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I am very disappointed that you have discontinued an item that I have been buying regularly at my Trader Joes store in Shrewsbury, N.J. This item is your Asian Ginger Sesame noodles...in the fresh foods area...my kids, grandkids and myself love them and serve them as sides as well as meals...why are they discontinued?

Lehigh Valley

I Love Trader Joe's but I live in Bethlehem, Pa. The closest store is 70 miles away. The Lehigh Valley is made up of three large towns, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and 5 small surrounding towns, Hellertown, Bath, Nazareth, Emmaus, and Quakertown. We are a large education center with 16 Universities and all the well educated professors and support staff that represents. We have a diverse industrial community with many top corporation headquarters. With a combined population of 345,862 people and NO Whole Food Style Shopping available we are desperate for a Trader Joe's. PLEASE give us a close look. Thank you for this opportunity to reach out to you.

Joe Joe's

I discovered your Joe Joe's cookies and quickly became addicted. My favorite is this sandwich cookie with the chocolate cream filling. I have noticed that the filling has become very sparse lately. Nothing like when I first started to buy these bits of heaven. The price has not dropped, just the quality. I was wondering what has happened? Not buying them any longer :(

Bread Problem

I purchases a loaf of Royal Canadian bread from Trader Joe's last Friday. This morning after making my child's sandwich, I noticed a lump in the piece of bread, only to realize there was a jagged piece of cut glass about and inch long in the bread. When I returned the bread, the Cust. Serv. person went to throw it out and give me a slip to purchase a new loaf. My concern was dismissed until I demanded to speak to a manager. Finally, someone asked if anyone was injured, and when I said no, they said they'd investigate and to be assured there was a process in place to report the product's safety. While not a store issue, it is a factory issue, and had I not caught it when I did, my child would have had that piece of glass in her mouth today. I was really unhappy by the dismissive attitude of some of the Trader Joe's staff. My concern was that if there had been an accident at the bread factory during that run, probably the loaf that I purchased was not the only one that had glass in it.

Customer Relations Dept.

Love Trader Joe's and will continue to do some of my shopping there for specialty items not found elsewhere, however, the corporate office may as well NOT have a customer relations dept. The woman I spoke with asked about the products I had a problem with but would only keep referring me back to my local store. When I told her the store advised that I call corporate since I didn't have items to return, and they were bought at two different locations, they thought they would be able to compensate me for the problems. Several times she denied that a store employee would ever say that. I said maybe the cashier was new, but mistakes happen. 'No, they'd never tell a customer to call us,' she insisted! There were some quality problems with a few products that I always buy so I was hoping they could offer me product coupons or something to make up for the money I lost on the purchases. While I will speak with the managers in the stores I shopped at, the customer relations staff should be more helpful otherwise, why are they there? Just to tell faithful customers how wrong we are. Not good.

Need a Trader Joes in Acworth Georgia

I miss Trader Joe's so much. The closest to me is 1 hour away. Being from California I cannot tell you how distraught I feel being unable to go in your shop and do all my grocery shopping. Would you consider opening one in Acworth Georgia or Kennesaw Georgia?

I love everything about Trader Joe's. Closest one is 100 miles north. ...Bloomington-Normal, IL is in desperate need of one! Illinois State and Illinois Wesleyan Universities, State Farm and Country Financial headquarters... Think about it :)

Trader joe,s

Please think about a trader Joe,s in Shakopee Minnesota.pop 33,000 one grocery store. We have vacant building marshell RD. Right by a Quick trip fuel station .Food gas what more.

Reduce Guilt Baked Ziti

The name of this product fits: reduced Sauce is skimpy; sauce is flavorless Cheese is skimpy, not enough to rate the flavor Cooking directions are useless: following the directions results in dried-up product. Reducing cooking time results in uneven heating throughout. All in All: awful !! TJ's needs to retool this product !

alcohol purchases

I refuse too purchase wine, etc. fromTrader's. Trader's should be ashamed to require id from anyone who has white hair and a faceful of wrinkles. Give your cashier's some credit for at least a modicum of intelligence. Also: I do NOT want my driver's license information on line, and Trader's will not let a cashier or manager just 'look' at id Tsk Tsk also: the 'two words' below the review are sometimes unreadable. Who likes to try to figure out a fuzzy, scrunched word? How abour us older folks whose eyesight is not perfect, or someone who has astigmatism... guessing incorrectly requires re-typing the message. shame shame......

just fine, especially the wine

Anyone who is appalled by being asked to show ID for an alcohol purchase has a serious ego and mental problem. At my Trader Joe's, everyone is carded every time. The staff where I shop are totally professional and helpful, managers and associates alike. I've gotten so many great wine recommendations for the social gatherings my husband and I often host. One time I had to make a return, and they were very friendly about it.

just fine, especially the wine

Anyone who is appalled by being asked to show ID for an alcohol purchase has a serious ego and mental problem. At my Trader Joe's, everyone is carded every time. The staff where I shop are totally professional and helpful, managers and associates alike. I've gotten so many great wine recommendations for the social gatherings my husband and I often host. One time I had to make a return, and they were very friendly about it.

Labeling GMO's

I would like to see Trader Joe's following in Wholefoods footsteps making a commitment to label all products containing GMO's.

Proofing Policy

I shop at Trader Joe's often. I enjoy the variety of selection but I am extremely disappointed at the lack of professionalism of the staff. Today I was asked to show ID when purchasing two beer bottles for my husband. I was completed appalled. I felt the cashier was discriminating based on appearance. The manager's intervention did not help the situation. He thought it was a compliment that the cashier thought I was 29. Sadly to say, I was completely insulted and emotionally agitated by the situation. I will be turning 48 in six weeks. I think the staff needs more training as who they choose to proof so it does not become an issue of discrimination. Corporate needs to intervene so this does not happen again! Compensation in this case will do nothing compared to the humiliation I felt!

Beware there was a metal piece in TJ's mint ice cream

Scooping up Trader Joe's mint ice cream only to find a small metal piece in the icecream carton. Luckily my son did not swallow it or bite down on it. Beware!!!!

come to Armonk, Ny, Chappaqua NY, Greenwich CT,

There is need for more food stores, I see communities where is lack of super markets, would you consider coming to this locations.

Rotten Food

I will never shop here again! I rarely go to TJ's anymore because I have experienced spoiled food over the last few years more frequently. I was also worried about all of the product recalls of late. Well now I am done. I purchased the veggie bean burritos and put in freezer for few days. Half way through I became violently ill and went to DR. I have never, ever had a food allergy not so much as a sneeze in the Spring. I'm convinced it had something to do with the manufacturing of the product. I'm done. Filing a report and calling Corporate. We'll see if I get a response! For someone with known allergies, I would not shop here!

Love and Hate!

Your store, products, and personell are great. However, I am so disappointed to find that Huntsman cheese (which is by far my favorite cheese) is carried only occasionally. Why not all the time?

Request for Store

Is there a reason Traders Joes will not locate in West Virginia? Is it the tax structure or the intrastruction of the state? I noticed on your map of stores, that you have multiple stores in states surround West Virginia. I believe Morgantown, WV would be an excellent addition to your Franchise with easy access and a growing population.

Raclette cheese

After permanently relocating to the USA, my family and I were thrilled to find our beloved raclette cheese on the shelves of your stores. We especially love the pre-cut 10 slices in a sealed plastic container. You can imagine our panic and horror to discover that you have now labeled this cheese as a 'seasonal' product. We (and certainly others) enjoy eating raclette year round. Trader Joe's is our favorite grocery store and we shop there every week. Please, please, please restock your stores. None of your competitors carry this cheese.

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