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Rip off

You charge $1.89 for a large pumpkin spice coffee, but your workers in Torrance, CA on Torrance Blvd are charging customers $.60 extra for the pumpkin spice syrup. I ordered two large coffees and they charged me $1.80 for syrup. What a rip off and a joke.

Song Choice

I would call myself a regular customer at Jack in the Box Kapolei Hawaii. But tonight it was inappropriate songs & the volume was higher then normal. My family an I looked at eachother and said are with at a club. Customer service, poor. No smile what so ever, she couldnt hear our order over the loud music they played & she got it wrong. Preperation of the food is awesome!


The male manager of Brawley,CA 315 W. gets upset at me if I don't wear make-up at work and constantly makes inappropriate comments. Please advise. Thank you.


I rarely have problems with Jack in the Box until today. I got a grilled chicken salad and the chicken was cold, the leaves were brown, the service was slow, saw an employee walk into the building with his hat off to the side of his head like a thug and his pants were sagging. There was also HAIR in my salad. I am very displeased given the fact that I can get a better salad for half the price at McDonalds. NOT HAPPY.


Bad attitude from the asst manager and I beleive its her son that works there also..Will never go to that Jack in the box in Tulare, CA....

Beware jib managers. If you don't play the corp game,you will be forced out by the hr & training dept. It dosen't matter that you run good numbers and your sales are up-what matters is if they like you or not.so-beware!!!


Dumb customer service! Very upset. Ruined my appetite, got it all wrong...


Jack In The Box on Loop 410 San Antonio, Tx. has very good customer service. The employee, Jose, was very polite and well mannered.


I don't know which ad agency sold you morons on the sleazy commercials but you need to re-think your strategy. Do you want to be family friendly or do you want the MTV crowd. You won't be getting anymore of my money.

Sexting Comercial

I have never responded to a company re: TV commercials....Your sexting AD is so offensive and classless that I was compelled to write. Every time it comes on, I immediately change the channel, disgusted that someone on your team thinks this is clever or witty. Such a sad commentary on the mentality of your company.

Clean Up Your Act

Your sexting commercial reflects your company's shameful desperation to air anything to get attention. Clean up your act and market around quality and service, not sexual references. Most our your stores have closed in our area.... Hope they all are closed soon!

Bad service, unprofessional

I went to jack in the box kansas city, kansas( legends) location between the hours of 8:30 and 9:00 on 7/19/13. I was really unsatisfied with their unprofessionalism. It took 7 minutes to get my order ready every one was playing around on phone nd way I think was the manager had a bad attitude! What I was really surprised was with what I had seen two younger couple in the back I see that as very un highly professional! The lobby was kinda full with people trying to get there order taken and no one was paying attention!


I am very disappointed with jack in the box. Their commercials are NOT family friendly. They are perverted and gross. My family and I will not be eating at jack in the box ever again.


I worked at Jack in the box for six months and was treated horribly by 90% of the other workers. And the really sad thing about it is that I was the only legal person there. They work they're employees way too hard and pay them close to nothing. (hiring illegals)

im mad

I went to jack n the box at 11:40 and wanted a Oreo shake and they said the machine is closed so i asked what time they close they said 2am so you close the machine 2 hrs before closing and let me mention they person right in front of me just ordered a shake ....im so mad..Shut it down please


From the "no nookie" commercial and the "Hot Mess" commercial you twisted people have out done yourselves with the young underage girls sexting about how "BIG" it is, that is totally disgusting. I hate see what the pervert department comes up with when you add a chili dog or fish taco to the menu.

Sick Commercials

And that is not sick in the new cultural as in "good" sick either. Sick. As in sick is sick is sick. Horrible. You are perhaps one of the worst offenders as far as sexualizing your food commercials. What is it that a company feels or believes that they won't sell as many burgers unless a half naked model is in the commercial slithering all over a hot car or .... a couple of chicks SEXTING. Hello. We're not stupid. But your commercials are.

company needs improvement

I don't like the fact that they argue with you when you order and none of the stores seem to be able to get a simple order correct. the last three time I have ordered I have gotten my burger burnt, soggy, or with extra of certain things I specified I didnt want was repeatedly told they do not come with these. As such I do not beleive that they will continue to grow if they do not address this issue.

Inappropriate commercial

It is very inappropriate to make a commercial making light of something as serious as sexting. Your company should find a new writer for their commericals, one who can be funny without being vulgar.


I love your food but deplore your commercials. Also after my salad yesterday I got stomach cramps and sick. I called the person in charge and she was very very rude. The store is in Youngtown AZ

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