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I have been dealing for 2 weeks or more now with a new cell phone that was purchased from Verizon Store in Mesquite, Texas on June 25, 2010 and this cell was the Intensity phone in Flamingo Red color....do NOT PURCHASE THIS CELL PHONE. My new cell phone has been calling out persons from my Contact List without my knowledge and the phone DOES NOT take pictures right, your pictures come out sideways and you can SAVE the pics and go back into My pics and Rotate the pictures BUT to NO AVAIL!!!!!! Is this a glitch in this phone or what???? I am very dis-satisfied and Verizon Stores or Customer Service will do NOTHING about this, so I am stuck with this phone.......Hace Corp. call me on this cell phone number of 214-394-0932.....,.This is Horrible Customer Service as I have talked with 3 Customer Service Reps, but to NO AVIL...They do not care......Call Me Disgusted Custome-----Ms. Suzanne Lawson

The telephone number for Verizon Corp. Office on this page is not a "working number" Imagine that.....but, Fran is right so email a complaint about Verizon for Fraud to this email for the Attorney Generals Ofc: CFR2008A@ConsumerFraudReporting.Org

For anyone who has consumer and billing complaints about Verizon Wireless, please contact the New York Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Bureau and file a formal complaint (forms available at the AG's web page).

I have only been a customer for your company for 2 weeks ( June 18 ) . First of all I was charged double for my bill ,example : I got the 2000 minutes family plan for $114.00 but your your company charged me twice on the $114.00; it supposed to had been $114.00 for the first phone then $9.99 for the second phone but your company charged me the $114.00 twice. I paid my bill yesterday which was for $218.28 but ended paying $220.00 in a machine; my number is 210-323-8417.My phone was cut off today without my knowledge and permission.I called your customer service to find out why and I was told by Renelle that there were security problems. I was also treated rudely by your personnel and also I was asked to send copies of my driving licsense , social security card and a copy of one of bill for proof of my address and name which I have already submitted when I got the phone.Moreover, I was threated that if I did not sumitted the information again my service would be canceled in 7 days.I find that your personnel lacks of supervision and inproperly training.I want my phone on now ;I have been without service since 1pm and now its 10:58 pm. This your mistake now mine and I want you contact me immediately . I have also felt like that I have been harrased by company and they have comitted a bridge of contact.


I do not understand how a large corporation can treat it's customers like ATM machines. Every month I find mistakes in my bill and spend hours on the phone getting it resolved, they are always applying a credit to my account. NOW, I get my bill and there are all these data charges for 45.00 on one Phone and 29.95 on ther other phones, they tell me I need these packages because I have a smartphones on my account. If the phone and network is so smart why the different cost for the same package,2 hours to answer that question. I am tired of speaking with customer service, these people do NOTHING and when asked for managers or corporate office number they are always busy or I cannot provide that information. I thought by law the request for corporate correspondence must be provided, why the delay? I am very disatisfied and told the rep I was going to shop around and the only thing I was told is I am liable for a early termination charge. Why the threat, what happened to HOW CAN I HELP YOU, sorry for the delay, etc. Again another company going down the road of grab the dollar and how much more can we take from the citizens of this country. I hope past history repeats itself with greedy companies, they either change or they go away. I wish Verizon the best, and welcome my new friend AT$T ,by the way, I did not have to pay the termination fee.....

