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I was shopping in food lion the other day in the Ruckersville virginia store. And I have to say what I seen go on in their deli was very uncalled for, an i seen that other customers were very up set as well. Its was between to employees their an my heart goes out the the one very young girl. The lady that was working told her to get into the walk in freezer that she had a word to pick with her an the young girl told her NO that you can talk to me right here, the older lady then blocked her in the little door way an started going off on this young girl an the girl told the older lady she was not talking to her if she was going to talk to her that way ( an I agree know one should be treated this way!) so the young girl went to walk away an the older lady shoved her back into the room an the girl tried again to walk around the older lady an the older lady put her hands on the younger girl an the younger girl kept telling her to let go of her 6 or so times an the lady would not let go of this poor girl an the young girl went to pull her arm away from her an the older lady drew back an punched this girl an still would not let go of this young girl! it took that young girl bringing her arms up against her chest to push through to get away from the older lady. After the young girl got away she walked out of the deli an the old lady mumbled something to the other lady standing there an i am not sure what it all was but i am sure i heard her tell the other lady not to speak to the managers about this that she did not see anything!! an the older lady grabbed her things to leave an go home. while i was at the check outs i seen the younger girl at the customer service desk with tears in her eyes I could tell she had been hurt really bad. I pray that the older lady is fired. This happened on saturday oct.20, 2012 around 3 pm. I will say this i shop there all the time an I will never shop there again! from a very concerned customer.

I want to know why I come home on leave from Afghanistan I go to surprise my wife at her work at the Hinesville, Ga foodlion and I walk in on her getting yelled at in front of costumers from her boss his Name is FRED I do not know his last name but it was said to me by many managers there that she is the best worker there so we is this man always treating her like crap and yelling at her in front of these costumers and not being more professional I am home on leave I am in the military and my wife is being treated wrongly by one of your store managers if nothing is done about this I will go as high as I have to so it never happens again he threatens to fire her if she takes it higher so what choice does she have but to take it

store 526 has the worse store manager ever his name is FRED and I will not put up with hime treating my wife like crapp because he is having a bad day or because he does not know how to be professional check the cameras there you will se how he is traeting is employees heck you might see more then just him being this way but I know you guys do not care and nothing will not happen so I will send one of these messages everyday until something happens and think you or him are going to find out who my wife is and fire her there will be a lawsuit coming your way if you do that take care of the real problem which is FRED and not the little employees who do all the work in your stores I will take it legel and public if something is not done about FRED

We the concerned citizens of the boys and girls club of emporia,va are tired of the mismanagement of the club. We have complained to the food lion manager (president of the club). Will we have to stop going to food lion to get his attention?

food lion on raleigh blvd raleigh n.c......stre #757 poor management by Anita Kemp front end..... to cover up her stealing she fired tha good hands that she needed/////an keep best friend......reallly pls look into this....we need help on that side of towm

PLEASE STOP MAKING POTATO SALAD i have for years bought your southern potato salad time after time hard potatoes do you have four year olds cooking?! this is your brand you need to stand behind your products yuk yuk yuk this is it fix it or nix it maybe you should try sending your big wigs down to taste the rocks you have in it maybe there teeth will break off i mean come on potatoes its like cooking noodles even the inexperienced can cook that im done no more for me and my family hey maybe mrs/mr ceo i throw some at your head and knock some since in ya NO MORE POTATO SALAD

I have one question. Why has the Mooresville, N. Main Street store #0812 stopped stocking and selling Campbells Oyster Stew? The answer I received from one of the managers was that removing Campbells Oyster Stew from their store was either a corporate decision from Food Lion (or get this) that the Campbells Corporation had eliminated this product! I said that Cambells Corporation was too smart to have made that stupid move so I guess the problem has eminated from Food Lion Corporate. By the way, the manager said that many people had asked him why the oyster stew was no longer available and that he could sell it without any problem. This product should be back on the shelves at store #0812 Pronto!!!

Put Cambell's Oyster Stew back on the shelf in Mooresville's Food Lion store #0812, Pronto!!

I can not understand why at 5:30 in the evening not one but two of your stores had zero fried chicken. Not a piece. There was plenty of rotisserie chicken but my family wanted fried.It's dinner time for crying out loud. The cashier asked did I find everything satisfactory and when I told him that neither store had fried chicken his explanation was that they were getting a truck tomorrow. That didn't help me that night and I hardly believe that you have a truck with fried chicken on it.

