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Horrible never again

Terrible customer service. Endless calls to so called managers where they just repeat over and over how sorry they are and they apologize for the inconvenience. Overpriced rates and poor coverage.

customer run around

Along with many others, after almost twenty years of using Verizon cell phone service, I'm very frustrated with the games that customer service is playing these days. Even after a month of communication with them to correct an error they made in deleting a corporate discount (after upgrading to a iphone) and following all their instructions exactly to reinstate the discount and credit the difference they billed me for, they keep changing the guidelines hoping I will give up and forget about it. Not sure how they are getting away this lack of accountability in so many cases lately, but they are sure loosing alot of good customers that have a long history with them. Must be a new corporate customer service contest to see how many customers they can alienate in one year so their competitors can buy them out.

Coverage is not WORTH the hassle

Just cancelled my contract and I couldn't be happier. As a loyal customer for over 10 years, I was tired of fighting to keep my Unlimited data everytime I wanted to upgrade my phone. Verizon has HORRIBLE customer service online, via phone and in the stores. I have moved on and encourage all my friends and family to cancel as well. I actually got my gov't office to cancel our contract and switch to another provider. Just doint what I can to show my loyalty to Verizon...as they showed theirs to me. YOU'RE Welcome!

Baaaaad Customer and Support Service. I have been a customer since it was New England Telephone. Have been Verizon customer since it came into existance and a Verizon Wireless customer for years. The customer service has been terrible for the past 5 or 6 years. I purchased my Iphone 4 on a Friday and the 4S came out on Monday! I had asked when it was coming out and was told that "nobody knows when." Called and was told to go back and there would be no issues. Went back and there were many issues! Wrote to Verizon and Apple. Verizon acknowledged receipt of my complaint, but no resolution. Apple never responded. I have had it. Will take our business and two phones elsewhere. Daughter (Four phones) has already dropped Verizon for AT&T.

double dipping

I have been with Verizon for years but I'm ready to leave them i have a main account along with a secondary one the secondary one was for my wife she decided to be responsible for her and my step children lines. When she made the switch it was a zero balance. Today a received a bill from the for 481.00 they said it was because it was a past due balance . I informed them the bill was already paid at which time they sent my wife the same bill with her new account number at which time she was told that it was her first bill I refuse to be forced to pay


I was granddaddied in on the UNLIMITED DATA Plan. I wanted to upgrade my phone to the Samsung Galaxy S3. They tried to force me to accept a limited plan to do it, or pay FULL PRICE for the GS3. During this call I explained I was having issues with my iPhone 4S, they said, lets get that warranty exchanged for you, had me do the water damage check on the phone with them and VERIFIED the color was showing NO ISSUES! (I also had Asurion insurance on the iPhone 4S) So I warranty exchanged it. About 2 weeks later, I went to Sprint, because they had unlimited data and would get me the GS3 plus pay me $100 to migrate my line.. About a month went by and I received a bill for the Warranty replacement phone, now claiming it had water damage. Wanting $199 for the reconditioned iPhone 4S replacement. I told them isn't it AMAZING that now I left your below par company, my phone now has water damage? I also explained at the time of the alleged water damage phone it was insured through Asurion so I only owed them a deductible. They said it does work like that. This was about a month ago. They also charged me for the next 20 day of service, that I did not receive. Also, I just explained today, if I'm purchasing the replacement phone I want the old equipment as well. They said I was exchanged a phone, I said, then I don't owe you anything. Why should I have to pay anything.

Bye Bye Verizion

WOW - I've been a Verizon customer since before they were Verizon and I can not believe the lack of service - all I wanted to do was replace the phone that stopped working (touch screen would no longer work) and NOT change my existing contract. Apparently that's not what happened in store and when I contacted Verizon customer service to ask about the new charges on my bill they informed me that my contract changed and they cannot get my old contract service back - even if I return my phone!! If I choose to terminate I am subject to a $350+ early termination charge when I didn't even ask for a new contract!!! I just needed a new phone!!! I am an educated professional and I have never felt so played or trapped in my life. Totally duped and I don't like it. After 12 years, switching to Sprint the first chance I get.

