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I loved this salad that Kroger had, but it's gone and I'm really upset I recommend not coming to get any salads here,because "they might get rid of it without any notice"

Not receiving weekly fliers

Greetings, My parents are elderly and really depend on the weekly fliers, however, they have not received the fliers in the last 6 months? My parents asked the post office and they just said "prove it." Please help.

We were at th ellijay store doing our shop kick and we were basically thrown out for nothing he had a bad attitude

Expired meat

I went to Kroger today and they had pork on the shelf that expired 3 days ago! Ella and 43rd Kroger

I wireless telephone program

The I wireless telephone program is a great idea. If only there were some support people that could assist when there are problems. Smiles, and "I wish I could help you" "no that purchase is not refundable", doesn't get repeat or continuing customers. If you have the program please train and employ support people to assist where needed.


Pharmacy at Buffalo Speedway quoted 10 Tessalon Pearls $48.30. HEB charges 20 Tessalon Pearls for $10.36. I call this gouging in the worst form.


Please add lighting to your parking lot on McNeese St., Lake Charles, La. 70607. It feels very unsafe shopping during the evening hours without any lights in your parking lot. For the concern of all your faithful customers. Thank you in advance.

9741 Dixie HWY 48348

Just food for thought. The Kroger store is in need of a face lift inside.Looking pretty stale. Feels run down. It sure could use some refreshing up. Thank You for your time

not enough security

I was in the parking lot on june 11 2014, sitting in my car. I got side swiped by a driver in his car..H e denied, it. the police was notified and investagated, the incident. police reported the side swipe, was evident. I asked the man why he lied. He cursed me and slapped me , on the back. police came again.man denied it again..store video, was Not clear enough.I suggest better camera views and security in the parking lot.. I love shopping at kroger. however I haven't, since that date..

Buena Vista CO store

Someone needs to look at this store. Besides being too small, especially parking in summer, the carpet in the entryway is so disgusting. Filthy dirty and worn. A real embarrassment to not only us who live here but to tourists whose only choice is the City Market here. Please send someone to take a look. Thank You.


I was going into the Kroger on 4533 Garth Road in Baytown TX, and while walking in I slipped and fell on what appeared to be a white substance, a lady customer yelled out "its ice cream, its over here too". The Manager on duty came to me only after I told the young man who was going to wipe it up, and said, "are you going to go to the doctor?" Really?? Your not even going to ask if I am okay, or say your sorry for what just happened???? VERY POOR customer relations!!!! Time to contact an attorney! STAY out of that store!!!

open carry in stores

i have been shopping at Kroger for 20 years, I am the father of two young boys and i would personally like to thank your company for allowing my to ensure their safety even while i shop. I have open carried in your stores and the employees have always been nothing but inviting even with a gun hanging from my side. I have been thanked for open carrying as it is a crime deterant and they said they feel safer with me there and that i should come back real soon. Do not give in to MDA. they do not have our best interest in mind.

making fun of disabled person

there is a girl that works at Kroger's store on 3rd street in Louisville Kentucky. who has been making fun of me every time i walk in the store when i go in a say hi to gentlemen who also works there also. she always call him up to front and start laughing. it not like im try to get with him i just being nice

I read today about the pro-gun advocates attempting to intimidate Kroger Co. to allow concealed and sooner or later the open carry of firearms in the company stores, I am a hunter and gun owner and do not believe that any grocery store is a place to carry or display weapons of any kind especially firearms! I have lived in many different states as countries (I am retired military) and have NEVER felt the need to carry a weapon into any store (other than a gun store/gun range) especially a grocery store. Personally I would have second thoughts about shopping at stores that do permit the carrying of weapons on their premises. I think these individuals are either paranoid, really do have a need to fear others, have questionable friends and associates and would be better served with psychotherapy.

guns in stores

thank you Kroger im a nra member and now will start shoping at your stores Wam-mart lost a customer. besiides you never know when you might have to open a can of coffee i worked for Kroger 64 years ago da-- lot of cans

Kroger's in Dyersburg Tn

Meat Department I've been trying to get a country ham for months! I'm told they will order but when I check the following Week.. No ham. What's the problem ? If they can't get one Why don't they tell me that. Frustrated!!!

Kroger/Harris Teeter

I live in Cary, NC. You have recently opened new HT on Okelley Chapel Rd - about 1+ miles from store on Green Level Church Rd. Would love to see Green Level store converted to KROGER. Two HT and no Kroger nearby. LOVE KROGER

Good Customer Service

I needed to talk to a customer service representative concerning my purchases and points. The representative was very pleasant, and, even though I got confused, he was patient and helped me to understand the situation.

Racial Profiling

Who is the idiot that thought sombreros, fake mustaches, and maracas was a good marketing idea for your Mexico salute. Honestly have you lost your corporate minds!

Coupon doubling

It is my understanding that Kroger Inc. will end coupon doubling in Michigan on May 14th. It is with great sorrow that if it does do so, it will do so along with my doing business with Kroger. I will go to Meijer instead and word of mouth travels a long way!!!

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