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Horrible Customer Service, upon my husband being relocated with his company our verizon phones only work 30% of the time! Will not even work with on finding towers etc... now I was billed for a call to Canada for over 30 minutes and we don't even know anyone there! The Customer Service refuse to dispute this call because they say it came from a tower that we use? Are you kidding me? This company is getting worse and worse. Just want out to find a phone company that will actually WORK out here and have better service!! If you aren't a Verizon Customer, don't be!!!!

Unethical practice

Verizon just stole from and now the BBB and FCC will know!!


On april 29th i spoke with a verizon rep and made a payment arrangement for them to take it out on May 6. Well on April 30th they decided to take the payment out and mess up my whole bank account. I went round and round with the supervisor and ask for his boss to call me. He said he would have him call me on monday but still never heard nothing. This customer serivce is terrible. They don't care about the customer. They let there reps and managers talk to you any kind of way. Will have my lawyer call them

Please let me go to AT&T

Verizon Wireless customer service is a nightmare. I have tried to fix a billing error for four months and had wrote several letters, emails and made at least 40 phones calls and each time , I have to start from scratch explaining my problem. Several supervisors including Shay, Chris and LuAnn promised to call me back and I have yet to get one phone call back. I want out, please !!!!!!!

Pathetic customer service!

I have been trying to resolve a problem with Verizon for three months. My husband and I have been loyal verizon customers for over 10 years and he has a small company discount that was applied monthly until I upgraded my phone in December and we noticed the discount had been removed from our invoice. After further investigation, it seems this occured without notification since his name was not listed first on our account. (YOU'D THINK IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NOTICED WHEN WE ORGINALLY SET UP THE ACCOUNT OR AT LEAST NOT TAKEN SEVEN YEARS)To reinstate the discount and credit us they needed us to open a NEW account with his name first, supply an "orginal" ss card and run a credit check! That took two months of calls several times a week with over a dozen different reps-even though we asked to speak with the same supervisor -we never got the same one. This in my opinion is the WORST customer service protocol and a BIG waste of company resources.The credit was supposedly applied on Feb 21st and I gave the rep my cc to pay the remaining balance due for March. While on vacation for two weeks we got text messages and calls from Verizon that our account was overdue and they would be shutting off phone service for non payment! After a one hour conversation while in our hotel they finally agreed the credit was never posted to our account and that it would be in the next bill cycle. Now its mid April and we are still going around the same circle-because a discount was not posted and they are threatening to turn off our service again! I promptly sent a reistered letter to the supervisor that said she was taking care of the situation and it was being addressed. I'm still getting these texts and will not be filing in small claims court.I am seeking relief for harrasement, stress related symptoms and reinbusement. Very suprised this company is still in business-even if they do have the largest network. Someone needs to take all these complaints to the FCC.

Never a Customer

I called to find out prices and when I said "no thanks" is too much for me" and disconnected. They sent me a bill for a phone and service I never even got and that I cancelled a contract I never agreed to on the same day I open it!!! Total: $535.00!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY???

frustrated with verizon

I recently changed phones. I set my user id and password and I had to enter it over and over and finally had to change password before I was permitted to see my account. Now, a couple of days later, I again attempt to see a letter sent by verizon that i received 4/9/13 and once again it will not permit me to use my private info, telling me it is not correct. That is INCORRECT on your part. My passwords are on a separate disc and it has not changed in two days. LET me see letter I'm requesting NOW...........please.

worst service ever

I was not have lost my job as a personal assistant because I was not able to perform a simple blackberry phone activation with international dialing and global roaming. After A SOLID MONTH of getting the runaround on the phone, being transferred to several departments - I've lost count - and being subjected to trivial security checks and assured the phone was working, my boss flew to Switzerland and was still unable dial out or have any phone usage. I was promptly dismissed. Today I have been on the phone for over 1.5 hours, trying to speak to someone to file a formal complaint. I will not hold my breath. Right now, I just want acknowledgement of their incompetence an apology, and a written verification sent to my former employer. I am hoping to salvage a letter of recommendation out of this. I want to know where to send an email.

Worst Customer Service Out There!

I have been promised an iPhone 5 from a customer service rep. I PAYED for the phone and accepted all of the terms of agreement. The day the phone was suppose to arrive, it never did and I have been calling customer service ever since. All they tell me is that they are sorry and that the sales rep. shouldn't have sold me the phone since my upgrade wasn't up yet. I have been promised call backs from two managers and the executive team, none of which have ever called. Every time you call them back you have to start all over again and there is never a manager available. They don't seem to care that their associate was wrong and that I already purchased the iPhone all they care about is telling me that I am wrong. This company is going down the drain and after looking at all of the reviews it seems other people feel the same way. I didn't see one good comment about them!!! I can't wait to switch carriers, I have been with Verizon for over 10 years and come July it will be NO MORE!

