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I worked at Food Lion for one year, since being there I saw friends go because of one person. I have seen the disrespect of this person not only with other employees but customers too. I can't understand why I had to leave MY job b.c of one person. It's a shame no one cares. If someone did they wouldn't have family members in the office together. I am so sorry for any one who comes to this store, I have to say it's not the cleanest and diffidently not the friendliest. Maryland Store.

I'm now 17 started when I was 16 in February during school. My managers are very understanding about all employees & school schedules & do there best to give us any needed time off. Only problems i have are some of the customers. they expect us to do things that they are fully capable of just because we are cashiers. For example not putting there stuff in their carts. We ring all of there stuff, properly bag it, ot's their groceries they can easily set them in the cart. If there was no line, of course we'd put them in - but customers can't expect us to do everything. Any customers we see that are older or hurt, someone will give them any help needed. other than that, there is no reason to stand there & let a cashier slave over you.

Our local Food Lion gives our local Boys and Girls club in Emporia/Greensville VA donated items for the children. Is it right to sell the items to our children or not use them for what they were intended for? Is it right to bill the USDA for donated food? These are just some questions being asked in the community. If the community kows this shouldn't the store manager. Oh!, I forgot he is the president of the local boys and girls club.

I have a daughter who works at a Food Lion in NC. She was hired as a full-time employee however her hours were cut almost immediately after she copleted 2week of training. She has attempted to speak with the CSM who hired her but has been unsuccessful as the CSM taunts her by calling her names such as "little girl". She feels that she works in a hostile work environment which is not receptive to employee complains nor employee needs as she has also attempted to speak with the Store Manager only to be redirected BACK to the CSM whom their is an obvious issue. She really likes her job and would like to transfer to another store which is closer to home AND she is very familiar with the other employees there as they all went to school together HOWEVER in order to accomplish this she has to go back to GUESS WHO?? THE CSM whom is taunts her and constantly shows her that she is of no value with her condensending comments. Will someone in coorporate please give some direction as to how this can be resolved OTHER THAN my daughter resigning?

Food lions new policy of having their female cashiers go out and retrieve shopping carts in any kind of weather is disgusting. We are expected to go out and sweat and then get back on our registers all sweaty and wet and cash out customers. There are no baggers anymore and customers feel forced to load their own carts. It's horrible. I sure wish more people would complain.

I like to know if food lion is going to recycle soda can and bottls in va portsmouth. my familys drink a lots of sodas and beers and want to recycle them. I know OR. have them and other state too. thank you for your time.

My encounter at the Myrtle Beach, Belle Terre location was one of pure discrimination for the use of Food Stamps. Not sure if it was the manager on duty or the cashier themselves who initiated the discrimination, but one thing is for sure, I will get to the answer and someone's job will be on the line.

I love the new coupon machine at our Food Lion in Banner Elk, NC. I don't generally use coupons, but each time I've swiped my card (I don't do it every time) at the machine, it has given me at least one coupon that I could use that day. With the arrival of this, I thought the coupons that are dispensed at the register would either stop or decrease in number. Not so. Yesterday I received seven coupons at the register after my purchase of three items, none of which were related in any way to the coupons dispensed. Six of the seven coupons were for items that I have never purchased, either the brand on the coupon or any other brand...items that my family doesn't use. The amount of waste is a concern...wasted paper and wasted time at the register as the coupons just keep coming. The cashiers are all very nice, but you can see the weary look in their eyes as they pull coupon after coupon from the dispenser, most, like all of mine, which will go straight to the recycling bin. I realize Food Lion is not a convenience store, but the amount of time spent waiting for these coupons to come sometimes takes longer than the actual purchase transaction. Maybe you could add a feature to the MVP Customer Card that would allow you to opt out of coupons at the register.

The people who work in the Bluffton, SC store don't seem to care. The Food Lion is very convenient to Sun City Hilton Head and many of us use it. It is never well stocked so it's a mistake to go with a list. I went in one day and there was a small, hand written note on the door that said "cash only" so I went in and asked the manager about it. He shrugged his shoulders. I asked if the ATM was working and again, he shrugged his shoulders. I hope you'll do something to save your store. I hear that another one has closed recently, but, from the reviews, it looks like you've been told many times before and apparently, you don't care either.

I worked for foodlion in north carolina an recently lost my job as a customer service rep. It was 105 degrees and they expected me to go get carts and i refused. The manager on dutie threatened to give me one day a week if i didnt go get the carts! Now im a single parent with 2 kidz with no job. Itz all behind refusing to go get carts. My kids and I are struggling an doin bad now because i lost my job! Please pray for my family thanks.

This is about Food Lion in Pilot Mtn., N.C. Have to ask girls to put bagged groceries in the cart and they give us a dirty look because I asked. I want them to do it without me asking. This is a long time service I have gotten my whole life. What is happening to the young folks when they don't want to help the old and dissabled. One short, chubby white girl with long brown hair, threw our liquid drink containers to the bottom of the bags as hard as she could to show us she was mad that the cashier asked her to help put the bags in our cart. This is the one who never wants to help and she tries to push us into giving a donation to some organization. After saying no she kept pushing. We spent thousands of dollars in this store, but never again.