The Food Lion in Brevard, N.C. is beyond a doubt one of the finest examples of a store running smooth and the cashiers at the counter are so polite and friendly, the produce is always being taken care of, the deli, that area always cleaning.. I truly will miss your store when I leave at the end of October for Florida, do that every year and then deal with publix and must say I always compare, and although my main residence is in Florida I have had property in the mountains for over 32 years... I don't know how the other Food Lion Stores are run but if they are like the one in Brevard, N.C. then they are a winner..

I was in Food Lion shopping and some people were talking about the manager and his invovlement with local boys and girls club. They were loud and very upset. I don't think customers should be subjected to this. This is not our concern. If he can not seperate the two something should be let go.

Worked as a cashier there for two years, some time ago. I begged and pleaded for a 1% raise (8 cents) on my first-year anniversary and never got that or any other raise over the course of my employment, even though I showed up on time, had a good sales record and was well-liked by customers. After I put in my two-weeks notice as my 2-year anniversary was coming up, they didn't even let me finish out my time because, according to them, one customer said something about me. They didn't send me my paycheck either--I had to call corporate and it took forever, and apparently I'm not the only one who had to deal with that (a lot of people left around the time I did). If you can avoid working for these people, then for your sake, please do so.

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I've been shopping at food lion on Hillsborough st. in Durham for years now. Yesterday, the cashier sold me a wrong carton of cigarets. I went today to replace it. They refused very rudely. Manager name was Matt. The worst manager ever. Also, the customer service desk was very rude. **My last dime I would spend at any Food Lion!!

I hope Food Lion goes under for doing away with the baggers. I have just about stopped shopping at Food Lion. I used to do all of my shopping there and now I shop there about five percent. Shame on you greedy corporate people who just want to fill your pockets more.

I have worked for this company a combined total of 2 years, and it has been a complete waste of time! I am trained in 5 different areas and yet I not once have I received a raise. I understand that the company is trying to save money during these hard times, but that is ridiculous. I have been told by several fellow employees that they don't worry about coming in and working hard because there will not be a reward. Foolishly, I didn't buy into that theory. Instead, I go to work and perform my job to the best of my ability each and every shift I work. In fact, I have had customers ask me to call my manger to the front just to tell them that they better give me a raise because of my wonderful customer service and my evident desire to perform hard work. When hired I was under the delusion that an employer/employee contract was entered into by both parties: should I work hard, provide good work and customer assistance then I would reap the benefits for a job well done. Furthermore, I recently learned that a fellow employee, who has been with the company for 4 years, applied for a recently opened full-time position. Instead of promoting from within the company, our district manager hired a man who has never worked for a grocery store of any chain to work the position. Really? Where are the rewards for being a good employee? Where are the rewards for working hard? Where are the rewards for giving each customer valuable assistance to ensure customer loyalty? As I said, I understand the economy is bad and that money is hard to come by; however, I hear more and more customers and employees complaining about their experiences, and how they will from now on shop at Wal-Mart, and other various grocery stores, to ensure Food Lion doesn't get their money. I, for one, agree with them and have begun shopping at other stores as well. Why should I perform good and honest work for a company that doesn't value me, and then turn around and give that same company half of my paycheck? I promise you that Food Lion will never again receive even a dollar of my money, and that every dollar you pay me is an eventual loss for your company. I know that I, as well as several other employees at various Food Lions in my area, are actively seeking jobs with other companies that will value their employees' hard work and time. Should anyone at HR or Corporate actually care about solving this here is my proposed solution: Give credit where credit is due. If you have employees working several areas then invest in those employees by giving a raise for each department learned. Doing this will ensure your employees that are interested in developing themselves and your company will continue to perform hard and honest work for you. This translates into more knowledgable employees that have incentive to stay with the company and further develop said company. Treat your lowest employees like your highest employees. By showing all workers your respect, you in turn foster each employee to give each coworker and customer the utmost respect. Having District Managers and Store Managers threatening their employees with the loss of a job only creates division, strife, stress, and unhappy workers. Customers do not value this and will not continue to give you their money should they receive treatment they believe is not the very best available. Hire first from within your own store and then company! I know that at the store which I am employed my previous ACSSM held that position for SIX years before transferring to another store for better opportunities. By her doing that you lost her six years of knowledge of the strong and weak points of the store where she worked. Instead of ensuring she stayed there, and taking advantage of her knowledge, you took advantage of her as a person. She could have fostered and strengthened weaker employees and aided in the rewarding of your hard working employees. Above is listed another instance of Food Lion betraying their employees' hard work and time for the chance of a better worked instead of helping develop people already in your employ. Not to sound full of myself, but I am too smart and capable to be moving boxes in produce, or baggin bread in the bakery. I have a natural understanding of people and how to leave them with a smile upon their face. Why not take advantage of my gifts, and reward me for my hard work? I should have the chance to work at building customer relations beyond small talk between my work. All employees under my supervision tell me that I am one of their favorite Office Assistants to work with because while I expect them to perform their job to the best of their ability, I also recognize that small talk between employees, small talk (5-10 minutes) with customers, and emergency situations are a part of life. Furthermore, I do not understand why I have worked 4 weekends in a row, and must work another two in a row, when my ACSSM and CSSM get every other weekend off. My only friends are in college or working full-time and the only time we can hang out, as usual 22 year olds do, is on the weekend. I have sacrificed my time, hard work, and social life for what? No raises, no real promotions, and no loyalty from my employers. I am not congratulated for a job well-done, but instead criticized for every small thing that is not completed correctly. Perhaps if a District Manager or Store Manager were required to work an Office Assistant's shift once a month they would remember just how difficult it can be running Western Union, Money Orders, Rug Doctor Transactions, Loans, Deposits, Pickups, Till Counts, Lottery, supervising all Cashiers and Baggers, and any other duty a manager doesn't feel like doing that day. Perhaps then I would be valued and rewarded. Perhaps then I wouldn't be actively searching for another job, even if it provides less pay to begin with, to ensure that in years to come I will be rewarded based on my work instead of how well I kiss my managers' butt. Overall, Food Lion is not a good company to work for, and does not offer Customer Service that can be even remotely called great. Truly, I wish you would change this type of treatment, but I am not stupid enough to believe this. At the end of the day you care only about your money and not about the people ensuring you get it.

