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Family Friendly?

I am shocked to find that the Columbus, Texas store with out a changing table. I figured the Men's restroom wouldn't have because not many stores are forward thinking. My family and I pulled over to feed and change our infant son while picking up lunch for ourselves..After putting our order in we got to business of feeding than changing.. No table so we had to change in automobile..obviously they don't want small children in their store and I don't want to give my money to them!


I'm embarrassed when my kids see Jack and the Box commercials. I'm even more embarrassed when they ask me questions about the meanings behind the commercials. I don't understand the sexual content put in almost every single one of the commercials.

very foul language

while I was in the restaurant in Hitchcock TX 8:40 p.m. Saturday night June 22nd 2013 the young white man with long hair on the drive thru window drop the F word 10 to 15 times in front of customers ,

Your advertisement for your big stack burger is one of the most inappropriate advertisements I have heard you really need to rethink your ideas before you do them just hearing this makes me not eat at one of your places ever again. BAD IDEA

Offensive commercials

I'm disgusted by the commercials I see as advertising for Jack in the Box. We are a family of over 60+ that use to go there but we have all decided to stop going until better commercials are made. You just lost alot of business from all of our families.

worse service ever on jack #99

First I went on the drive thru and o what do you know, they tell me jack is close ! What ! It is a 24 service, it said outside, so I was very mad at that, and I went back some minutes later and they tell o we opened again, I was alredy pissed off, so I order my food and they give me wrong everything, I said no pickles, they put extra pickles, and musturd, very bad customer service ! Don't go there !

unfair hiring

my child had to quit Jack in Box cause school started again. when he tried to get rehired later. the manager gave my child the go around and my child finally asked whats up? manager said we do rehire. what the heck!

tv commercial

Well you've done it once again. Who is the adolescent in your top office that approves the sexually geared TV commercials? Certainly not a college educated person that wants to attract families to your establishment. Many of us in this area have agreed to no longer patronize Jack in the Box. There are other family friendly restaurants that in fact are actually better than J. in the Box. Get the leering, drooling morons out of the writing dept.

In Dallas I went to jack in the box and realized I was eating on hair know one ad on hair net, I can't believe it...done.

hired people

jack in the box in texas city hired people that are ilegally working with fake papers

heath issues

I had went to jack in the box JIB# 239 this my second time there this week...there seems to be a roughting sewage smell....I had ask the manager and she said she couldn't smell anything...all of the customers that was in jack in the box @ 4:37pm had comment something smells bad! The smell was as if the restroom door was open? But it wasn't.......please take care of this problem.....I will be going again tomorrow.....I think there is a heath issue there!

Re: hotness burger

Hi, I'm totally in love with Hotmess Burger nd potatoe wedges. Please have all of ur Lovcation carry this Burger and addvertise it more so more ppl knows about it. I don't eat meat burger at any fast food ,but this burger is Die for. To those if u haven't tried this Hotmess burger comes w onion ring nd hot pepper and yummy cheese, OMG to DIE. please Please Please have this burger back on the Manue.

Amazing service

I went to the store in simpsonville South Carolina, a girl named Daniele was working. It was the middle of lunch rush and she was the nicest person I have ever delt with in fast food. I was very impressed with her customer service!!!

Horrible Service

Went to jack in the box in reno around 3am. Ordered off the dollar menu and was told they were out of the chicken sandwich. I ordered a more expensive burger and received the cheap one they claimed to be out of. A huge rip off I will never go to this crap food chain again.

Jack's in Montgomery, AL on ATL Hwy. I'm not a regular at Jack's but everytime I go they are all RUDE!!!! The managers the cashiers EVERYONE! They act as if you are such a bother to them and everyone I know who has been there has had the same problem..do something and FIX IT! Food is good but because of HORRIBLE customer service I will never go again.

customer for over 20 years

I have tried 2 times to get 2 breakfast jacks from my local jack..both times they were not even edible...been a customer for over 20 years and wont be back to buy from jack ever again.....the breakfast jacks are overcooked and cold.....done!!

Hot Mess

I ordered the Hot Mess in Eureka, CA. It was about 11 pm. The only thing hot was the cheese sauce. The onion rings were old and very chewy. The meat was cold and there were only 6 jalapenos. My parents owned an A&W Root Beer Drive Inn, I know what I'm talking about. I will not order another Hot Mess from the Eureka franchise again. ***I give a Minus Rating***


I find almost all of the commercials to be entirely offensive. I guess it's a good thing we don't have a Jack in the Box near our town, because I certainly will not support a business who promotes themselves using such nasty content.


Multiple times at multiple locations my food has been wrong or cold. The staff said it was our fault because we did not review the order on the screen even though we repeated it two times. This is a repeat offense at all the restaurants in Santee.

Disgusting Commercials

The Jack In The Box commercials are terribly offensive. The hot mess and squirrel commercials are highly unprofessional, crude, and perverted. Until Jack In The Box takes appropriate actions in removing these disgusting commercials my family and I will never visit nor support a company that advertises filth the way this company does.

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