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special on TV but not at the locations in Las Cruces

Very disappointed that the steak and eggs with sirachai sauce was not available at the Las Cruces locations


I have filled out a an application for employment and somehow my application has gotten lost and i have tried to fill out another application and the site will not load

Palestine TX

No change so had to charge. No French fries. Main sodas were not working in machine so had to have water. Not enough help. Help tried to call manager but never an answer. March 22, around 2 p.m.

well I went to the jack in the box in veterans and ranking and I order 6 tacos and when I got to work they were soggy and cold with to much lettuce and that will be the last time I will eat at that one.

went to the jack in the box on shepherd Houston tx. they forgot half of the order no biggie ;et that go but then while my 3 year old was biting into burger it had a hair!! like really is there anything right they could do in there..

phyical / emotional abuse.

My granddaughter recently quit her job with jack in the box in Springfield. Oregon after being threatened physically by the Manager in charged

Teriyaki Bowl

I love the Teriyaki bowl and in Kerrville TX they never have rice. I have been there more than 10 times and they always say there out. My husband talked to manager and they told me to call ahead of time so they could make rice and it will be ready but now they are not even answering there phone. Plus they are open 24 hours but they never have shakes after midnight. Please help them out cause I love your food but I can never get what I want.


Why would you think an ad about someone being loaded would be good? Maybe for Washington or Colorado it would work.

Customer Svc Nonexistent

I could not remember why I had not been to JIB for several years, but I remembered it as soon as I tried to place an order inside the JIB#3186. Really? It's more important to get that order out before 4 minutes are up than to take the order of a customer that has been waiting 10 minutes? Really? Not this customer. This customer prefers service.

unprofessional manager

They forgot part of my meal and when I showed mu receipt. I was told that all meals dont come with drinks.but thats not true. So I dont know if the manager just woke up with a attitude and took it out on me. I went to jib#4748 in font of the fair park and Iwill never go there again.

Just sick

I went to the JIB#3668 on the corner of I-10 and HWY-146 in BAYTOWN TX. After eating my food I set there for about ten minutes and I saw an employee that was working the grill go outside he picked up trash and smoked and when he came back in he went right back to the grill and made more burgers but he forgot to do one thing and that was to wash his hands. Now that's just sick. This happened at about 2:30 pm on 09/14/2014

Took to long to receive food

Went to the Dayton, Nevada Location and it took an hour to receive 2 items. Another customer had $34.00 worth of food and the customer was there even longer. The help do not understand english and the General Manager was not aware of what they were doing. You advertise great service and great food. The people who hire do not know the professional portion of being a good fast food server. I have heard many complaints with the same outcome. I would believe Mr. Jack In The Box would step up and show some respect with his restaurants and show some caring and handling with all of these consumers who attend his restaurants show some respect. Not a happy customer.

health standards

if investors were to audit this company they would find a real money pit in the CO area, they have in they past 5 years put them self in a hole they cant get out district management and store managers quitting making stores operate below health standards under their own guidelines ,simple test take a soda tower nossell of and see the mold in it or around it

cold food

I live in Houston TX they gave me cold food n my order Wasn't rite I spent 15.70 on my food they had bad attitude And the taco was greasy look like they been sitting up for a while I would like a respond back please because I didn't like the Service I receive store on mesa n Tidwell houston TX 77078


I frequent your store in Twin Falls, Idaho. food is fine, service fine. The facility is horrendous. Filthy inside and out. There are weeds everywhere, piles of them along the entrance way. Bathrooms were nasty.

Munchie Meal Commercial

I love Jack-In-The-Box commercials, they are usually very humerous. Your latest, the Munchie Meal w/the Talk Into My Elbow Lady?? Awful commercial, where did she come from & how did she ever manage to get on TV. Bad commercial, your Ad Agency ripped you off w/this 1 or whoever ok'd it should be questioned. 1 of the all time worst commercials I have ever seen.

I know where you live Jack

I was eating a Bacon Insider Burger about once a week. When i ordered the nice lady told me they were Discountinued! Discountinued! WHaaa? I don't eat much beef but those were delicious. It's not like people who go to fast food are healthy eaters. BRING BACK THE BACON JACK!! Signed, A fellow San Diegan

The Jack in the Box in Winnie tx was great and especially Todd. He was very kind and considerate and as senior citizens who travel we appreciate it.

I would love to have some papaya milk smoothies. :) just a suggestion. I get your other smoothies in the morning and they are delicious. Your food is wonderful too. The employess at the El Cajon Jack in the box on fletcher parkway by the 67 highway are just faboulous never have had a problem. :) Thanks for your wonderful hours too!

assaulted by employee

Waited 25 minutes for my order and then assulted by night employee at San Antonio Tx store at 502 N New Braunfels and Houston st. I will make police report. OH AND THE FOOD SUCKED.

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