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Pre made salads

Your Field Fresh Copped Salad w/ chicken is one of your best. Please bottle the dressing that comes with it. It's a knock- out!RDu

Argentina Red Shrimp

Please bring back the wild Argentinian Red Shrimp!

Future employee of T.J.

I'm from Brighton,Mass. And there is a town in Mass. by the name of Belmont. In which there isn't a grocery store within eight/ten miles for these residents . Wish you were here .

Detroit store

I was wondering if could consider Detroit For a new store location !! I live in between Your two stores one in Grosse Pointe and Royal Oak !! Detroit would be a great location In between those two stores !! Thanks

Lake Arrowhead

Please open in Lake Arrowhead---the draw would be amazing-especially with Mammoth buying Big Bear Ski Mtn. Crestline-Lake Gregory-Lake Arrowhead-Big Bear


I have been a loyal customer of yours in Hollywood And am very pleased with the customer service And the variety of products I can get at your store However I noticed that your string beans snacks Are actually cooked in canola oil which is not the best For the health . I personally wouldn't mind paying More if u could use coconut oil instead of sunflower Or canola oil . This is just a recommendation and it is Healthier and will taste better as well

Mankato MN

come to Mankato MN Trader Joes


We would love to have a store in Mankato, MN!!! I use to go to Trader Joe's when I live in Minneapolis, but since have moved to Mankato area. The population here would shop there, I know it by hear say and what I have heard. PLEASE check it out!

St Lucie County Florida Store

We could use a store in St Lucie County, Florida We have to drive to Palm Beach County to shop...We have a college Indian River State College and plenty of folks who would shop your Store. Please consider this Thank you. (Aldi is opening up in 60 days here)

Need a Trader joes

There are empty market spaces of the falling ACME Corp. Please consider opening a Trader Joes at 1161 Wilmington Pike WEST CHESTER PA. The corner of 926 and 202 is a major artery to the county seat. The Wilmington DE and Media PA locations are to far for daily shopping, so the massive # of residents here limit shopping there to 1 or 2 x a month. This location is a bit larger than your Media PA location, but I believe it would be a huge successs.

Need a new stire

Please open a store in Hamilton NY. There is nothing there. College kids and residents all have to buy groceries at Pricechoppers! We are desperate for a good grocery store

Quality Products

Thank you for carrying healthy quality products that few supermarkets do. I enjoyed shopping at the store in Miami and am delighted that Pembroke Pines will be graced with a new store on Oct 10th, I will be on line for the opening, can't wait…..

We need a Trader Joes in sugar land tx .whole food store are too expensive .

Suggestions... Trader Joe Grocery makes me happy!!

Please try to carry Lactaid Brand Milk in 1% instead of 2% and Nonfat is fine... price please match Smart & Final for $3.79/half gal. I really hate shopping at Smart & Final!! I stop at Trader Joe's in R.B. , Torrance and RPV Stores twice weekly!! Quality and Price is the key to me shopping at your stores... keep the pricing down so we can buy more food!! thank you for your service and great locations and well trained staff!

Store 670

When I started my job almost a year ago I loved it. However, management has changed and I now feel that my mates and captain do not care about my safety. Lifting 50lb boxes for 8 days in a row will cause damage and I was essentially told by my captain I will have my hours cut (and therefore lose benefits) if I want a weekend. My store is the least safe in the region already and the lack of compassion for crew members has gone beyond my tolerance.

3-C Grinders

I have enjoyed the Cinnamon, Chocolate and Coffee grinders. Please bring them back! Why were they discontinued?


Why would they build a trader joes in Orlando Florida that has NO parking? After seeing the parking problem on my local news- I know i'm not going anywhere near their store.

Traders Joes in San Mateo Near Delaware and clsoe to the 92 Fwy. Poor customer service not once but 4 times. Almost every time I have been there I received bad customer service and rude people.

We desperately need a Trader Joe's in the Menifee/Hemet/Lake Elsinore/Murrieta area. The closest one is in Temecula - not at all 'handy'. Thanx for your consideration!

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