I'm gonna break it down for anyone who wants to jump up to a salaried position at food lion. First off, it's not worth the headache, you work 70-80hrs a week, every week with no job well done from anyone. You can be the best employee that ever hit the doors and upper management treats you like dirt. It's never good enough for the district manager or director. When the VP comes around, he/she is in/out in 30 mins TOPS, smiles to your face the calls the director or DM and tells them to "fix" the store which ultimately means YOU'RE going to be in their fixing it in which case you'll work 90+ hours on weeks like this. It's a constant struggle to make labor and hours get cut every week because the home office doesn't budget the stores enough hours to meet the business because the economy is so tough these days. The people that work their tail's off keeping this company afloat don't get any recognition or praise for doing so. If you're fortunate to be "pop-visited" by a DM, he/she will rag you all day long about nit-picky crap and give you a list a mile long to get done on his way out the door and he'll want it done that day, so be prepared to work a open/close on those days. If you're getting ready for a visit you also need to expect to work a open/close to have it picture perfect because DM's and DO's can't be at peace unless the store they're in is looking like grand opening. And you'll be able to pay you're hard working employees a whoping 50cent above minimum wage to work them to death and virtually destroy any family life they have at the time . You "should" be able to get all the things done in a normal 45 hr week according to you're DM because every task you have is alotted a specific time and it equals up to 45 hours. Yeah RIght! Who determines hours for the store. Are there actually people that do that?!? I've NEVER seen them but have been told there are people who decide how many hours you get for each task. HA work a 2000 pc grocery truck in 34 hours. Really??? I'd like to see a DM or DO come in and run a 2000 pc truck with a crew and not stop to chit chat on their smart phone. They'd go into DT's and probably make a lame excuse why they have to leave. Then tell you to "throw it up". Ok, seriously I could go on and on and on, but I'll stop. I've worked with the Food kitty for quite a while now and I see them falling faster than the prices at Walmart. One day they're gonna get what's coming to them for treating their employees the way they do. You can't bite the hand that feeds you.

I went to Food Lion Monday evening. I checked out. The cashier bagged the goceries and left them sitting there. I said where are the baggers? No baggers! She said she could call for asssistance to my car if I needed. No one to help get trays of water bottles off shelf! Line moves slower when no one is there to help bag. I am very disappointed Food Lion wants to save money without regard to customer or the loss of baggers' jobs!!!! Don't start cutting out customer service! We have to pay so much for groceries--if not for the customers--there would be no Food Lion! By the way there are other stores who treat their customer with respect! Don't even have to ask assistance either in the store or to car! What about all the employee are "let go"? I cannot believe this action from the managers! Thoroughly disgusted and disappointed!

I am appalled by Food Lions ridiculous prices. I was purchasing one item in Food Lion as at the time seemed to offer the best price....no more!!! In less than 4 months this one item has climbed in price by a whopping $3 which is ridiculous. You can't blameoupons it on the original produser as Kroger Stores have had the same price within that same timeframe. Foodlion at one time offered it cheaper but now the price for the same item has surpassed Kroger . I pledge my patronage to Kroger as they are constantly sending me coupons for free items and offer excellent values each and every week. Food Lion fails to be able keep up and offers gimmicks or values on products never used. Further after reading how they treat their employees I am appalled at what I have read. In particularly the elderly woman who is required to retrieve shopping carts from the parking lot. I patron WalMart solely because of their employment if the elderly. Food Lion you should be ashamed.

I had applied to the store in Amherst, VA and was able to get an interview. After the interview was over I was hired on the spot and told to come in a few days later to do my orientation. The day of I was called and told they had to reschedule for various reasons and to come in again a few days later. Cancelled and rescheduled again for a few days out. The day of I had already dropped my kid off at a babysitter and was supposed to go in when they called me an hour prior and cancelled again for the third time but I was told that the manager, Eric, would call me back with a new time. (All other times it was Eric that called to cancel and reschedule). It has been about 2 weeks now and still no phone call! I dont like to play the veteran card but I served for a little over 8 years doing things that this so called manager could only dream of. I dont have time for these stupid games. If he thinks I would work for him for a pathetic $7.50 an hour he must be on drugs, not even for $10.00 an hour at this point. I think my 8 y/o could run that store better than him and he is the one who lost out on a great employee!

Apparently management of your stores in Fuquay Varina, NC, don't give two hoots about their employees...distributing schedules one day in advance, before an employee may have the next two - three days off without any consideration that the employee may have been able to make plans with his/her family members during that time off. I have worked in customer service and human relations areas for 35 years and have never seen any corporation treat their employees they way Food Lion does. Many other incidents to numerous to mention...check into the management and employee relations of your stores in that town.

this is a very disgraceful, disrespectful co. to work for. the don't give crap about anyone. the workers get treated like s----!! i think it ought to be against the law to have a place like this. can never do enough to suit anyone, mgrs stand around and yak can call them to help and guess what they don't come most of the time. customers are rude as hell.no wonder no one wants to help out.

Making your small girl employees walk out late at night to get carts in alone where people have been robbed and stuff is just asking for me to care y'all to court if anything happens to her and I have no problem doing so.

Really? you have to be with the company for 3 years just to withdraw from your 401k? so the money that came out of my account is no longer mine? Thats a load of crock. I put time into Food Lion for two years and this is how you treat me? What goes around comes around.

Im a food lion employee of 3 years..im sick today but still went in..i told them i couldn't get carts.the manager said if i can't get carts to go home and not come in tomorrow either.. said he can't make others do it just cause im sick..food lion treats the employees like crap

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