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A few weeks ago car broke down in Orange Ct.,with 5 hrs to kill started exploring the local stores and came across a Trader Joes.,thought store was very cool,spent about an hour there,lots of different items I could never find in my area,employess very helpful and knowledgeable,one in particular,name was Maria,really helpful with my questions.,never write reviews,but this store was really a unique experience! Out of my way but definately will return! Keep up the good work!

Hello, I live in Missoula, Montana. So many people here would love to see a Trader Joes come to Missoula... We all love your store, however I believe the closest one is in Spokane, WA. The only other store we have is The Good Food Store; which is in no way any competition to Trader Joe's that we all love and want in our neighborhood. There is a new store opening called 'New Grocers' which will be for supplements and organic foods. Other than that we only have 3 Albertsons, 2 Safeways and 3 other smaller stores (not chains). Hoping your staff can re-distribute to our neck of the woods in Montana, we love you. Please do a demographic soon! There are tons of commercial properties for lease/sale as well, so much cheaper than CA, of course. Please look into the future stores in Montana, we need and want you! Thank you!!!! charlenetmontgomery@gmail.com

I entered my local Trader Joe's in Pinole, CA and used a hand basket to carry my groceries. When I arrived at the check out stand, I placed my basket on the floor and waited for the cashier to finish the transaction ahead of me. When the transaction was finished, I proceeded to walk to the pay stall and pull out my wallet. The Cashier, Ted, requested that I pick up the basket and place it on the counter. I explained to him that the pull-out counter was not accessible when I first approached the counter, which is why my basket was on the floor. At that moment, Ted told me that I was "rude". I asked him to repeat his comment, and he did so. I felt like I was being attacked and was thoroughly humiliated. I asked Ted if he could put the basket on the counter, asit is not easy for me to bend over and pick it up. He refused, not giving any explanation for his behavior. At this time, I moved my basket and went to find the manager. I ran into a Crew Lead, Leo Little, who explained that he was one of the acting manager's while the manager, Randy, was on vacation. I informed Mr. Little of the situation with Ted. We went to the Customer Service Desk where he spoke with another Crew Lead and took down my contact information, stating that he would have the manager contact me once he returns from vacation. I asked what he would do with Ted, the cashier, and he said he would speak with him, though I did not feel as though he was being genuine. I explained to him that I felt humiliated, insulted,and simply embarrassed by the cashier's inappropriate actions. I felt like my race must have been a contributing factor to Ted's unwillingness to cooperate and help me as a customer. Mr. Little apologized but did not offer to accomodate me in any way, and did not even ask if I still wanted to purchase the food in my basket. I exited the stor with nothing in my hands and saw Ted, the cashier watch me walk out with a smirk on his face. I have always loved shopping at Trader Joe's and am deply saddened and embarrassed by this incident. As a frequent customer, I expect to be treated with respect each time I enter the store. The behavior Ted exhibited is simply unacceptable, and portrays the Trader Joe's Corporation in a rather neative fashion.This all took place on September 13, 2012.

I love Trader Joes. The food is fresh, great and healthy with very reasonable prices. Your staff is friendly and efficient. II do have two suggestions. Please don't put sugar in foods that don't need it like your pizza sauce and organic marinara sauce and even some breads. I quit shopping at PCC a few years ago when they starting putting refined sugar in a lot of their products. If it must be sweetened please use honey, maple syrup or barley malt. Also, I do not like the new chocolate bar displays you put between the cashier and customer at the chec-out stand. Our store is small and has a cramped feeling already and they are in an odd place. Also, if my kids were small and in a cart still, I wouldn't want those bars in my kids face tempting them. Thanks! Karen. Everett, Wa

Dear Ceo, Last week in Brookline on (Sept 11 or sept 12) register 12 Georgia called me a Lesbian and spit at me. I am so disappointed with this type of behavior. A simple question in regards a price! I have been going there for many years and cant believe how you value your customers. I will be going to whole foods! Leanne

this store is descimination company. I m popular in my comunity you will lost customer for shure!!!!!!!!!!!!

please move to holden, ma

Just got back from the emergency vet as my 2 dogs got bacterial infections from eating the Trader Joes Organic Chicken & Brown rice Recipe Sticks. One dog got very sick with 4 days of vomiting, diarrhea and severely dehydrated. They ate these treats and within a couple of days starting getting very sick. Now have a vet bill of $250.00. Going to report this to the FDA.

Thank you for finally coming to Sarasota, Fl. I love the store, and I had expected the prizes to be higher. I am one of those that read labels to see where the product comes from. For instance two different labels refried beans. Both dist. & sold exclusively by: Trader Joe's, Monrovia, Ca. 91016. That doesn't tell me anything. One can: Se end of can for country origin. Which said " prod. of USA. I asked the person in your office. He said if it doesn't what country it is always USA. Bar codes can also give you info what country One of your brands was missing barcodes on several cans. We were giving taste of your delicious Hummus. I bought some of course. Your plastic container was made from #5 polypropylene ( pp ). That number is no longer safe. I thought you like to know. I am teaching my kids and grandchildren about plastic. Thank's again, Ulla Van osdol

the ballard (seattle) trader Joe's is anti-asian and anti-EBT users (people on food assistance) the cashiers' purposely mess up the transaction to embarass EBT users. it is un professional and rude. the manager is a mixed race male sexist pig. when on EBT, grocery store must provide the paper bag without the extra five cents charge.

