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Do you think that corporate office could tell managers that they need to train their cashiers on how to bag groceries. I can't tell you how many times I have found cookies, bread and other breakables/squishables packed with canned goods! Or bananas with canned goods or some other bruisable/perishable packed with milk or canned goods. And I'm not just talking about young kids as cashiers -- this is often the work of middle aged cashiers too! Where is the common sense?

I go way back when one could purchase sliced loaf bread almost out of the oven. Now I leave the store with my new loaf of bread and find it to be a week old as I make a sandwich. Can we not get fresh bread any more? Many years ago, Merita Bakeries made a good bread but now the quality has been cut so far there is nothing left to desire. What could they possibly do next? Life is not ending and we must continue on but when one runs out of options to cut costs and make more profit, what do they do? My suggestion: Just close up shop. We don't want your product anymore! Food Lion is large enough to make someone listen if you would only say something to the right people. We don't want stale bread any more! What don't you understand?????

for years i havebought flat iron steaks at food lion on mountain rd in pasadena maryland 21122 now the store has not had them for 2 weeks and the meat manager says they might have discontinued them if i find another food market that sells them i wii start shopping there

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