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We would like to commend Shamika Jones on her excellent follow up. We purchased a patio umbrella and there was some miscommunication and it couldn't be found. Shamika immediatly got on on it and found one at another store. It was delivered to our house the next day as promised. We have never seen such quick customer service at any other department store. We would like to thank Shamika and those concerned with this problem at KOHL'S 525 E Campbell Ave. Campbell Ca 95008. You now have lifetime customers, and will pass this on to our friends and relatives.


We recently had a Kohls open in our town of Butler,Pa.16001.I was very happy because the nearest one is Cranberry twp,Cranberry,Pa 16066.I am very disappointed in the merchandise selection in Butler compared to Cranberry.Where is the clothing in the Butler Kohls?There is very little to choose from.Do you think we will ever get more merchandise??????????? Very very very disappointed it seems Butler always gets short changed when any new store chain decides to move here!

My daughter in law works for Kohl's in California. she put in a change of availibility weeks ago and the person in the payroll office can't seem to get it right. They schedule her when she can't work. She has told mnagement many times, no one cares.She is pushed to get credits, and when she doesn't they give her no hours the next week. Who the Hell do you talk to to get anything done. She can't quit or she loses her insurance. I guess we will try Corporate now. I don't know where they get their management but they need to look elsewhere.We took a picture of the availability forms, no where does it say must be approved by manager. I feel the girl in human resources is just plain lazy. thanks sherry

Sherry, you must be talking about the Cypress store. I know the girl you are talking about. Her and I have talked alot about this, the management here is the worst!!!!. I hope you get somewhere when you call them. Even when she did what her manager told her to do, the girl in HR won't handle it. Good luck

i decided to quit on 5-9-10 do to acomiditions for 7 other associate but, could not accomate mine my work schecule for a my 2nd job. this was not what i wanted to do but, they was scheling 11hrs a week when they went outside the company to bring a cleaning crew so i had go get a 2 nd job, to help pay my bills they store manager did not want to acomite my mine like 7 the others which to me shows favor its there at store 304 to me liked working there but am not going kill my self in both jobs. think the management needs to be clean up at store 304

To Whom It May Concern (Kohl's Management Team): I love having so many Kohl's stores located within my hometown. I have a suggestion, however, when it comes to the Kohl's cash rewards program. Right now the coupon is based upon a "per purchase" system rather than a collective sum for rewards date(s). At another nationally based store that I shop at they offer a rewards system based upon total purchases made within the promotion period. A certificate is then mailed to the customer to use during the reimbursement time. I am wondering if Kohl's could streamline it's promotion to offer the same "collective" purchasing program and then just have the rewards in the computer to use at checkout time. The customer could then recieve a reminder from the cashier to return to use their Kohl's cash as well as an online reminder if a internet address has been provided. Since I shop both online and at different locations, if I come up short in each location (within the same day), I don't earn a reward even though I may have spent the required amount but in a more distributed manner. I hope this suggestion will be considered to reward customers who shop throughout your Kohl's organization. Thank you.

I will no longer shop for clothing in your stores. While changing in a dressing room I heard a male voice in the stall next to mine. These stalls are not enclosed, so privacy is not your main concern in your dressing rooms. I was told that these dressing rooms are not specified as women's or mens and you would not stop a woman from going in the dressing room in the men's department. My question is, would you allow a man in the dressing room in the lingerie department also? There is too much competition out there for me to put myself at such a risk. I will shop elsewhere.

Dear Kohls As of today, I will no longer shop in any of your stores because of your current policy of hiring contractors out of state, I live in Harrisburg PA, and your store at the Paxton Towne Center in Colonial Park has hired out of state contractors to do remodeling when we have local workers whose families and friends shop and support this store. It's as simple as that. I am also returning your $10 gift card, I don't want it, there are many stores in this area who have just as good products and sales.

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