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Just went to the Food Lion at 3009 The Plaza in Charlotte, NC. Everyone was smiling and very friendly. The store was very clean compared to the one on Hwy 16 at Hwy 150 in Denver, NC. It was a pleasure getting the things I needed and all the employees were working instead of standing around. Hats off to the manager and his/her staff for all they do.

I have been an employee working on 6 years now. Loved my job, never had a problem. Until I got promoted as a full time cake decorator. Once I was sent to a different store as their cake decorator he old deli manager came back from Florida ( came back to glen burnie burwood plaza md) goes by the name cookie lee. She's a great great deli manager but does not know how to speak to her employees. She speaks to me any way she wants to and hurts my feelings. She's constantly picking on me working past a year now. Ive had enough. I talked to the store manager and he didn't do anything. Food lion sucks so bad and I officially hate it. I will never spend any part of my paycheck in that store again.

I am getting ready to go on vacation. I have tried to pull up the Food Lion weekly ad, to see if I need to buy something before I leave, or if I can get it there. The problem is, if I try to pull up the ad from where I'm going , It tries to pull up a local ad. We Don't Have A Food Lion !!!!! I guess I will be planning my food shopping trip to the Bi-Lo (I can get their ad) when I get there.

I've only been with the company for 8 months and i already hate my job. I have a horrible front end maniger who thinks shes everything under the sun and then some, she wont show anybody anything and she has yelled at me twice infront of customers. I cant believe this company would even hire somebody like that. They put so much into making themselfs look good they dont care about the employees or the customers. To be honest the people who has asked me if they are hiring ill tell them straight up they dont want to work for food lion. ALSO:: the manigers dont care if your sick or your family is dying in the hospital, they want you at work for a 4 hour shift, or your not going to have a job. IF this does keep going on i will contact my local news station and make sure this gets out.

As a formal employee of food lion blythewood sc.I can not believe they would have such a manager working their for them. He is rude and will do anything to cover up what he has done wrong even go as far to lie his way oout of it. I have worked there almost 5 years my 5th yr would have been up in oct. Almost in vested there. I started school in oct of 2011 at night so I told my boss about the school. My schedule was 8 -5 so he said there should be no problem anyway june 6th he chaged my schedule to nights and I told him i couldnt work I had school he said if I left and clock out dont come back. He could replace me the next day . I had finals that night so I had to leave. I called hr rite away to let them know what happen it has been 4 weeks no calls and if i call them they say they stillk working on it. Now i applied for unemployment but he told them i quit so chances are i will not get it. I will never go back in there or work for this company again. I lost my vacation time and feel like this is not fair to be treated like this and he gets away with it but nobody will do anything about it.

I like Food Lions products and reasonable prices but I went to a couple of stores in NC which is where I live. I used my Discover card and tried to get cash back but they never would give me cash back the last couple of times I went. Why is that? They give cash back on discover cards. I have gotten cash back before.

I can't find the human resource number. I am an employee at a food lion in NC and my store manager isn't setting the best example. They are always on their cell phone even when someone calls the store directly they stay on their cell phone then answer the phone call in the store for them. I'm very disappointed to see this. I expect more from a manager. THey also receive text messages and answer them on the sales floor.I know sometimes it can be work related but I'm sure it's not all the time since they would more then likely call the store before they call the managers cell phone. Also the new strategy is good on paper but it's not realistic in the work force. Whats expected of employees at least from my manger isn't realistic to what the alotted time for the job is. For this reason I have found another job and good luck to all other associates. If Food Lion is going to make a difference then they need to take care of there lower employees better. Otherwise you will have employees like me and others giving Food Lion a bad rep. Lets face it you can lower prices and make employees work harder and cut hours but if the employees complain to everyone they know about how Food Lion sucks then what have you really accomplished.

We will go on untill we have got them.Lion

I've been working at Foodlion for almost 2 years, I've never gotten a raise, not even when I got promoted to Office Assistant. I feel like Foodlion expects so much out of it's workers and we don't get anything back in return. I get paid as much as a bagger does at another location. I don't think that's right and will be contacting HR.