Not sure how to let you guys know, but I love my neighborhood (Midtown Atlanta, GA) Trader Joe's. I shopped and always make a friend at the register...and today made another friend--Joshua. My car died in the TJ's parking lot and I am so lucky that it happened there! My friendly cashier paged "Anyone that has jumper cables" to the front and immediately Josh came up to lend a hand. My car may have been kaput, but he was more than helpful and cheerful while I was distressed about my melting groceries and puppies that had an impending potty break that I thought I would now be late for....just glad he was there as a listening ear and problem solver to help me call a tow company who arrived in less than 7 minutes. Awesome store, awesome groceries, but the awesome staff is now the reason that you will not catch me shopping anywhere else. Love these guys and gals!

September 6, 2012 Trader Joe’s Corporate Offices of Public Relations Top of the day to you Trader Joe's! And the rest of the day to one of your newest addition to the Farmington Hills store. An awesome Manager ~ Miss Carrie! First I would like to thank you for accommodating Michigan with The best gourmet cuisine & vino shoppe In the United States! I am writing this letter to share with you, your new hire at the Farmington Hills Mi store. You’re new Manager, Carrie. On Sept 5, 2012, I was in such a rush I left my brand new Trader Joe's cart in the parking lot! Embarrassing to say the least, I had called the store & a most charming young woman replied "Its here!" I was very pleased. She also mentioned somebody turned in a wallet with no identification and one, one hundred dollar bill! Yes, someone from this beautiful area of Farmington Hills, a grand human being, turn this in as well. It sure is nice to know there are many honest people left in your world today. I know of one! The new manager of Trader Joe’s, Farmington Hills, Mi. Miss Carrie. I would also like to thank the person who hired such a gem, ah, a diamond of such rich clarity! Thank you Miss Carrie as I was a faithful Royal Oak shopper Of Trader Joes. I know I just relocated! I would also like to add my appreciation of here knowledge of food & beverage along with detailed advice on marrying Trader Joe's products to create a few awesome Hors d'oeuvres. I had to call her the following day, as I could not wait to share with her of the great turnout of another successful event! Thanks to you Miss. Carrie and thank you Trader Joe’s, for adding such a treasure to the Trader Joe’s family. Respectfully, Gregorio’ De’ttore and Someone’s in the Kitchen Catering, Event Planning and RX Meals For the health conscious to chronic illnesses 

* I , as a long time Trader Joes customer can testify : "We are a particular group with a particular need and wish list " Example : When I awake every A M I must have a fine cup of organic coffee, (yes it does taste different)along with my favorite coffee creamer ORGANIC VALLEY HAZELNUT ORGANIC HALF N' HALF COFFEE CREAMER from Whole Foods. I would certainly purchase the same religiously at my neighborhood Trader Joes if they only carried the same or similar, but they don't. Trader Joes Hazelnut creamer is filled with preservatives ( fizzes when applied to coffee , is not organic and you can taste it ) There are only a few Items on the T J Customer list, and we can be demanding, but this is one Item I wish they would offer as a standard option for Trader Joe vets, affecionados and obsessed fans ! * Think of it this way Trader Joes , I usually go to T Js for a few things and always leave with many more items....HHmmmmm.........please do the numerical logistic factor of keeping my love affair alive by keeping your customers happy and returning always. Thank you ~ * Hard core T. J. affecionado, Palm Springs, Calif.

