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Disappointed in Jack

I was terribly disappointed that Jack in the box would have a commercial where a girl would nearly lift her shirt up. Young kids are watching, and we see filth so much on tv all during the day. I was hoping that on something as a food chain wouldn't fall for the greed of such a publicity stunt. So greedy to fill the desires of the public to get sales. That is what it comes to, money. It is easy to blend in with the others Jack. It is standing up to be right and different that requires strength.

please read!!

We NEED a jack in the box in alabama. I took sime friends to california and we ate jack in the box nearly everyday! Trust me i told people in the south about it and theyre anxious to try your brakefast jacks or your jr bacon cheeseburgers. Im sayin in alabama jack woukd make ALOT of $$$$$$

Dirty stores and laxadaisrale employees

We stopped going to the JB in Belgrade, TX due to your rude and lazy employees. We stopped at one in Ardmore, OK today and it's even nastier than the Belmead store. We waited what seemed like forever just to get a burger that fell apart and over cooked tacos. The eating area was disgusting with dirty floors and tables. I had to clean our table. The thing was the drive thru wasn't that busy and besides an employees family there we were the only customers. What has happened to you guys. I'm so disgusted with the way management is handling your stores that I'm probably not going back....ever.

Offensive commercials

I am extremely disappointed with the commercials especially the squirrel flipping the clown off and the hot mess commercial. Thank goodness my son was not in the room when this came on while I was watching the news. I will not go to Jack in the Box until they clean up their commercials and be more responsible knowing children are exposed to their crudeness!


I just want to let you know the last 2 commercials on air have been very offensive...Hot mess and the squirrel flipping off the little boy Are you proud of these? I actually liked the hot mess commercial until the last few seconds.....very, very inappropriate conversation for a Dad to have with his Son about his Mother. To me this borderlines sharing pornography with a child. Shame on you! My family have supported your chain for years. But I am now finished eating there and supporting that kind of advertising!! We won't be back.


Well I went to Jack In the box on Inwood Ave in Dallas Tx and the food was good how ever the girl taking my order was really slow while she was taking my order. she handed my my order and I specifically asked her for taco sauce and she said it was in the bag . I got home with food and no taco sauce . This is not the first time this has happened . and who wants to go back for that cause the food would be cold by the time you get back home .

Sourdough jack

I went to the Texas city Texas store and ordered a sourdough jack with NO tomatoes I repeted my order twice so they knew No tomatoes I sat at the drive threw for 20 minutes waiting on my jack when I finally got it I was so pissed that I didn't check my order till I got to work what I found was that one side was burnt and the other side never got warmed up just buttered and tomatoes ove tried calling the sore over 20 times now and I get no answer what's wrong with this picture

No Service

Hello I was at store JIB#8472 and waited at the counte for 5minutes without any one greeting me or waiting on me. The drive thru window was being waited on but not the front counter. The staff came and got fries for the drive thru and I was standing at the counter with another customer. Not one even said will be with you in a minute. I left and went to Burger King. I got the store number from and old receipt. I won't be returning to that store ever.

Unacceptable Service

My husband and I were trying to catch a movie today and pulled into the So. Lake Tahoe Jack in the Box. We placed our order and there were 2 cars ahead of us. After 15 minutes, the first car pulled away from the window. The second car got their order 10 minutes later. Needless to say after we sat there for 25 minutes we missed our movie. We asked the cashier to talk to a manager when we finally got to the window. She came back and said she was meeting with the inspector. Yeah, Right. This franchise is an absolute disgrace to the Jack in the Box image. We are locals and will not be returning to this store. I do hope corporate sends someone to see how badly this store is managed. I do love my Jack in the Box but not this one.

Jack in box Jr.

I enjoy JB meals..our small coastal town is to small for your stores ,Crystal Beach Tx would in joy a small version of J&B,,maybe Jack in the box Jr , that way a small town could support a store if smaller. It's an ideal.

I need TACOS!!1

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Jack in the Box, I am very concerned about my health because there is no Jack in the Box in exactly 118.77 miles from my location. Your tacos are the best thing that has ever entered my life. Without my yearly trip to Jack in the Box I would die, to live without your tacos is like living without oxygen. If you are truly concerned about the public's health you will find a way for small town people like me to get your amazing tacos and genuine burgers. To do this you may someday save yourself and possibly the world.

Jack in the box cheats its employees and refuses to give them thier money

Bad Service

I just spent 10 minutes in line...everyone seemed to be running around with their head cut off! No one came to the counter to say "I'll be right with you" or anything. After 10 minutes I just left! I had spent over $100 a week buying lunch for my employees, but since the service today was so bad...I guess I'll now start going to McDonalds a block away. They should hire people that know how to run a business!

You guys are great!

So I live on 8600 W Charleston BLVD, Across my road is a jack n the box. zip 89117 las vegas nevada. There was no Yelp so I just wanted to let you know your staff are great. Theres a guy with a weird accent, to me its weird as im from London but his customer service kicks ass. Orders are correct, super friendly and always has a laugh. All the best, guy in the white shelby!


The commercial showing the girl pulling up her shirt at the rock concert is very, very offensive and dissappointing. We will take our business elsewhere and support businesses that uphold moral principles and standards. There are better more appropriate and intelligent ways to make up an ad for the profit and benefit of your company.


Hello! Well I just want to know, why don't you serve Hot Chocolate. I like it in the morning to warm me up. Coffee is not my thing.

Why mess with a good thing?

Oh Jack!, why did you take our weekend breakfast bowls away? My family loves to stop for the breakfast bowl Saturday mornings on our way out for family day. Please bring them back!! Always super customer service, With A Smile, at our Oakley, CA store.94561

honesty/guest relation

I am a retired naval senior chief who visit the jack in box in chula vista on broadway and h street. I had a problem with my oakley sunglasses on nov 6th,2012 which I believed is a problem with quality of honesty. But what's worst is I contacted Guest Relation and there response has not be truthful in contacting me about this issue. So I can only assumed honesty and customer service is not of value to Jack In the box.

I Was hired by the Jack in the box store in Edmond 2108 DANFORTH RD. I specifically asked for 35-40 hours or fulltime as we all know it. Well on my second week I got 23 hours, my third 18 ad when I inquired I was told that It is according to the "availability of labor". Then the employees are rude , vulgar, inconsiderate and ill-mannered. Jack in the Box is the worst and I am pulling no punches.It is the best of the worst fast food restaurant in the country. You are worked like a mule and management is a debacle. The store is displaying the exact same mannerisms as an organisation about to go belly up. Bring in people with adequate professional and well mannered ways to run food establishments. ....and get rid of the "no gloves" while preparing food policy. Not every employee washes their hands. Jack in the box is frugal in hiring well mannered people. Look at the comments people are making . That says it all. Useless and completely appaling . That sums up this particular store.

tgis is fo jack on market st i give u 3 stars because ur employees are great but i always have a problem with the manager virginia she is very rude for being a manager if she has personal issues she should leave them at home you need a new manager or a repectul one at least because u will loose valuable customers i have already!!!!

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