Food Lion treats their employees like garbage.I have been an employee of Food Lion for 4 years. I am 67 years old. We no longer have baggers and are scanning and bagging ourselves which none of us like but is okay but last week was the LAST STRAW. I was informed by a manager and a customer service employee that i am expected to go out to the parking lot and retrieve shopping carts. It has been over 100 degrees here in N.C. I refused because as a small 67 year old woman that this is just plain asking too much of me.I have tried to contact corporate with no success or return call. To me this is tantamount to elder abuse and i am going to continue to refuse to do this and leave it to the younger employees who range in age from 17 to their early 20's and 30's I tried to reason with the manager about this but he said that he had to do hard work that he shouldn't have to do too. Excuse me he's in his 30's give me a break.

food lion in mooresville nc on 115 an 150 u got mangers standing around alot

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I went in for an interview for a job with foodlion store # 00250 in Culpeper, VA. The hiring manager there sounded very promising that I would get the job. I called several times after my interview, to later get a phonecall saying I didnt get the job. I asked her why I didnt get the job and she said it was because they dont hire people with misdeamnors or felonies. That is a lie right there. there is a registered sex offender working for them. My record has to do with misdeamnors only. Im still trying to do the research to find out if its true or not. Besides that, its a good place to shop. I still do even though i didnt get the job. stars for shopping there is a... ***** (5 star)

I was in the food Lion store located in Seaford De on Saturday June 23, 2012 seated in the motorized chair getting ready to do my shopping mind you that I'm handicap when the customer service representative asked me did i really need that chair because a white woman needed mind you that i'm black and took in very bad way.

Great Falls, Va. Plaza Food Lion. Employee Sam the butcher excellent. Customer Service Manager Eric incompetent does not know how To talk to customers or resolve issues. Food quality of top sirloin steak awful! Very tough. Major changes need to be made at this operation to live up to Northern Va. Customer expectations!

I have shopped at store #1678 in Advance since they opened their doors, but I may never shop there again. I went there to pick up some items this morning. I finished my shopping and went to the front of the store to check out. The only open checkout lane was the express lane; I walked down to all the other lines, but none of them had their lights on, nor was there a cashier in any line. Since no other line was open, I got in the express lane, knowing that I had 23 items but no place else to go. The couple in front of me finished their checkout, and I started to put my items on the counter. Just as I set the second item on the counter, an employee from the office charged around the corner, took my items off the counter, and said that she would get me on aisle 1. She told me this lane was only for 12 items or less. As you can imagine, I was thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated. I am 63 years old and I taught school for better than 35 years; I can read. I thought she was extremely rude and unprofessional. I came home never wanting to set foot in another Food Lion.

i have visited the store 1582 in king george va and while most of the people are friendly there cashiers go too fast while just pushing your items to the end and waiting to bag and they start on next customer beforeyou have even gotten done signing credit card or check receipt. i will no longer shop at this store. people need to slow down some and relate with their customers.

I live in Mt.Jackson Va.The Food Lion is handy,two blocks away.I have had a number of complaints over the years such as clerks not saying thank you,especialy right after you just paid $300 or $400 for groceries. The time I went in for the chicken that was on sale and the case was empty.When I asked for some they told me that meat dept.went home.But I am more concerned about the situation I encountered today.Since it is Fathers Day I thought my husband would enjoy something special for dinner.I saw the crablegs were featured in the fri,sat,sun flyer for $3.99LB.I thought wow,he would love those.I was prepared to buy a large quanity,since I had other people coming for dinner.When I go to purchase them all that was in the case was 2 bags with ice all over them and at reg price.When I asked about the special they told me that it was not for this Food Lion.He told me that it was a mistake .Fale advertising,wow,I was so disapointed that I could not surprise my husband with crab legs on Father's Day.I could not believe it.It sounds to me that Food Lion Stores better start thinking about us customers dropping our hard earned money in these stores.I have seen many no no's when shopping.I am in the food business and I can't help but see employees chewing gum,clerks.Many times could not get waited on at the deli when they are up front talking to other workers.We the customer and I speak for alot of other people that YOUR STORES ARE GOING TO FALL IN THE PITS. I AND OTHERS ARE GOING TO BE SHOPPING ELSEWHERE.

I shop in the Raleigh and Garner, NC Food Lion stores, and was so dismayed that you no longer carry lamb chops and veal cutlets. Why? I would shop in these Food Lions for the sole purpose of buying this meat, because the price and quality was so much better than Lowe's, our only other store besides Walmart. I usually ended up buying much more than I had planned. Now, I only run into Food Lion to see if the meats are available again. If not, I move on to Lowe's and Walmart. Please carry lamb and veal again.

people are employed in fuquay varina store old 55 that have drug charges and managment does not do anything about it

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