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You guys are just plain unethical. Your employees are trained to lie, deceive, withhold information, and to just go for the maximum sale because the poor customer (little old lady, etc) is locked in a contract, and can be squeezed for maximum dollar. It is kind of like what happened at ENRON where the sales people were out of control, trained to be immoral, and would kill their own grandmas for profit. You have unethical attorneys advising you to your detriment, and legal is a far cry from ethical. Your business plan is flawed. You have a conflict of interest between customer service and making your money. Your billing, contract arrangement and sales philosopy is out of control. Your company deserves to go bankrupt. The only reason people stay with you is because your get them into a contract before they have wised up. Companies like yours are why people are involved in the occupy Wall Street movement. YOU COMPORATE OFFICERS ARE GOING TO GET THE JUSTICE YOU DESERVE IN HELL. Have a nice day.

My Phone was stolen this weekend I have insurance. I have payed 167.00 a month for service for years and have been a Version wireless customer for years. My droid is going to cost me 100. dallors to replace that is not insurance. I payed 99. for the phone. Now, I here there is an app. for the phone to find it but, no one told me that. So the insurance is a joke. I am going to switch as soon as I get out of this 2 year contract. unhappy customer.


Nick Scutillo (mgr at Boardman office) really helped me out regarding which type of plan I should pick. He is excellent about handling customers, he kept his eye on the other employees for any problems.

For 13theen years of loyalty verizon finally showed me the ugly side. The customer service and loyalty dept is a joke. And terrible poeple that work there. It is waist of energy and time. Is any boddy care about customer anymore. Im waiting for the money maker Mr Daniel Meed the CEO to pickup the phone and hear me out Because yur not going to like wht im going to say about the certified devices tha dont work. about your employees espacially nebraska....my last advise dot buy insurance or extended warranty or

I went into the store in Lubbock,Tx I was having a problem with my phone,which they did help me with that. Then a saleperson,Justin looked at my plan and told me he could save me $80.00 a month,I asked him if he really could do that and he said yes,all he had to do was switch me to a new plan,so of course I agreed. Then he asked me what was I going to do for him since he saved me so much money. He offered the tablet at $10.00 a month. So I added a tablet to my plan but what he failed to tell me was that there would be an activation fee and they also charged me 9 days on the new plan which was added to my old plan so my bill came out even more. I called verizon the next day to see how much my bill would run and they told me on this new plan,it would go up $80.00 or so. I contacted Justin and told him what the rep at verizon told me,he said they were lying and once I received my bill I would see the savings. Also when he told me he could save me $80.00 a month,Andy who is either a sup or assist.mng was there and they were both looking at my plan,so I was mislead and lied to ,just so they could make a sales,now I'm stuck with a $389.00 bill when I was paying about $304.00 .Once my contract is up,I will drop Verizon,I have been with them for years and I will tell all my friends about my bad experience with them. I am to going to file a complaint with BBB ,this is fraudulent and misleading. They might be a big company now but little by little they will lose customers and one day they will not be around. I believe honesty is the best policy and once you start lying to customers to try and make a sale at their expense,Verizon will suffer a loss of loyal customers and remember word of mouth is very powerful.

Verizon is a good company to me but it might be easy for me to say because my mother pays my bills. I am still a teenager who talks late nights on the phone and text 24/7 but my mom doesnt complain about the bill.Can we bring the iphone 5 to verizon, if not i will switch companies immediatly

On my recent bill you added a 34.15 charge, with warning, without explanation. Been a customer for 7 years, bought that added warning for damage, paid for that, that got a new similar phone and paid at least $25. And now this new charge, without reason. Called but the tech was of no help. Please contact me, change@pacbell.net

I was told I would have to pay full retail price to keep my unlimited data plan that is, that is unacceptable, there's no way I'm going to pay more money for last service you guys are crazy, what my current phone stopped working I am done with you guys I'm going to your competition somebody that still has unlimited data plans,and I will bad moon rising 2 everyone I know everyone I speak to the ask me about you guys you guys are done, I am also submiting complaints to both the fcc and ftc, I am also going to start an online petition against you guys to bring back the unlimited data plans we all know what happened to bank of america with a 5 dollar fee let's see what happens to you guys

Ive been with verizon for about 7 years and have had nothing but problems. There customer service call centers and financial services are a bunch of stupid people with no people skills what so ever. I paid 300 dollars for my bill at a payment kiosk at my local store and didnt get a reicept because I never keep my reciepts big mistake. My phone was turned off about 2 weeks later and I called to dispute the payment they constantly told me that without a reciept that they couldnt do anything about it so verizon will not see another dime from me and I highly recommend that if your looking for a wireless provider to not even consider verizon there a bunch of idiots that have horrible customer service policies there a big business that over charges for everything they will go down in flames I hope they do.