To Whom It may concern Hello Let me introduce myself my name Lisa Petite I am a mother of 2 children and currently have five (5) verizon wireless phones on the account I also carrier a lan line and internet through you . In the past I have had numerous problems on my house account where my service and internet would be out for days (5-6-7 10 ) at a time and for no reason well not my fault and a customer service rep would tell me that they cant get anyone out to me for a week or so. Who can they (you –Verizon) do that. The only reason I stayed with verizon this long is because my father was a retiree From Verizon, But now I hate to say now that he’s passed I have no loyalty to the company. Now lets get to the real problem 5 cell phones and have had nothing but trouble between the local store in Hazlet NJ State Hwy 35 South. The mangers are extremely rude and uninformative they say one and do another. I was recently in there 2x in one day and still don’t have problem resolved after days later. I went into the store because My phone wasn’t keeping a charge I was seen my customer r service a young named Jeffery whom had asked me for my charger So I gave it to him, as he went to straighten it out he tugged the end off it proceeded to explain why the phone isn’t charging As I noticed the time I told him I would be back had to pick up my son from school and then return to work as I was on my lunch break. Went back that evening to see if they could replace the charger that he broke he told me that I could purchase one well that wasn’t good enough for my boyfriend so we ask to speak to a manger so Jeffery got his manger Cynthia who told me that she could not replace my charger, Although she did offer a discount if I wanted to buy one, Ok lets think …… Why would I want to buy one if you I had one and you broke. If I may add something else to the mix, why do we the customer have a “tax, surcharge ect.” of $14.96 on each line So for instance I have 5 lines and just in these fees I’m paying $74.80 ,then lets add $10.00 for the 4 additional lines Which comes to another $40.00 so now were at a total of $114.80 before I even add any services As a single mother and single income and in this economy its disgusting what is be charged . I am currently looking in another carrier for both home and cell . There has to be a better way.

Or if I could rate it 0 I would. I have been having a major issue concerning my bill for over four months now and all I get is transferred from one person to another and no one can help me. They told me they needed a fax to prove I had made the payments so I did that then they told me it had been applied to another account that had not even been active since Oct. of 2009. And this account was not even in my name or did not even have the same phone number. Now they are telling me it will have to be reviewed yet they got a payment on March 28,2010 of $99.19 and they acknowleged that payment and there was one sent on March 4, 2010 of $180.69 yet they said that one was applied to the old accout that was closed out and in bankruptcy as of Oct. of 2009. They are also not listing payments made on Feb.3,2010 of $218.49 Dec. 23,2009 of $194.07, Nov.16,2009 of $40.00 or Nov. 2, 2009 of $100.00. I am getting very tired of trying to deal with this issue every two to three weeks for the last few months and no one can get it worked out, everyone tells me something different. I am looking into other wireless phone services so maybe I will not have to deal with this problem any more. Money is not easy to come by and when you pay a bill and don't get credit for it, I would say it is time to move on and let the BBB take care of it, because I am sure not getting any results. Vicki Eason 731-363-0834

I would like to explain a very unpleasant and not very ethical issue at your store # W211901. This happened back in Nov 09. First I like to state that we are very happy with your service exept the store management issues we have come accross several unethical problems. To start with, we were in that store looking for an earpiece called Bluetooth. Good so far. Then a women store sales clerk told us " looking at your account you have been very good customers for a long time, so you are able to get these two phones free" These two phones were the Samsung Intensity" Flamingo Red" I believe it was back in Nov 09. Now she asked us simply to sign a very long long slim fine printed paper to state that we received these, that was the only reason she said we need to sign. Made sence to us at the time. However we were not told that we needed to activate these phones within 30 days or else we would be charged. Nor did she point this out on the very long receipt she kept. We usually also purchase items from the 196th store butI am sure this happened at the Alderwood store #W211901. I think she was rushing things because the line behind was long and played with peoples minds knowing we would not read the whole receipt since we of course do not wish to hold up her line. I think that her NOT telling us the full complete story is very unethical and should be brought to every store manager's attention. We kept the two phones and just did not use them for a while since we were not aware we needed to activate and use them she clearly stated free with no obligation. What would you conclude?? It just so happen that my Daughter in law in AZ had a mishap with her phone and I told her we have these extra phones why don't I activate and give you both these new ones since they are just sitting here in the box. Luckely that has happened during the period we had to activate them. We would have been very sur

It's sad when you pay your bill on time and the INSURANCE. But when your phone is not working and you get nothing but another broke phone. Some thing is wrong with this. I have had 3 phones, LG and the Verizon store in Orange Park Florida has ordered 2 of these.I get them and a couple of days later the phone is messed up and here we go again. And when they have the phone to go to your house. FED will not leave it, but PEOPLE do hav to work. And then you have to go all around town to find your phone. But does any one care. NOPE. People that I run into I will tell them in a minute DO NOT GET VERIZON. And I truly mean this.

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