Best is the Worst

I'm only giving a star for coverage. For a loyal customer paying anywhere from $160 - $350 per month for almost 8 years, I'm the idiot on many fronts. Customer service and honesty from this company is non-existent. I have been lied to by store representatives and then lied to about option plans I HAD and now don't (like free nights and weekends) - now I'm on some BS plan with limitations on minutes, texts, data, etc. when I have always had my work emails linked to my phone for unliminted data (or what I was told was I had unlimited data since I have been paying for that option). And when I call - they say I"m on the highest coverage plan for being able to call Canada and have all the other features? WHAT A JOKE. I have called, emailed, chatted, smoke signaled, etc. and every verizon customer service rep seems to have less than a grade 10 education or maybe they just missed a couple grades being locked in their basements in front of a super nintendo - I don't know. Verizon - wake up - from one corporate professional to another - you won't be successful for long at this rate. Try calling back your pissed off customers. It's the only way you'll ever improve. There - I'm off my soapbox.

Horrendous security and customer service

Somebody hacked in my business account and added an unauthorized line. When I became aware of that I immediately contacted Verizon Wireless. This is when my trouble began: I was made feel as if I was the guilty party trying to get something from Verizon. I was asked to file a notarized fraud affidavit, a police report, fax all that to Verizon and then received a phone call that only half the documents had been received when my fax machine indicated that everything had gone through. The agents were completely uncooperative, answering like robots. This is one of the worst customer service experience I ever had.

Worst customer service

Worst customer service what I have every had. Don't care about the customers! Wow and when I listen to the commercials Verizon is a good company. Good at lies. Should have never changed companies has been pure hell since we started with them 5 months ago!


Just got treated with little respect--supervisor just kept saying he was sorry for the misinformation I received on my billing. I had called at least 5 times since 1-20-13 to correct charges only to have the first customer service take out the wrong amount--twice as much as I owed. Today I owe for late charges which are not my fault. "NO CORRECTION CAN BE MADE"

Terrible Customer Service

Dear Sir or Mrs. I have been a verizon customer for at least twenty years. My issues is the costomer service is getting worst by the years. I'm 62 years old and I pay my bill at verizon. The people that's working at the Dayton, Ohio area on 725 is very disorganized. I waited in the store for 1 hour and twenty minutes after the person took my name as i walked in the door. Watching people come and go. At this point my blood pressure began to go ballistic. I was approached by Nick and another sales person who ask what did I need. Their excuse was there must hve been a glitch in the system; however, their expression was as if, so what, get over it. My time is precious and my job consist that I don't make mistakes to interfere with someone's time inwhich is very valuable. My issue is their set up is not error free and their attitude is horendous. I realize that verizon has gotten so big that it doesn't care about people like me anymore; however, switching to another company doesn't solve the issue because the people will do it to someone else. I went in to do a upgrade to a smart phone but got stupid service. I'm writing to the company to see if their policy can be changed. Please respond to my complaint. I feel like the company doesn't care just want the money. Thanks Mr. Conner (azucarnegra@yahoo .com.

awful everything

Bad enough that their phone system is convoluted, causing great inconvenience to the customer, and that one depot. never knows what the other is doing. But their neanderthal advertising must be run by idiots who've had a lobotomy. Pull the ads, folks, or I will make sure that Verizon is known for what it really is: stupid, greedy, unethical, incompetent, uncreative, lacking in substance, lying miscreants.

Lousy Company

i have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years. In August I upgraded my phone to a smart phone and got a home phone connect and a hot spot. The home phone connect didn't work right and the hotspot don't work well and i was being charged for date i didn't use which became very expensive. After many many many calls I finally got them to terminate the hot spot and home connect early with out any fees. I should have been happy I certainly am not. First of all the cost of cell phone was supposed to be 65.00. It is over 110.00 per month because of the hidden charges they don't tell you about. I can not wait for the 2 years to be up. Today i got a phone call fro a collection agency. It appears that because Verizon terminated my contract I still owe for the hotspot and the home phone connect equipment. I was told this equipment was paid for when i took it out of the store, I tried to return it in fact I still have it to give back to them. I was never contacted by Go Wireless for 3 months until they decided to give it to a collection agency. These are the dirtiest most dishonest people it has ever be my misfortune to try to deal with.

Unbelievably Rotten Customer Service

We moved to a location where Verizon Wireless had no coverage. We had to move to another carrier. Despite many phone calls and letters they charged us with termination fees for a service they could not provide. We are retired, on a very limited budget, and refused to pay. Now are being harrassed by collection agencies. Will sue them in Small Claims Court - what a horrible Hassle!

shifty sales people

we changed our plan to share everything and added my other daughter. the salesman told me that i could get the wireless hotspot for no cost. I even asked him if there would be a charge on the bill he said no, but guess what there is a charge. So i could them and said i didn't want it. they said you only had two weeks to cancel. but wow, i just got the notice. 30 days later. now they want 175 bucks to cancel it..


I have been with verizon since July. I am very disappointed and I thought this company would have better standards and treat the customer better and stand behind there product. My phone has been replaced over 10 times and i bought it new and was given a refurbished phone. Now the recently offered me a different model and they will compensate me. I get the phone it has no battery or back or anything the said they was sending with the phone. I called and was told I had to but those things and it will be cheaper if I went though third party. I just can not believe this company is allowed to do that. smdh.

Standing Behind Their Products

Upgraded my phone in September 2012 and have been complaining about problems since day 1. I've always done what they asked...took in for service, dowloaded upgrades, etc... Now that I can't stand it anymore and tel them I want a new phone they basically tell me to pack sand that it's been more than 14 days since I got the phone, it's not their problem anymore. Really? I've been complaining since Day 1.

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