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senior citizen

I read the Food Lion offers a discount for senior citizens on Mondays, but you had to ask for it. When I did that I was told Food Lion didn't participate in that discount at the present time. Is there a discount or not?

chilish behaviors

Your food lion Iin Mt.Airy,MD has a deli associate and a grocery manager who treat customers like their a joke. Laughing loud being rude,smoking outside by the store in packs like they are at home. It all is unprofessional and needs to stop. I use to talk to this grocery manager now he is just being ingnorite and rude I wont stand for it. I buy my groceries and leave but now they are pissing me off. I am going to shop at safeway where my money is important to the business. I liked the store but nomore enough is enough

termination of employee

my daughter was terminated food lion has a policy that they do not sell tobacco products to anyone under 40 years old with out Identification food lion train their employees to look at a customers and judge their age my daughter misjudge a customer and sold cigarettes to someone in their 30's in the state of maryland this is not a crime what was the real reason she was terminated 21years of age is the legal age to buy tobacco products

termination of employee

my daughter was terminated food lion has a policy that they do not sell tobacco products to anyone under 40 years old with out Identification food lion train their employees to look at a customers and judge their age my daughter misjudge a customer and sold cigarettes to someone in their 30's in the state of maryland this is not a crime what was the real reason she was terminated 21years of age is the legal age to buy tobacco products

Western Union

I was just at your 494 located at 1245 cedar road chesapeake VA, and went to receive funds from western union at 9:00 am when your western Union service opens. As i walk to the counter i was ask" are you sending or receiving, because we dont have any money" this i felt was very unprofessional for you to open a money service without any money!


I shop at my food lion all the time so today in the paper it stated they had knock out roses for $ 9.95 well i go there and NO ROSES i was told none of these stores had them only some particular stores other place did well to me that's false advertising when its in all of the flyers Thanks

work question

I was wondering about the privacy laws regarding food lion. I work for food lion and applied to a new location because they will not hire me full time. The other location was FT. Well seems someone in management seen that I filled the application and has spread word to others that i applied for this job. The people who have come to me about this have been negative and condesending toward me. What and is there anything I can do about this.

Food Lion in Montpelier Va 23192

I want to say that this store is very clean, which can't be said for too many places now days. I hope that it continues to stay that way. It is a nice clean store!

I am an employee at the Food Lion in Cameron, NC. store number 1237. I have been working there for two years now and my manager just hired a bunch of new people and they have been working there a month tops and are somehow making more money than i am and i am working 40 hours a week. i feel that this is just way to unfair and it needs to be addressed asap. it has been brought up to not only myself, but other employee's as well and they are not happy about the difference in the new hires pay and ours especially since we have been there longer than this new hire has.

obscene behavior from a manager

While shopping at food lion in McSherrystown Pa. I was in the deli department and inquired about a sale item. I was horrified by the response i receive from the associate. Most establishments you are greeted with a smile and respect instead i was greated by the deli associate with attitude and eye rolling. At this pointing was when i noticed she was not only an associate but the department manager. I addressed this employee about her behavior i was then told " i hope you choke on your cake"!!!!!! I searched the store for an actual manager only to find out from another employee that he had left the store to go to the bank. I have NEVER been treated with such disrespect and will never shop at another food lion again!

Smoke Free Entry

I shop at the Food Lion in Wendell, NC. You have made many improvements in the store and they are fantastic. I do have a complaint though. Some of your employees, including managers, stand right outside the entry doors and smoke. I, along with others, do not appreciate having to walk past them to enter or exit the store. I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke and also do not like my hair and clothing stinking from it. Your employees should have a designated smoking area AWAY from the store entry. They should also stop by the restroom and wash their hands and either brush their teeth or rinse with mouthwash because they carry that smoke odor back to the check out lanes with them after their break. Please fix this...I think there is an easy way to do it. Don't you?

