violates individual privacy with new email policy. Yahoo will be responsible for billions in banking fees alone. How DARE Yahoo do this to people! You must first give people the option to opt-out and time to procure a new email address and move their email contents to another company. You people are INSANE and GREEDY in a very BAD WAY. You are locking people out of their email accounts and screwing up people's lives FINANCIALLY. People have serious matters that they use their email to handle such as mortage issues, modifications, foreclosures, banking matters, credit card payments, other types of bill payments. Yahoo Corporate is CLEARLY RUN by a BUNCH of IDIOTS. BILLIONS in REAL DAMAGES!!! This matter will destroy Yahoo once and for all - just wait and see morons. The CLASS ACTION is being drawn up NOW.

DROP the new FORCED EMAIL PRIVACY VIOLATION YAHOO! If Yahoo continues to lock people out of their email then YAHOO will be repsonsible for BILLIONS in damages. CLASS ACTION COMING. YAHOO WILL BE DESTROYED WITH THIS ONE. I can not get into my email because I will NOT accept the new email privacy violation - stay the HELL out of everyone's email YAHOO! And so can not send info regarding mortage modification and banking so YAHOO WILL BE HELD REPONSIBLE thru OUR COURTS for BILLIONS in REAL MONEY DAMAGES. YAHOO CORPORATE has GONE GREEDY INSANE!

Cannot get into my email account. I will not acept the new terms which violate my privacy. The contents of my email is none of your busienss and is protected under privacy laws. Yahoo is destroying my modification process and cerdit card payments and banking matters by locking me out of my email account. Yahoo will be responsible for myself and my children being foreclosed upon and all of my banking activity and credit card paymetns being screwed-up and all kinds of late fees and other fees. HUGE DAMAGES for YAHOO. What is wrong with YAHOO CORPORATE?!

Good thank you for letting me know this will be shared with other Yahoo users. Yahoo, why is it when I try to read my Yahoo email I cannot access it? I did a search and this is NOT the first time nor will it be the last people complain about not being able to access their Yahoo mail.... I was wondering too, why has it been going on for YEARS? Why doesn't Yahoo care if it screws up a work day, is it because it doesn't change your pay check? AND when I tried phoning Yahoo's Corporate office in Calif, and YES I did call during their operating hours, they don't answer the phone, or they put you on hold, just to be disconnected within a few minutes, can't fax either, forget you guys responding to emails... Please give us an answer, don't just do as you are told to "Just apologize" we want an answer to someone that actually knows what the problem is. Don't just pass the buck to someone that cannot answer these questions....

I see Yahoo continues to not help people and the same complaints over and over. They must not care about their company that much. Or they feel they are to big to be knocked down. Hmmm we all need to re think Yahoo. This is not an American company.

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