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i have never eaten at a jack in the box and i probably never will because the commericals you run on tv are disgusting and nasty. sure sex sells most things, but if you want a hamburger, you do not want to be thinking about having sex. all your commercials look like they were written by a pre-pubic adolescent. the last commerical in reference to viagra is disgusting.... what does that have to do with eating a hamburger it makes me think that maybe you might be putting a little extra sauce on them. everyone i have talked to agrees your commericals are nasty. please remove them and try to appeal to the all american wholesome customer.

i just wrote how disgusting your commericals were.... i did not give you 5 stars...i have never even eaten your food. probably won't... your commericals are nasty...afraid your food would be too.

Today I finally tried your new grilled pastrami sandwich and I have to say, It is great!! This is one of the best sandwiches you offer. I was very pleased and will definetiley be eating there more often. Thanks!! Paula Kubiak 266 Lado de loma Vista Calif. 92083

i was at the jack in the box in moore oklahoma. it has only been in buisnees about three weeks. i went there to order some food. i ordered a jumbo jack and a large fry. when i got my food it was cold. and the jumbo jack was not cooked all the way. and the fries where cold. this was the third time it had happened that week. i asked to talk to the manager. when i talked to him he was very rude. some guy named won. very rude. know i no this is not the way to treat customers. the messed up thing about it was he told me i could talk to the operations manager. he was even ruder. a guy named rafiel. i no this because i asked there names. never i say never will i give my buissness to a more mest up restarant chain again. i will never eat you guy's food ever again. it was my third time to eat it. i was exited for jack in the box to be coming to oklahoma. and had never tried it before. but know i will never eat the food ever again or at another jack in the box store. and i will everyone i know not to go to jack in the box. rather i say jack in the crack. i was scared anyway to eat it at first because i had rememered the ecoli break out from jack in the box from 93. that killed some people. this store in moore okahoma should be looked at. and the management there should be fired. and replaced. of course it will never happen. thanks for a crappy experiance at jack in the box, i will never never ever ever eat there ever again.

Honestly if I could give you less of a rating I would. Your store on 4402 Maple Ave in Dallas, Tx is the worst one you have the manager himself is very rude to the customers. I could understand if he did not hear my order but he did not even give me my ticket when I asked for it he turned his back. I am so disappointed with the service in all your reasutrants chain in Dallas. If the is the new image of jack in ght box then I am going to give my hard earn american dollars to a company who understands custsomer sevice ant treats there patrons with respect. The are other place to spend my money to bad your employees don't see that. What make it worse no one answers the phone at the store.

On August 1, 2010, at 10:50pm, I visited Jack in the Box located in Bellingham Washington on the corner of Northwest and Bakerview Street. I was in the drive thru having trouble deciding what to order and changed my mind several times. Then, I heard the guy say "I am going to strangle this girl." I left the ordering station and went directly to the pickup window. My boyfriend jumped out of the car and confronted the Hispanic worker and asked for the manager. The Hispanic kid said he was sorry and that he didn’t mean that he was talking about me. However, there were only men working in the Jack in the Box so it was obvious he was talking about me. My boyfriend got back in the car and I told the Hispanic worker "that was really professional" and I left the Jack in the Box and went home. Consequently, I need to speak to corporate about this incident and how the worker was rude and possibly meant to harm me. Jack in the Box, this was the last time I will be going to any of your stores.

today I had the worst experience evev. I got a ultimate bacon cheese combo and the meat was raw. Not only mine was my cuzzns too. I don't kno how pl serve food like that but I will never eat jacknthebox ever again nor will my family.

Dear Jack I had a interview with a Jose Croce On 06/11/10, Jose never showed up for the interview, also never called back i called him Monday 6/14/10 left massage Jose did not call back,Called wednesday 6/16/10 leave massage #2 asking when we can make up the interview Jose never called I called 6/18/10-6/22/10-6/25/10-6/28/10 and 7/2/10 never got a call back,Is this how you find people to work for you? I don't think this is right for someone to do. I would vary much like to work for jack in the box, but this is discrimination and I don't think you want a law suet on you. if i don't hear from you.You well have a law suet. thank you Jesse A Fergel Jr

Please tell us why you cook the eggs so hard (withvthose ruffled edges) on your breakfeast sandwiches. So glad you are using real eggs again but cooked way too hard. We visit the store(s) about 3-4 times a week. Thanks

I think you guys should take those mini churos off & bring back the mini cinnoman rolls i like those much better and alot of people think that to. Don't get me wrong they're OK but not better than the ols cinnoman rolls.

My Feet Stink

I really miss the double cheeseburgers Jack in the box used to have. I went there one day and tried to order one and they said they didn't make them anymore. Why? They were so yummy. I rarely go to Jack in the Box now because they don't have the double cheeseburger. It was ten times better than any other food chains dbl cheeseburger!

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