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Poor Customer Service

Impossible to reach someone who could help with a missing item in an online order. Could not find how to contact someone other than an online chat. Response was not helpful.

Customer Service

It is impossible to speak with a human in customer service. I had to call the corporate office to speak someone in customer service. So much for the term customer service.

Worst customer service ever

Cannot use Birthday or rewards coupons send via email without barcode. Customer Service a nighmare with no issues solved.

woodland park new jersey store

the store is sloppy lack of supervision poor customer care. Employees just standing around talking on cell phone when the dressing rooms are left unattended. Worst Kohl's I have seen

former customer

Have been a customer since they opened in my area but due to a recent return and store personnel being so rude - will be closing my kohls charge

Anorexic Yoga clothing commercial

I'm so disappointed in the latest Kohl's commercial for yoga clothing. The model is so sickly thin, I would never want my two girls seeing this ad. We buy ALL if our clothes and gifts from Kohls. No more until I see a change in advertising. So sad.


I'm closing our Kohls account. I'm sick and tired of their pricing smoke and mirrors and their refund procedures are a big shell game.

Customer service is the worst


Worst communication between corporate and employees I've ever seen. Inaccurate info given on headquarters phone system regarding tax information. Not pleased

employee abuse

I am seasonal help, I have been abused by the Castle Rock, CO Kohl's management.

Strange Magic

I love this Christmas commercial!

Strange Magic

Love this commercial too best!

Christmas Commercial

I absolutely love the "Strange Magic" commercial you have this Christmas! It has become one of my all time favorite commercials. Every time I watch it, I smile thinking about how it brings the magic back into Christmas. I have shared it with everyone I know who has little ones so they can show it to them, also. Thank you for bringing child-like magic back into Christmas!!!!


I have always been a good customer and paid my bill on time. Because I paid 70.00 instead of 71.00- I had my monthly amount increased because of a 1.00 - this may not seem like a big deal to you but to me it a reflection of bad customer service and the new deal with the Kohls cash is just crazy, you are given the cash and then given a deadline to use it. Why dont you just keep it because the whole objective is for you to miss the timeline to use. these are not customer friendly tacts to get your customer.

love Kohls P.

The Kohls in Newton .j. is amazing !!!! The day I went there,I was in a hurry and one of the associates acted and treated me as if she was my very own personal shopper. She was so helpful.I appreciated all the people who worked there.


If you are homebound and order online they insist you have to go physically to a store to return the items or you are stuck with them. Their customer service has people who cannot speak clear english,

cosmetics & music

I am very disappointed at the cosmetic counter. Why don't you have someone in a lab coat style to take care of people who need help at the counter?One special person who knows cosmetics.We women need assistance there.. NO help ever. So I have to go to a drug store for help. I love my Kohls store , been shopping their for about 10 yrs. I have always been pleased ref to sales etc.SO get someone soon please. Thank you. No I don't want the jewelry counter lady ...Please also do something with that LOUD music.

Contest for Frozen Friday

My five girls are greatly disappointed. We tried over and over again and again for many hours to enter their video for the Frozen Friday "Let It Go!" Contest. Our upload would only upload about 1/3 of the way and then would stop. After an hour the computer would say, "time expired". We tried uploading from two different computers off of two different wifi's at two different locations and we also tried on our cell phones. Your instructions made it seem easy to enter but it was not easy. I just wanted to share my thoughts about this contest.

Triple Charged my account and refuse to reimburse me

I purchased some school clothes for my son and when I went home I looked on my bank account they had triple charged me. They exact amount took out 3 times. It showed that they had reimbersed one of those transactions but they still owed me quite a bit of money. I called and spoke with the Manager and 3 days of phone calls later they said there was nothing they could do and to contact my bank, then hung up. I am still dealing with this situation. I have showed my bank statements and they still will not refund me my money.

Racist Associate

So I love to shop at kohl's! Great deals, and there always coupons in the mail. However, the last time I went was the worst experience at any store ever! I was at the register and i asked to to 2 transactions, no big deal. I also wanted to use my coupons on both transactions with then the associate replied with warning about the security cameras, as if i was robbing her. After the first transaction she gave me my change, and proceeded with with last transaction. I payed the second transaction with the same bills she gave me as my change from the first transaction. She then took out her counterfeit pen and marked every single bill i gave her! i was appalled. In my head all i could think was that money better be real because you just handed me that money! Never have i ever had any problems at kohl's.

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