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The jack in the box store 3689. This is one of my places i go every day i ask for my. Food fresh i get it fresh need something or need some more of something i get it in A heart beat . People are so gentle imeen almost all the workers i see almost every day i go keep it up thats how yall can keep a costumer ( : props

I thought the commercial was funny and clever. Your shakes are awesome.

I am somewhat late to make my opinion known about the "no nookie" aspect of the Jack in the Box commercial. I thought perhaps I had misunderstood the meanintg of "no nookie". Then, I decided to search its meaning online, and it turns out that I had a complete understanding of what "no nookie" means. I cannot understand this being allowed to air on tv and I think it is completely outrageous. If anyone thinks that this will draw people to eat at Jack in the Box, for me, this commercial has shut the door. It is another sign of the continuing crudeness that our society is expressing, but, I never expected it from a tv commercial. Adios Jack in the Box!

My rating is for a Jack in The Box in Richmond Texas on Crabb River Road. He would NOT Take my $20 BILL because it had tape on it. I asked for the manager and he said IT WAS AGAINST POLICY. I work in fast food and when you have a $15 ORDER and currency that can be accepted in BANKS the you take the money. I am very very disappointed.

I, like many others I know, will no longer eat at Jack in the Box because of the totally offensive pointless commercials. Crying shame we have to change channels when one of their commercials comes on.

Hay, what in the world are you doing? are your Writers sitting there in the office continually thinking of sex? PERHAPS THEY ALL NEED A COLD SHOWER. You need to fire the whole lot of them. If the best they can do is come up with a sexually exploizit add.TO COME up with a commercial to put on the air to sell your burgers. This is more than disgusting, it is totally unacceptable and I will not eat there again. I will also send this to all my email friends, and have them forward to their friend. It will be world wide in no time. This is the most disgusting to me, dergradeing. You think you can get by with this because the character has a extra large head I THINK NOT.. NOW GO BACK TO THE OFFICE AND FIRE THE ONES WHO THOUGHT THIS ONE UP. GO TO THE LOCAL SCHOOL AND HAVE A THIRD GRADER OR EVEN A FIRST GRADER WRITE A CUTE ONE FOR YOU. SHAME ON YOU. KEEP TRYING TO PUT THEM OUT THERE AND WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SICK OF YOUR SICK THOUGHTS, AND WE WILL NOT HELP YOU CONTINUE TO GET RICHER. FIRE YOUR WRITERS PLEASE. EVELYN BROWN

My husband and I were watching the football game and our 7-year-old daughter was in the room when your new "nonookie" commercial came on the tv. Our daugher looked at us and asked us what "nonookie" means. I should not have to be explaining this to my daugher at her young, innocent age especially when we are watching a football game as a family in the middle of the afternoon. I am very annoyed that you would make a commercial like this. I like your food, but honestly this commercial will actually make me think twice before I eat at Jack in the Box again. Can you really not think of more creative ways to sell your food than using sex?! REALLY?!!! Get some new, creative, intelligent minds in your marketing department.

Wtf is wrong with u I hope u lose Ur people nonookie my kids watch tv and now this thanks a lot jack really I wellnever got eat there agin and I know some people that well stop going to have a good day

Your latest commercial where they are plyaing scrabble and "no nookie" is on the gameboard is very inappropriate and poor taste. This not have made it to the airwaves and should be removed immedicately.

Your commercial with Jack playing scrabble with his wife is horrible. Your new ad campaign is very offensive and why is it necessary? My family and I will no longer purchase food at a Jack in the Box. You don't need sex to sell a burger...get real!

I'm only giving you one star because I find your commercials very offensive. I wouldn't want my grandchildren to watch what you call a commercial. Maybe you should keep your sexual ideas to yourself.

I love the food but seriously!? I may be eighteen but why put the sexual tone its not neccesary and its makes me sick. Children are already exposed too enough sexual culture without this thank you!! Take its off or remake its!!!!!!!!!!

We find your new commercial offensive and disgusting.we all have children watching chang your commercial you've just lost several customers.

I would ask that you removed the "no nookie" commercial. It is in very poor taste and offensive. You have a lost a customer.

Your commercial with "nonookie" is offensive and needs to be taken off the air. If that is the best that your ad agency can come up with. You should find a new agency

Jack in the box in Burleson, TX seems to have changed their bacon. The last several times we have gone there and ordered anything with bacon I am again horrified by the flavor. I keep forgetting but not this time. Spoiled meat flavor just doesn't go away.

I just left Jack In The Box located in Mesa, AZ and the store # there is 1165. My code on my receipt is 2657 1509 1110 1400 4053 and order # is 400. I just wanted to bring to your attention the extremely rude and poor customer service that I just encountered by the manager whose name is Tony. This is one of several times that I have chosen this location to have lunch there and every time I encounter this man who is extremely rude! The last few times I went there I wanted to make a complaint but chose to let it go and not make a big deal about this but today he took it too far! After receiving my order there I requested condiments and was rudely denied then I offered to pay for the condiments and was told that it is “his store” and will run it the way he chooses. So I consumed my food as I was experiencing very negative emotions! As I sat there I observed his customer service and he would only greet attractive young women and offered them what he denied me. The gentlemen that came in to order however, he would not greet and when they thanked him he just looked away and didn’t respond. I am not sending this e-mail due to the denial of condiments, but for the extremely negative and rude attitude this man deals with his customers with. I asked for his name and he hesitated to give it to me then told me that he will not give me any more condiments in my future visits then repeated that it’s his store and he’ll do what he wants. I would appreciate it if someone could address this issue and perhaps find another individual better suited for his position who can conduct themselves in a professional manner! Thank you!

This thing about the managers being unfair is so true. I'm a young dad whos trying to do the best for my family. I had no other transportation to work but the bus so today I explained that I would be running a little late to work due to when the bus arrived and my manger tells me that if I'm late then I no longer have a job. I'm pretty sure when all the other employees are late its okay but because I would be late today for the first time I get fired. It doesn't really make sense and is really unfair.


I just saw your tasteless commercial regarding "nonookie" my granddaughter just asked what does it mean, means we'll never be eating there.

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