oh no i love verizon telling me i can certainly get 4g at my home and send me a usb extendtion when i asked and went over it 4 times i needed a antenna adaptor / then i load vz access and it the wrong verision / then they send me a new dics and its the same one they sent at first / then i get 2 antenna adaptors / the 4g i can get 1/4 mile from home / i went from umw190 to 551l with 20gig cap for the same as 5gig / also said my overage would be added to the 20gig plan from the umw190 device now i was told my bill would be the $62.00 and change + $43.83 for activation and antenna adaptor / the here it is $220something dollars that i cannot pay my wife use's internet to earn a living and im disabled with no imcome so i'll be pulling more hair out oh at 1 point they said i did not return the 4g device a yr ago when they said i can then get 4g / 4 device's later and my vacation time used with them saying oh it's the device / hrs and hrs on the phone there should be a law that if you tell a customer they can get some thing the you have to fullfill your promise im so over it but only other thing here is satilite and i have never heard a good word about it

im writeg u this your comkpany sucks your chargeing tomuch for pjone service and i wan t u people to pay my phone bill cause i get no calls back abd my phone keep shuting off io get shity phone service where im at and i dont like it want u people to pay my phone bill every month cause of all the runarounds i have hd in the last 2 months u have till tommarow at noon to pay for it cause i have better businuse beru in volved u can pay my monthly and u can pay my 789 dollars tommarow im only on ssi i was suapoesto to only pay 400 to keep my service on then they wanted 798 then 500 im tired of u people screwing people over heres my number 815-760-0354 call me asap this is regardingto u verizon so get offf your lazy ass and lowe monthly phonthing everyone os getting sick and tired of it and i waant a frre network extender for my cell service 399 n washburn road lacon il 61540 i want it this week and i want u people to call me asap now bills to people and qiut over chargeing for every ;little

I have finally had enough, POOR SERVICE, POOR EQUIPMENT, ETC. ETC. And yes, it is part my fault because i have stayed with Verizon all these years despite all the problems and there have been a multitude of them, But earlier this year I had finally had enough and cancelled my contract due to Verizon's failure to offer competent services. Now the bloodsucking giant is trying to charge me a $280.00 early termination fee and i refuse to pay it. There are alot of factors which led me to cancel this contract, i did not just decide to do this for the sake of change. I am in the process of contacting an attorney, to see if this can be handled in court. I feel that if a company fails to give adequate service, on a very large scale, the consumer should not be held to a contract. Moreover i am sure there a many, many more out there going thru the very same situation. In response to some of the other postings i read, i have had Verizon for years and i have also had AT&T at the same time, and in fact still have AT&T and i can tell you, I HAVE NOT HAD THIS TYPE OF POOR INADEQUATE CRAPPY SERVICE from AT&T

Verizon did me the same way had internet and could only get 3g when i ordered 4g and paid well for the best they had and even bought a nice expensive phone.Both of them were junk and the phone was defective and i was told we no longer have that one so you have to buy another one.I canceled everything with them and dont even try they wont help you they could care less.

I recently placed an order with Verizon FiOS and the customer service guy was pretty nice. But when i got my first bill, there were SO many hidden charges that i was not notified of. I had calculated the amount that would probably come out on the first bill ,which was approximately 120.00. Not bad, right? But when the first bill came, the final charge was 249.00!! Does that make sense? No. So i called Verizon again and had to be on hold for an HOUR and finally a lady with a bad southern accent answered. I told her my problem and tried my best to reduce the charges. She put me on hold again, and then the line got CUT OFF! I tried again and this time i reduced my bill to 129.00 But i kind of forgot to pay my bill and i was only two days late. But just for that, my late charges were another 100 bucks!!! If this continues, I'm not sure what i'll do, but this is driving me crazy!!!

A few weeks ago, we went to upgrade our 4-year old phones. To our great surprise, we discovered that there is a new policy of charging $30 PER PHONE when upgrading. Apparently this policy went into effect in April with little or no notice to customers. We canceled the upgrade and went to another company. I have been with Verizon Wireless for over a decade. Apparently customer loyalty means nothing anymore. All they want is more and more of your money for less and less service.

