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falling waters wv, food lion

They are selling spoiled beer, I'll never buy beer from there again.


I lived the store in New Castle DE and frequented the storr 3 to 4 times a week until I had a problem. I completed the survey and expressed my concerns there. The survey asked if I would like someone to call me and while I selected yes, there has been no contact. Until there is, I will not step foot in a single store!


Most of Food Lions have fresh produce and meats. Whenever I have a problem with an item the store managers would always give me a refund or exchange it for a better item. To me Food Lion customer service is far one of the best in any supermarket. You say anything negative about Food Lion but they are cleaner now than most other supermarkets.


Clean stores and great customer service whenever I go to any Food lion store in the Charlotte metro area.

customer service

At store 1080 in Charlotte,NC. Is it appropriate for our manager to tell us , to get carts from the parking lot when it's dark out? Especially as a female, even though the lot is lit, the store is not in the best area of town. Just wondering.

Food Poisoning

November 3, I purchased beef bones from the meat department for my tdog. Shortly thereafter, he fell seriously I'll with a high fever and vomiting. Close to death, he spent several days in intensive care. Veterinarians diagnosed him with food poisoning due to the contaminated bone. Food Lion callously denied liability for their role in this heartbreaking tragedy.

Child Safety First

I love Food Lion for its low price, high quality food, and convenient location. I was alarmed when I saw a grandmother recently shopping with her grand children. She permitted her 5 year old grand son to stand straight up in the food cart. I reminded her that he could easily fall and hurt himself. I already know that Food Lion has instructions written on carts prohibiting children standing in carts. I just want to encourage Food Lion employees to nicely remind parents to protect their children while shopping. Safety first. We all care.

Fruits MOLD over n over

I went to the food lion and buy fruits(blueberries, strawberries), Everytime I go there to buy fruits for my parents and myself and I ended up seeing molds on those fruits and I fed up and made a report to the manager. That store needs to keep checking on fruits before STOCK them on the shelves!!!!! Harris Teeter have FRESH FRUITS and very organized! Need someone from the health dept to check that store.. It's in Mt holly on Highland Rd....

Rip off

I purchased 2 pks of Food Lion chicken thighs. When I opened the packs, I discovered them covered by about 1 1/2 # of extra skin wrapped around to the back so I could not see it. I posted this to facebook along with pics of the extra skin. It measured 7" x 6" x1" thick. Shame on you Food Lion. It is not the first time I have been extremely upset when I opened a pack of meat processed at the warehouse.

manager slack

I'm getting tired of the Food Lion on HWY 74 Indian Trail NC. One out of 5 trips there I might be able to buy a carlton of Virginia Slim Lights and that's just one of the items the manager forgets to order. I think the corporate office needs to address problem stores and get rid of the managers that cannot perform their job. I'm sick of that store!!!

Worst service ever

They work with the cops to profile and false arrest their customers who they hate.


I am a foodlion employee. I have been treated unfair since I was hired. The manager takes every Fridays off. Plus every two weeks he takes friday and Sunday off.

Brian vickers

My family likes shopping at the foodlion in summersville wv but the manager Brian vickers is so rude and I see him cussing at his employees and makes us feel very uncomfortable and he is always on his phone I just wish they would send a secret shopper in there to see how he really is please we really like shopping there but we won't as long as he is there. Thank you

Florence sc South Irby St. Food Lion

Today while visiting the food lion with my 2 year old son this food lion was playing adult theme music that was beyond inappropriate for a grocery store. The music had foul language and very graphic language. When I went to talk to managers they seemed very unconcerned so we decided to go to Bill down the road

I work for food lion, and i have no insurance. I have an upper respiratory infection, the manager said i need a doctors note. How am i supposed to bring a note if i cant afford the insurance? Will i lose my job if i don't bring one?

Meat Departments

Food Lions remodeling of stores have made them a pleasure to shop in. Many more items to choose from etc. With the Hollidays almost upon us, I hope the meat buyers will purchase "Pit Hams" for us to buy. They are boneless whole hams that are easy to prepare and offer no waste. I know that Smithfield of Virginia, offer such hams. Sam's Club usually has these hams during the holidays. Why not Food Lion ?

Corporate Phone Service

Wow its like calling the DMV 1 million options and none are the one I need.

quality of service

Our local foodline store at Salem Rd Virginia Beach needs to be shown how to deal with customers. They talk to other employees while ignoring us and when you ask if they are waiting on their buddies or us, their attitude is horendous. They never greet you with a smile because it might break their face or a thank-you. 2 isles open with 5 people waiting but refuse to open another line. I now go another 3 miles to Farm Fresh where they treat you as a valued customer.

Beatties Fd. Rd. & LaSalle St.

This store in the WORST grocery store I've ever seen. The employees act like they are paying you to shop there. Ignorant attitudes, slow and can't verbalize ANYTHING. Then, they get angry with the customer because they don't understand what they are talking about. There is more focus on flirting with men, by the women, than ANYTHING ELSE! This store looks bad and is bad.

Dog in the store ?

I couldnt believe my visit to the Food Lion in my area, store #1490. I was turning around and going up the aisle and saw a FAT, old dog sitting on the floor while the owner just chatted with a friend of hers. I shook my head with dissatisfaction. Went to the service desk to ask them about this situation. They were very helpful in explaining that this woman has "paper" that allows her dog with her everywhere because it had seizures. Wow, whats this world coming to that we must put up with people that feel entitled to bring their dog to a store instead of leaving it home for 15-20 mins. I understand having service dogs to help people, but this is ridiculous.

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