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My favorite Trader Joe's is on Lincoln Drive and Scottsdale Rd., in Arizona. Most of the employees are the best one could ask for. The managemnet however, has been at times rude, and disrespectful when asked any question they don't like to hear. Today, at around 3:15 pm, I was shopping and saw a large Scotty dog sitting in the grocery cart while a man drove him around. I am an animal lover totally, and especially dogs; having said that, I do not appreciate non-working/non-seeing eye dogs being allowed in the store, much less in the carts. And some who are claiming their pampered pooches "are", is absurd. It is ridiculous to some Paradise Valley residents, like me, who see our "entitled" acting neighbors, who think the rules don't apply to them. They count on the fact every merchant will shudder in fear of some bogus lawsuit if they approach them. This is clearly a health violation and should not be something folks have to deal with. When I approached the mgmt desk, I got my head bit off by a young man, who,(although he looked a little-like my dear son),was rude, patronizing and loud as he told me that they "always" address the issue. That is a joke. Everyone, even employees know it. The cart was sitting right in front of the desk, only minutes before with Fido and his owner looking around. Denial is not a river in Egypt. I was told that headquarters had advised their employees not to deal with the people who have dogs because they were afraid of a lawsuit. How sad is that? Well, health codes are health codes and managemnet should turn their "out of line" comments to the ones breaking the law, not one who always treats them respectfully when shopping. And this is not the first time mgmt has been rude and abrupt when I have brought a concern to them. The other two men standing by, said nothing, so I assume they will support each other if confronted with my complaint. It is nevertheless TRUE. Lori West Paradise Valley, AZ

To Whom It May Concern I recently had shopped at the Store Number 692 in Brentwood Missouri and encountered a rather odd person who was checking me out. This person asked me to bag my own groceries and then went through a bit of a triade about personal sensibilities, etc.. Odd to say the least, I went home and called back to inform the management of the situation. I talked with Mr. Chevy Cheuvront who informed me this was an enigma with respect to this person, he also indicated he may know the person, as they had given him many opportunities to meet the store and culture standards. Well it was that person, anyway Chevy suggested I come back in and was very sensitive to both the situation and whether the experience would prevent me from coming back. I assured him it would not, and that I had lived in California for 12 years and my store was in Eagle Rock, CA so I was used to the culture and style, so this person was just that, an enigma. Chevy and another manager, I believe his name is Tom said the issue would be dealt with. Their handling, especially Chevy's was exemplary and a tribute to your company. I also represent a large commerical real estate company and do know about retailing, as I was also head of an architectural firm who designed retail centers so I know what it takes to make retails stores successful, Chevy certainly is the tangible factor for success here in St. Louis, why don't you open stores in Kansas City as I travel there and would like to see that. Regards, John T. Mason 314 276-6751

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To whom in should concern, My wife and I have been loyal Trader Joe's customer's since the company first openned. Today was a major setback in my opinion of management. While all of the staff seem very friedly and dedicated to the high standards of the store, I was very disappointed in the surly and unhelpful nature of the managers. As a self-employed individual for over thirty years and hiring people to join my team I can only understand the highest values it takes to be successful. I am currently semi-retired but have plenty of enthusiastic energy to help part time at a place like TJ's. When I followed through on my application submission by wanting to meet the person in charge of hiring I was told the person was returning this week. When I returned that person was at lunch and I could return the following day, today. When I did another person said no such person existed, right in front of the gentleman behind the main desk whom I discussed this with the day before! When I wondered what this was all about the story changed and that there was a person, but he was a lunch, again. This was the time this same person told me to return. There was no apology, no "light and easy banter" so characteristic of TJ's to reassure me that there was a mis-understanding. Just the cold corporate stare like I was a problem. Needless to say I was shocked by this attitude that seemed so polarized from the smiles that greeted me from the floor workers as I left the store. I hate doing this but feel someone is "out to lunch" and when my employees have messed up in the past, I wanted to know about it. Tim Tibbits Claremont , Ca 909-445-0126

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