A copy of the letter I just sent them: Dear Sir or Ma’am: Today I went onto the Verizon Wireless website to upgrade my current phone, a Droid X, to the new Samsung Galaxy III. I was not at all happy with the experience. When I attempted to complete the order, I was told that I could not keep my current data plan, namely the unlimited web & email plan that we’ve had for quite a while. “This must be a mistake,” I thought. So I called and spoke to a representative, who confirmed that was, unfortunately, the case now. If I wanted to go back into contract, I would have to forgo my much-beloved current data plan and instead downgrade to the 2GB tiered data plan. It did not escape my notice that I would essentially be paying more for a lower level of service provided. I’m not sure who in your corporate hierarchy thought it was a good idea to charge their customers more for less, especially in this economy where discretionary spending is very limited. Whoever it is, I suggest you fire them immediately and replace them with somebody who has a better grasp of basic economic reality. We’ve been loyal Verizon customers for over fifteen years now, long enough to remember when Verizon actually cared about their customers and tried to satisfy them with their service. I remember when Verizon was known as “the cell phone company that cost a little bit more, but you got what you paid for with superior service and coverage.” Those days have, unfortunately, passed Verizon by. That is why my wife and I have decided that our current phones, both Droid X’s, will be the last phone purchased from Verizon. We will keep them as long as they work. When the day comes that we have to replace them, we will be moving to another carrier who actually shows a modicum of respect for their customers and offers a better value. We will not be renewing our contract with Verizon. And I’m not the only one who feels that way. Several of my friends, all Verizon customers, plan on taking the same course of action. They find the direction that Verizon has gone in lately to be distasteful and frustrating. I have no illusions that, as a company, Verizon actually cares if they keep my wife and I as a customer, and that we are anything but just tiny parts in the revenue stream. Nor do I expect any meaningful reply other than maybe a boilerplate canned “we are sorry to see you go” form letter, if even that. But I hope against hope that maybe will actually read this and comprehend it.

I am replied for the person " New to verizon for only 13 days"...I understand your issued problem with VZ I had the same problem exactly what they did to me only 5 days my first bill came only 5 days they billed me $ 458.00...I want to cancel them on 14 days track they hold me @ their store up to 5 hours and finally said I forgot my 2 phone charge they wont accept the return....they know if I am going home and get it wont be enough time by the time they are close.....Anyone will sued them to damage our time I turned them to BBB and Attorney General at your state...then sue them to the court....I even tell them in front of them why the day I came here hook up the service to you why do you so sweet and gentle to me and now your face turn from sweet to sour and bitter.....they paused...Their face look like dumm face to me

i am disabled . and cannot afford a basic just barely and no smart phone what so ever. the junky ore certified phone was the last gift from verizon. do not accept any thing by pantech from verizon . junk phone. the hot shot has bugs powers off duirng im on line and does a not implicated on a program that is in deed in the phone. ive had 4 of these things and all have eletrical bugs. i need a up grade that is free of nevada taxes and decent but fora 50 dollar discount on line for something that isnt, apre certified used phone pays nothing and if it is free of charge for a 2 yr it should be free of state taxes too. i cannot afford a data package for a smart phone thats 30 the cheapest taxes in nv is the same i think and the new phone has to be in the 50 credit they offer which isnt any thing... i leaving in april 2013 after 13 yrs of realtions ... dont aske for help its nothing but a mess... i have had talks wth this office and they dont care if i go or stay some net work 949 286 1827 west caost office rude man /

NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM VERIZON AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS. Oh, BY THE WAY THE REBATE DID NOT GO THROUGH EITHER. LOL LOL, PISSED OFF-PISSED OFF, LOL LOL My plan had been up for about 10 months but my phone and plan were fine. My phone brole finally and I went to upgrade, I did not see my nplan on there anymore, I called customer service and they told me that if I ordered through them(customer service) it would be ok. I asked repeatedly that my service and bill would be exactly the same, they "she" confirmed with my numerous asking of the question about staying the same "YES". That didn't happen. Numerous phone calls that I made-never once received a call back even though I asked everyone I talked to to please call me back- they said it was past 14 days and it is my phone now and I'm stuck. Plus they charged me $50.00 to talk/order the phone through customer service. I could have did all this on the computer without paying them a extra $50.00 and still not had the same plan. I asked them to pull up the recording of the telephone call they say was recording to prove what they promised and just got brushed off. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM VERIZON AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS. Oh, BY THE WAY THE REBATE DID NOT GO THROUGH EITHER. LOL LOL, PISSED OFF-PISSED OFF, LOL LOL

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