I wasn't going to share this but I'm still in a state of sadness. Yesterday after the lemonade stand I went to Trader Joes they are always top notch I love them there.... But today was different very different. I gathered what I needed and went to check out it was very busy and well I'm not always the most patient person but I decided to just relax and listen to all the kindness going on around me ... suddenly the check stand next to me opened and the woman said I can take you over here ( a bit gruff) I told the man in front of me sir your next go ahead and he thanked me. The checker was obviously not having one of her best days grumpy is the nice word I'll use. After she gave me the total I said hmmm that sounds a bit high she looked at me with no emotion and said yep its expensive to eat ...things have gone up ... As I exited the store I glanced over my receipt and noticed she had charged me $8.99 for a box of tangerines I didn't purchase so I go back in and say ummm excuse me I got charged for tangerines I didn't get she said WHAT so I repeated myself she looked in my bag like I was lying so I said the man before me purchased some. She told me to hold on a minute. Just then a homeless man very clean (you wouldn't even know he was homeless if you didn't live in the area) and is always nice had just finished purchasing his groceries and was walking by. The check stand he was on didn't have any plastic sacks so he asked her if he could please have 2 she said WHAT so he repeated himself she said NO these are to put our product in for customers ..... um excuse me he just purchased groceries I was furious I said give him the bags she said no I said give him the bags I'll pay for them she said the aren't for sale we aren't in the bag selling business So I tell the man I'll meet you outside you can have mine. Ok I wanted to punch her so I go to the service desk and ask to talk to the Manager ... she yells from 3 check stands over I am the manager... Oh my really No I don't think so. So I said really your the store manager or manager on duty because I don't think a Manager would be so unprofessional yep she said so I said who is your district Manager /// she said hmmmI don't know ... now I'm done playing games .... I get my refund and go outside to find the man standing there I said I'm so sorry for that lady she is RUDE he just smiled and said it's ok she must be having a bad day .... Oh my really he was going to give this mean lady an out. So I go back into the store go to the back and ask for the actual Managers name ... they gave it to me then I ask for the district managers name he gives it to me. now I start walking up to the front and I hear her ranting and raving so I stand and listen Yep you guessed it it was about me she's going to each check stand saying any minute that phones going to ring it's going to be a 35 noone is to take a message and give me the phone I assumed it would be me she was talking about so I walked up be hind her and said softly you just saved me a phone call because now I know its going to be YOU! She looked like she saw a Ghost ... So I went again over to the customer service desk and was talking to an employee to find out when the real manager would be there ...and here comes Grumpy saying before the other lady could answer tuesday. Then I said and how do I get a hold of your district manager Grumpy butts in again send them an email... but mine will get there 1st OMG does she have a death wish. So I look at her and Say calmly PLEASE go away I don't want to talk to you your upsetting me. She said you know it's been very stressful today it's been busy and I said your a very lucky lady because that's what pays your pay check ..... That could be you (homeless) if you keep treating people the way you do . She said WHATEVER! She left but returned 2 more times acting like she was working on the computer to hear what I was saying.... I'm so SAD my day was absorbed with anger and hurt over this .... So do I call tomorrow and tell the manager ??? email the district or just let that lady be a bully and write it off as a bad day??? When I went back out I asked the homeless man would you like something to eat ?He said no thank you I just bought my dinner in there. So I offered him some $ he said again no Thank you I appreciate your offer but I need to get myself out of where I put myself. I got in my car and cried.... Why are some people so mean ...

For years my wife and I have been faithful shoppers at Trader Joe's. But as of last Friday I found out that Trader Joe's in direct opposition to their stated claim of being apolitical, is funding planned parenthood, the worst of the infanticide operations world wide. As a result, my wife and I will no longer be shopping at Trader Joe's. And would urge all other pro-lifers to seek other places to shop as well. It is better to eat gmo's than to support an organization that supports the murder of the baby in the womb.

I moved from California to Tennessee fourteen years ago. We live in Lenoir city a town close to Knoxville. The nearest trader Joe's is Dayton Ohio, Hundreds of miles away. We travelled there many times with our ice chests to pack up all the goodies from the Ohio store. I went on the company website and asked for a store in knoxville. On 8/10/12.Trader Joe's opened in Knoxville to a fantastic reception. WOW. Thank you Thank you and Thank you. The many many Scots living here would love to be able to purchase Magners Irish Hard Cider. It is Oh so good and would be a great seller. Will you please work your magic and try to stock it. God bless you all your stores can't be beaten for service and products. Marion Eberle

I left a comment on 6/12 about reducing $2 buck Chuck to $1 buck Chuck because of the bad economy; after seeing the problem only getting worse lets change it to half a buck Chuck !!!!!!!!

I recently called the corprate offce complaining that more and more products come from foreign countries. I asked "what happened to the USA"? I was told that it is getting harder to get good produce or lack of good produce from the USA. I don't believe that because I am a vegetarian and find quite a bit of USA produce elsewhere. I believe that in order for Trader Joes to be competitive and keep prices low, it is best for them to pay less from foreign countries in order to keep their prices lower.

I live in Washington state up at the top of the peninsula but my mother lives in Albuquerque NM. She turned 88 today but I couldn't be there to celebrate with her. She was having a bridge party today with some friends. I called the Uptown Trader Joe's to see about getting a little cake for her. I spoke to Erman about the cake and said my friend Juli would come by to pick it up. I asked about a bottle of wine and a card. He also said HE WOULD DELIVER IT TO HER if my friend Juli couldn't!!!! WHAT!?!?! He's a jewel!!! Juli did go by to get the cake. Erman had included a second cake for Mom's friends at the party. He selected a wine to Mom's taste and a card. Juli was thrilled, enjoyed the whole experience with Erman and my mom was delighted when Juli took it all to her. Even her friends were thrilled! Thank you, Erman, for being THE BEST!!! Thank you for adding some joy and fun to my 88 year old mom's birthday. She's been having a hard time without family in town and you really helped make her day! I know Erman is moving to Salt Lake City soon to open another store but I really hope the other staff at the Uptown TJ's are as wonderful!

I understand you are opening a store in Gainesville, Fl. What happened to Jacksonville? So many people are waiting for it to happen here.

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