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this company is the biggest hole in the world period.

Bad Cellphone company

Bait and switch is his they trick you with plans that cost a lot more than promised. Don't fall for their sakes pitch about cutting your wireless bill. It always costs more per month than you are told

Worst Company Ever

I need a corporate number for Verizon wireless, I have the same complaints as the people before me. Been with Verizon since 2000, very hurt and disappointed. Need help with a resolution. Now Anyone have corporate NUMBER

Verizon is horrible. Twice I called to make arrangements for payment. I made a payment as promised , and they still suspended my service. why bother making arrangements? I believe the Verizon motto is now "I want more", money that is. very cold hearted. customer service is something they don't understand.

Overcharge on Invoice

Purchased phones at store told monthly amount would be $130.00 and every invoice since signing up has been $157.00. Made phone calls and then my phone stopped on me. This has been a nightmare.

Verizon is the most criminal phone company in the world. I paid my bill early because the Verizon company extorted my payment. It is illegal to compel anyone to submit monies, property, or personal freedom for a return of service or circumstance. The US Department of Justice should investigate Verizon and close the company by ordering desolution.

I've been calling verizon wireless for three days and I got no answer. This is very frustrating becouse I really need to get a hold of them regarding new service. I've called every verizon wireless in Des Moines ia and neither of then answered for three days, and I still haven't been able to get ahold of them. I'm very busy so I'm unable le to got to the office. I wonder what there doing in there anyway. Apparently it's not answering phones.


From 1/6/2014 I was given a plan with the rate of $170.00 plus taxes. Every month ofter January 2014 the rate went up to over $220.00. And every month I have to call and fight to get it down to $180.00. In July I was told it would be $180.00. Today I open the bill, $241.00 ( all rates are plus taxes). I called today (1 1/2hrs pm the phone) and all I an told is "miss communication ". I said, " every call, with different reps. Is a miss communication ?" So be ware, the reps. Give you a rate, and it goes up the next month any ware from $30.00 to$60.00. Let's see what the rate will be in September .

The pits

Signed up for overseas plan while vacationing in St. Martin. Got a bill for $428 that month. Called. A "customer care representative" said she would check it out. My bill included calls from islands 250 miles form where i was. No call back. After several days called again. Another rep "vowed" she would get me an answer. Never called back. Company has no integrity and is about to lose my business.

I have had noting but trouble with phones since I was forced to go to Verizon wireless, I have had 5 phones of the same phone that keep breaking or holding no charge... on the 5th phone the Verizon store people couldn't even get it to turn on so they gave me a different phone let me out of my contract and then charged me over 100.00 in hidden fees that the store didn't advise me of... I received a bill towards the in the middle of the month after I had paid all my other bills then I get a bill for 245.00 when it should have only been 130.00 this really put me in a bind.. and I do not get paid but once a month. so this is not cool that there is all these hidden fees.

Strong arm

Why does corporate let there stores call elderly people six to eight times a day to get them to change there planes. I'm sure corporate is happy they got her bill to $1,100 a mouth for two lines. Now they are calling again to up it more. Thanks laurel Mississippi

Extremely Unhappy!

I have been a long time customer, but now very dissatisfied! I bought a jet pack and told one price it ended up $30.00 more! Then told the edge plan is least expensive for me only to find out after a year (to get out of verizon) I still have to pay $250.00 to leave! Never told that! After many many years I'm getting out of verizon as soon as I can, but still have to wait, and pay more money! They lie, tell half truths!

Verizon Sucks!!!

-over priced -poor customer service -disappointing -never knows what's going on -changes my plan without me saying so -doesn't to care of loyal customers -charged me for 3 phones phone.. I only have one line!!! -always extra fees somewhere - exhausting !!!!!!!

The worst company I have ever delt with.They took money off debit card unauthorized.charged me for 6 phone lines.I had service for 2 days and cancelled for the reasons I mentioned.it has been almost 2 months and they are still charging me $805 for early termination.I had until January 14th to return the phones and cancel service.because I ordered before Christmas.I have been lied to so much and given false return numbers to call.There should be someway I could get this resolved.I have read a lot of reviews that a lot of people have been done this way by Verizon wireless.It is a shame because where I live that is the only company that has good signal strength.It has good service just bad customer service


Stopped using Verizon due to poor signal. Staff at Wilson nc store no help. Overpaid my last bill still trying to get my money. Was made to give my debt info so they could put my money back in my checking account and it would be in there in 7 days. Surprise surprise no money. Called back now they are saying the check is in the mail. So what happened to my debt number the girl got. Customer service stinks and they just don't care

Verizon: I feel its only fair to let you know because of A&E Network I will not be viewing your ads as I refused to watch A&E network because of their Cooperate decision to be against the Christian Faith and Bible.

Horrible service

Very upset and cant wait to cancel my service. Long story short I was sent a refurbished jetpack that used an insanely amount of data. With hours of phone calls and calls that were supposed to be returned and weren't. Received a new jetpack that is working just fine and an 1,100 dollar bill that Verizon wireless wont take care of.

So Disappoited

Your Go Wireless company that you allow to sell your devices are Awful.... They took full advantage of my 71 year old mother and now wont return my calls. i have been dealing with this for 2 weeks now and Go Wireless just gives me the run around. Your rep at VZ wireless was very nice and did what she could but you really need to let go of Go wireless as they don't care about customer service....


this company sucks I was a super customer for 9 years ,never had a problem with my payments , and did not live up to the promis so I quit the service and will never have a good thing to say about them

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