horrible and rude management

My family of 4 has had the most disrespectful visit to food lion ever. We were there getting wic today the store is located in prince frederick maryland. My family and I always go to this store to grocery shop and to get our wic done. The store manager wendy has given us a huge issue today which is 4/21/2013. At approximatly 1 130 in the afternoon. We are a family of little money and we always go that specific food lion to get our wic. We always get gerber baby food stage 2 with the 2 packs. Never have we had an issue before until this manager wendy had told us we couldn't get this brand that we had to get the store brand but yet wic says we don't have to its preferred but not neccessary. I always get gerber and today I was forced to leave by her yelling and screaming at me and then she called the sheriffd office. Never not once had she told me to leave. All I was asking was why couldn't I get this brand when wic and the store says that I can. I had the police called on me and she told them I was swearing at her which I was not. View the cameras is what I said and still continue to say. She was yelling at me so loud that when I exited the store I had another customer come up to me in the parking lot and say they couldn't belive how rude and disrespectful wendy the store manager had been. I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old that does not need to be around someone that is continually acting in such an ill manner.my family and I will be retaining an attorney regarding this matter if something is not done about this manager wendy. She also continued to follow me out of the store to attempt to write my liscense plate and make and model of my vehicle down. I left due to my childrens safety and I feel that because of how wendy acted that my children and my family are not safe in the store located in prince frederick maryland store # 1526.

Easter Coupons

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for having such a fine employee working at your store on Minnieville Rd / Spriggs Rd in Dale City Va. Her name is Vionka, I believe she is a manager there.Do to sickness,I was'nt able to make it there on the last day to turn in my 6 coupons in order to get my $20.00 shopping coupon. Vionka accepted my 6 coupons a day late and was kind enough to find a $20.00 coupon for me. That's what I call customer service with a smile. Thank you Vionka, and thank you Food Lion for hiring such a great employee. I will continue doing all my shopping at your store (: Kathy O'Connor


My brother was in the 3570 West Franklin Blvd store located in Gastonia, NC when Nikki (Office Assistant) treated him like a piece crap. My brother has Parkinson's and he was trying to put the receipt away when she slammed his food on the belt and continuously made annoying noises as if it would help him steady his hands to put the receipt away. It did not take him more than a minute anyways but she was in a hurry I guess and obviously does not care about the manner in which food lying is viewed.

bad everything

store in virginia beach great neck road allows employees to harass customers, filed 4 complaints and got a meeting but never told I would need a lawyer as 3 cowardly people of food lion showed against me a senior and disabled and nothing done, district manager is a liar and always seems as if drinking, store also loaded with roaches, all can see how many while walking by early morn before they are swpet away and lastly prices are constant going up, not by 5 or 10 cents but by dollars, why????

workers under the influence

The Food Lion in Greenville NC located on turnbury drive off of firetower has workers who appear to be high off of marijuana. Blood shot eyes and we are talking about managers here! due to them being high they dont want to be bothered with customer service. terrible attitudes and you can tell they dont want to be there

Poor management

My husband has been employeed with fl for 6 YEARS at store 870 located in amelia virginia. His last year there and there have been many family problems, causing him a few call outs and lost hours. My husband went directly to his supervisor to let him know the problems and to help schedule him better. His supervisor then went and disscussed our problems with his stock crew and told several employees he was going to get my husband fired. Well my husband was fired today because he missed work Sunday do to a medical emergency . We have contacted coorporate and hr to report the matter. This paticular store needs better management and will not hear the last of me until something is done. All the illegal activity that goes on at this location (drugs, drinking on the clock by a manager) sincerely family of 5 waiting for justice to be served

Poor service

the food lion in callaway Md has recently fired most of their full time employees. They have not replaced them with sufficient help the store is poorly stocked and they have no help on the weekends. We usually have to go somewhere else to complete our grocery list due to out of stocks. In July of 2012 is when the store really started to go down hill, maybe a new manager.

I work at Foodlion and am very upset when we speak up because we feel something is handled wrong i am told to shut up i do not know what am talking about am just a part time employee so i do and i been there 12 mths and never had hours under 25 a week since we had a talk with the store mangers i now do not get more than 10 and its the christmas season i am 40 years old 4 little kids and they cut my hours after i always been the one to come in on days off when the younger guys call out but now they are getting more hours and am getting less they live at home with there parents am sick of this am going to go to as many people as i can to protest this

My mother fell in the produce section due to water and produce on the floor. Apparently an associate removed a table that had covered the area of debris & water. Unfortunately my mother broke her toe. What is so sad that the manager did not follow up with a phone call to see how she was doing. Risk Management never called either to follow-up on the injury.

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