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On about every other visit I am being charged for multiple items that I never purchased. I was charged for 30 brown rice when I purchased 3, 2 chocolate bars when I purchased 1, 2 cubed chicken when I purchased 1, 4 turkey breast slices when I purchase 3 and so on!!!!!! CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS!!!

Too Much Salt

You over-salt your products. I'm got here a buffalo style chicken wrap with 970 mg. of salt per half wrap. That's 1,940 for the wrap. The daily suggested intake of salt according to national health guidelines is 1,500. One wrap, and you're already 30% over. Trader Giotto's Tomato Basil Marinara. 1/2 Cup - 570 mg. of sodium. Who uses a half cup of sauce? A likely serving would be double that, or 60% of the recommended daily intake. Trader Joes markets itself not just on taste but on healthy products, but your salt content belies that.

Westchester, CA store

Customer in front of me in checkout line brought her dog (not service) into the store. No one said a word. I wrote to customer service to ask about their policy as it seemed unsanitary. No response.

amazing service

I was in the hospital for ywo weeks when I then got diagnosd with a disease that I will have to eat gluten free. The store in Westbury ny was amazing they gave me a list and took me around to show me wverything. I went back again at the end of thw week the staff rememberd me and askes how I was. It was a great experience and I am not upset I have to live this new life. If it wasent for trader joea and thwee salection of food and amazing staff I dont know what I would do. This is the only placw I will shop!!!!!

Sea Salt Butterscotch caramels

Something positive, the Seal Salt Butterscotch caramels are delish. Maybe we can barter with them they are so good!


Generally like shopping at Trader Joe's but the store in Redlands, California has slowly deteriorated. The quality of the fresh produce and the availability of items is pathetic not to mention the generally rude employees who are unwilling to help in any way. Fortunately there are other grocery stores in the area which offer good products as well. Will post this in the local newspaper as well.

Trader Joe's on National Blvd hates Children with Disabilities, had the worst shopping experience with my child who has Autism. No answers from the manager there Jeff, the employee who insulted my son Cheise, or from their Corporate office.

Trader Joe's on National Blvd hates Children with Disabilities, had the worst shopping experience with my child who has Autism. No answers from the manager there Jeff, the employee who insulted my son Cheise, or from their Corporate office.

Spoiled fish

I bought fresh salmon the same day I planned to serve it for dinner guests. Unfortunately, the fish was horribly spoiled even though it was well before the sell-by date. I returned the fish with no problem, however I realized that I often return items, although not as bad as my spoiled dinner party. There are no consequences for such problems and at this point I am concerned about safe handling of food at TJs.


I live in Pinehurst, NC and have to go to Raleigh (1 hour drive) to get to a Trader Joe's. My friends and I love Trader Joe's. This is a perfect place for a Trader Joe's store as we have no Costco or large store like yours to utilize. PLEASE consider bringing a Trader Joe's closer. I have 25 friends who would sign a petition to get you here. US Open here in 2014 plus LGA championship too and we need you desperately!!!

Food Content Error

Greetings... we purchased your brand of Peanut Butter filled chocolate cupcakes here in Livermore, CA. Upon consumption of 3 (there are 3 of us in our household), we discovered none of them had the peanut butter filling. Our local store refused to refund or replace. Please advise. Thanking you in advance, Anneke Moss & Steven Scott, 758 South N St., Livermore, CA, 94550


I understand Trader Joes brand is gmo free..Hooray for you..Im doing all my shopping here..Polls say 91 percent of people want non gmo labels..Hope you will do yhat..Thanks

The customer is not always right

I feel the way employeees are allowed to treated by customers with no respect & lack of courtesy by customers are despicable. I witnessed a young lady on June 2nd get completely ridiculed by a customer because the way her groceries were nabbed & not once did a manager step in to help. The young lady in tears had to Simmons a mgr for assistance. The customer was allowed to yell & a ream in the store embarrasing the young lady. The customer was rude loud & down right nasty. I was further disgusted to later find that young lady in the bathroom crying her eyes out. I have been a patron in the Columbia store since it opened & all encounters with this young lady has been pleasant. I would hope this is not the type of treatment of employees Trader Joe's promotes.

We love trader joe. There is a great demand for a location in Downey or closer. Why hasn't one open here yet? Please greatly consider it.

love it

LOVE Trader Joe's. It has so many health food products for a GREAT price, SO much better than any other store here (in Santa Cruz), health food or regular grocery. I just wish they would start one in Kona as we will be living there soon. It's very much needed there!

Almond Croissants

These croissants are delicious and we often enjoy them with our morning coffee. However, I have one complaint. The almonds are always loosely put on top and usually fall off the product. It would be a big improvement to the product if you could stick them on by some means..

employees dishonest?

I had a bad experience at the store at 2701 S Hulen St, Fort Worth, Texas but will give the vendor the opportunity to correct the situation before I leave a bad review. Just be sure and keep your personal items close when dealing with employees. After reading other reviews here I can see calling corp headquarters might not help!

raw chicken in Chicken Piccata

Twice, chicken piccata, a Trader Joe's Bistro meal, has contained a piece of raw chicken in the cooked entree. While the local staff has been pleasant and concerned, the customer relations woman at TJ headquarters was snippy and unhelpful. After reporting to both the local manager at the store that sold the dish, and a VP, nothing has been done about this very serious threat to public health.

Really happy with Trader Joes

I can't say enough good things about Trader Joes. I really like your Trader Joes brand products. When we have realatives in from Orlando Florida they just love it and wish they had one there. My only complaint is that I am Diabetic and I wish you carried a No Sugar Added Ice Cream like many other stores do. Keep up the great work. Your employees are always very helpful and the Best.

malt balls

I'm so upset I waited a whole year for trader joes easter malt balls I thought of them everyday and talked about them.. abd they did not have them this year.. I will cry if they don't have them next year I'm 24 I know good sugar snd that is good sugar I been ranting about it and its been a month.

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