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Please open TJ store!

There is perfect location in Tourist area on the ocean side where Food Lion used to be, no supermarkets around within several miles. People in the neighborhood are suffering not having any grocery store around, I am sure TJ store will do great here. Here is the address: 101 East Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach, FL 32176

tj's to kansas city northland

Please bring Trader Joe's to the Kansas City Northland. I drive over 50 miles just to shop at Trader Joe's. No one in the KC Northland has the quality organic products that you do. I have many food allergies and have found your products lower the allergies. I love your fresh veggies, meats, chicken, olive oil, pizza dough. wine, and your breads.

Are you kidding with opening the lids on these jars? I was having company and could not get the jars open to make my recipe an hour before guests arrived. My son who is 23 couldn't get the jar open. I tried banging the top...running it under hot water. I finally had to bring the jars to my neighbor and after multiple attempts finally got them open. As I sit here now, once again, trying to get another jar open for tonights dinner. I'm unsuccessful. I am not going to bother my neighbor again. Needless to say, I like the taste..but not the opening process

Admired until...

I have been an ardent customer of Trader Joe but today was dismayed to know of their support of Planned Parenthood. A woman's body is hers, but the baby's body belongs to the baby and the US has already murdered in some very cruel ways...over 50 million of them. Please reconsider this illogical madness and sin against God's creation.

I retract my unfavorable review

I just talked to Trader Joe's headquarters and was told that they are not supporting Planned Parenthood. Long live life! An ardent customer of T. Joe's

The BEAUTIFUL Columbia Gorge NEEDS you!

The closest T.J. is over 70 miles away. The culture in The Gorge would support...IN SPADES!

Need a store in Salinas, CA

Please open a store in Salinas, CA. There's an empty closed grocery store on West Alisal Street in a small established shopping center which would be perfect! This is on the more affluent side of town, and I guarantee the store would make money...we currently have to drive 20+ miles to either Monterey or Pacific Grove to shop at TJ' s...

Lavender Body Oil Spray

This email is for corporate. How can I purchase some of the Lavender body oil spray that you recently discontinued. I am guessing you might have a few cases sitting in a warehouse somewhere? I heard through the grapevine that it was discontinued, because it wasn't a product that moved very fast? Ok, I get it the bottom line and all that. However, you do need to remember you can't blow through the spray in a day like say a bag of chips. This spray was seriously one of your best products. , If you want to really make a loyal customer happy, let me know if you have any extra bottles laying around and I'd be happy to take them off your hands. Oh yeah.... other then that, you guys are doing a great job !

Need Another Store in Plano Texas

I'd give you 5 stars, except the Trader Joe's in Plano isn't big enough , and I'd like one closer to me. I have already found a spot you may want to explore. Dillard's at Collin Creek Mall, Plano, Texas, will be closing some time shortly after the New Year 2014. The mall has already been undergoing upgrades and remodeling. Trader Joe's would help bring new life to Collin Creek Mall which is very central to a dense and diverse population that enjoys high-quality groceries free of preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, and the like. It is in the heart of the telecom corridor which is home to a diversity of cultures who only buy high-quality foods not offered at most chain Markets. Please consider Collin Creek Mall as your next spot for a new store in Plano, Texas.

Trader Joe in Texas

I have lived in California and loved all your stores. I am so happy that you are finally moving into Texas. How about a store in Kerrville or Boerne? We are just starving for a Trader Joe in these two cities.

We've Built it, Please Come!

We love trader Joes NWsuburbs of Chicago,few and very far between! Please check out 60103; like the Pear!

Please open a Trader Joes

I love Trader Joes! your employees are kind, helpful and provide excellent customer service. Please open a Trader Joes in La Tuna Cyn/Sun Valley at the corner of Sunland Blvd. and GlenOaks Blvd. where the two blvds. come together. There was a Ralph's there. It closed up. A Trader Joes would be perfect!!! I have spoke with a few neighbors and everyone agrees!

Trader Joes please contact me konakendall@yahoo.com

If you don't take care of the rotting food in the freezer section that is too warm, I will contact the health dept myself.

Please build a store in NW Indiana

I didn't know how to make this request, so, I am using this review space and hope that you will forward it to the proper persons. We would love to have a Trader Joe's here in NW Indiana. We have to drive to Chicago to get to one - 45 miles away. Portage, Merrillville, Crown Point are areas that would perfect for a TJ location. All of my friends would patronize your wonderful store. We have Aldi which does well, but we want TJ too. Thank you.

Canola Oil and GMO

Greetings: One of your employees told one of my clients that Trader Joes labelled products contain no GMOs. WORRY I do not buy many of your products because they contain canola oil (or soybean oil). Canola oil is a GMO product!!!!

Branch in Mexico

Today l've found your 344 Trader Joe's stores around the U.S. L didn't know the Cherry Concentrated juice was bought in your city of Fresno, California store recently. The point is why not open a Trader Joe's branch in MEXICO, say in Tijuana, Baja California, just across the San Diego border. Then open other bigger branches in Monterry, Nuevo Leon or Guadalajara, Jalisco or even at Mexico City, Distrito Federal.

Some of their canned goods and prepared foods are very salty; I choose to not purchase them; I buy their meats, fruits, vegetables and some of their snacks. You have to know what to buy. I do like their staff. They are extremely accommodating!

Reuest for a new product

Love your store in at Easton Columbus ohio,I do have a request for a product that was featured on CNN. Its called King of Pops. Its a new healthy popsicle.I thought it would be perfect in your stores.The company is based in Atlanta and its fairly new withn one owner.Thank you for your store here. Its a weekly shopping experience

Open Store In Dallas, Tx

Dear Trader Joe Just so you know Shoppers want you to come Down to Dallas Your products are nicest Also your prices Please open a store Here in Dallas Consider these facts From Faith, Dick and Max, Sincerely, Your Friends, Now in Dallas.

A Good Time

I was in Charlotte, NC [Rea Road location] on Thursday, the 25th, and feeling very low. I had just put my daughter and 4 grandkids on a plane going back to Phoenix. The cashier chatted with me about that while I was checking out. She was sympathetic and kind. I was loading my things in my car when, to my surprise, she came out, and handed me a small gift of flowers, to lighten my day. She indeed made it much better....just to have her sympathy. Her kindness has lasted for several days now.l

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