Horrible Service

I went into the store to upgrade my wifes telephone only to find out that the last representative whom assisted me did not inform me he was doing an alternate upgrade on my line. So she has had her line for four years now an now her phone has issues and she is stuck with it all because the last representative failed to explain the transaction he was completing. I only went into the store to purchase another phone for myself not to upgrade her line. Horrible service not happy at all...rating of -0


We are currently a verizon customer grandfathered in under alltel unlimited internet plan for sixty some a month. I understand that Jan 1 2013 you are no longer honoring this plan. Our current usage is anywhere from 7 to 19 gig a month, and was told we could get a 20 gig plan for $110.00 a month.. ARE YOU CRAZY? If you do this I will change providers, end of story. Makes no sense wouldn't you rather have a happy paying customer rather than lose them and get nothing at all?? When and if you do this we are gone!

Worst customer service ever...the reps they have on the phone know nothing about being courteous..I was placed on hold for over 30 minutes with no one coming back to the phone. And the supervisors are even worse than the reps

I was lied to about the cost of a new phone I ordered for my son. I was told I could pay for this phone over 4 months. I just received a bill for almost 700.00. Called 611 for support and was told"Sorry the rep who told you that was wrong" They will do nothing to fix this situation. Call placed to cooperate headquarters and they only have a voicemail. I left a message but have never heard from them. I have been with verizon for years but when our contract is up I will be changing companies. Very poor service, stay away!!!!

Not a single one of these sales people or Verizon are ever held accountable for the garbage phones, warranties, equipment, insurance, or any other product they sell. horrible customer service!!

Today I went to Verizon store to make a Payment. I was told to give my name and someone will be with me shortly. I stood for 20 min with no help.I blame management for lack of service. all they were concerned was how many service plans they can sell.

Unfortunately there is no rating for "0". I contacted Custer Service (which is funny since Verizon does not do Customer Service). I called top PAY a bill and, was treated so badly that before the end of taking to a supervisor, who knew less than nothing, I got so frustrated with the lack of knowledge and professionalism with the Verizon “team”, that I told the supervisor instead of paying, I am going to terminate my service, and not pay any money until we go to court. Her response was OK, no worries. I know if one of my customers did that I would be asking what I could do. Not Verizon , because they simply do NOT CARE ABOIUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. If you are looking for a professional phone company that will a minimum treat the customer with respect and dignity, then you certainly do not want to have Verizon as your phone

Been with Verizon for years and I am so dissatisfied with them. The phones they have been sending has been all crap. No help with customer service or Tech support. Once my contract is up with them I will nolonger be a loyal customer. Very sadden to have to say that Verizon is nolonger a great cell phone company. I will not be recommending Verizon to anyone anymore :(

I had 16 voicemails saved in my voicemail box. I also had 2 new voicemails that my phone did not notify me about. I called 611 customer support and he said oh ya let me try this and see if I can fix the problem. Well I dont know if its fixed but he certainly cleaned out my saved voice mails and now they say they cant get them back for me. I had these voicemails saved for a purpose and now I cant get them back...Really??????!!!!! Verizon technical support is awful

Have been with Verizon for years. Tried to pre-order iPhone 5 but couldn't charge it to my account. Contacted customer service and was told that because it was a pre-order I could not charge to my account. I asked when I would be able to charge to my account and I was told Friday September 21st, that day of it's release. Friday morning I went to the Verizon location and waited in line. When I tried to charge the phone to my account I was told I could not do that because technically the phones are still under "pre-order or backorder" status. How can that be when they have phones there to buy?!!! Totally and utterly ridiculous! I have never had any problems with Verizon until now. What the heck man! I am so angry with that rep that gave me the wrong information. Totally wasted my time!

Verizon should really go out of business, you are liers and you false advertise your products. Yo lied to me about the phone when i ordered it, and once i received it, you came up with these undercover prices. Well, in the mean time i contacted BBB, consumer affairs in regards to this issue...................And as you know this will be a mark against you........ You need stop training those people to lie and cheat people out of there money.....................

Verizon Wireless is a rip off. They sell you this great plan and give you two weeks to test it out. However it takes more than 2 weeks to find out all the problems. The home phone doesn't work. The cell phone is bad and the internet is joke. I was told that for my useage 2GB was plenty and if I was going over they would notify me. After 2 1/2 weeks I was over by 500 bites; and that was the first time I was notified. I was able to retroactively get an etra 2GB and not pay the fine, but after investigating 2GB will ony let yo open email and check a few accounts. You can not use it for anything else because it will go over. Salesman says he can't understand because for 99% of the people it is enough. I can't believe that 99% of their customers don't use their computers for anything but answer email

If there was a 0 stars or minus I would rate it the worst. After prepaying for a jetpck and usage it never worked and they won't give a refund. For 6 weeks they have promised the refund. We are a charity. This is fraud on a charity and it will be reported.

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