worked for food lion for 9 years love the job so much until the company made changes and decided to move managers around from stor to store, instead of fixing the problem, creating a magor problem in our store., the manager made statements to associates and said no one goes above my head,. example : if a associate would call the district manager or human resources they would be transfered to another store due to retaliation, because what ever was said behind closed doors between associate and the district manger or human resources the problem would not be fixed because everything that was said they would be told to the manager everything that the associate said which is most definately wrong. there is one manager that doesn't appricate his associate, and if it wasnt for the associates of food lion there would be no food lion. also this manager treats everyone in that specific store like trash under his feet, and pretends that they are stupid,. the associates of this specific store is scared to say anything to other higher up personnel but now let the truth be known,. food lion corporate needs to do a full investion on this specific store 1446 before it gets out of control,. the associates of this store is scared to do anything about this b/c they are worried about there job, or the retaliation they will receive back.

My daughter was hired as a part-time employee in the Deli. She has not been scheduled to work for 6 weeks. She discussed this issue with his immediate manager and the store manager to no avail. She is a hard worker and has never done anything wrong. Upon requesting a transfer to another department, she was told that she was in the system and that when something came up, she would let her know. Over that 6-week period, they have hired 2 new cashiers. When she inquired again, the manager stated, "I wish you would have taken care of this 6 weeks ago (she did). I just hired 2 people. You will have to apply again online because you are no longer in the system. I don't have any positions available at this time." She has not been terminated from the store, nor has she resigned. Her attempts to find work elsewhere have been futile as she lists this job as a reference. These people are certainly immature, incompetent people that should be held accountable for their actions. A formal grievance will be filed.

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I'm one of over 7000 residents in Tellico Village, postal address Loudon, TN 37774. We've had our Food Lion store going on three years, I think, and it is excellent. Tellico Village is a Retirement Community with folks from all over the U.S. and internationally. We have varied and eclectic tastes in food and our store manager and staff have done everything to stock our favorite food items. The staff as a group are always friendly and helpful. It's a pleasure to shop there instead of driving 30 miles round trip to some other less desireable markets. We waited many years to get a store to come in and we really lucked out when Food Lion chose us. Pleasse take the time to recognize the manager and all the staff for the fine way they are representing Food Lion. I think I speak for the majority of Villagers who shop there. Thanks.

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