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If I could give 0 stars I would. At this moment, I am on hold for the 18th person that I have been transferred to regarding a simple inbk cartridge for a printer that is not even 3 months old. I have been on the for for appx 3 hours and 47 minutes. I used to brag about dell and I promise you I will NEVER

Dell is not longer on my list of companies to do business with. The do not have any intellegent English speaking people working for them. They want your personal information and everyone is outside the United States. This is not a way to do business when it is a country such as America - NO WE DO NOT WANT OUR INFORMATION OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY LIKE PHILLIPINES OR INDIA - SERVICE IN AMERICA OF GET OUT OF THE U.S. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DELL IN MY LIFETIME. SAD BUT TRUE - DELL IS NOT A GOOD COMPANY AND DOES NOT LIKE IT'S CUSTOMERS.

Five weeks ago on June 4th, 2010, I ordered up 5 black and 3 color printer cartridges for a Dell P703W (I use the machine for business as well). They told me I will receive the cartridges by June 9th. It is now July 9th, and I have not received the cartridges. I HAVE spent approximately 25 hours of time across multiple phone calls with no results whatsoever. I was directly lied to five (5) times.....yes, that is 5 times as follows: - You will receive cartridges by June 9th (did not receive). - You will have them shipped out starting tomorrow (June 30th) and will receive soon after as we have stock (they are out of stock yet at that point). - I was accidentally forwarded to the Finance Dept. I asked for Legal and Finance said that CSR would put me through to Legal. When I got a hold of Customer Service, they told me they do not have a Legal or Finance Department which is a lie, especially when I was speaking with one of them. - I called them numerous times today and they told me they had cartridges, then they didn't, then they did. All this trouble is starting to affect business when I am sold a machine that can't be serviced. The only option I have left is legal proceedings. I suggest that if you are reading this and having issues as well, unable to gain resolution, that maybe a class action suit be filed against Dell for selling products that they can not or will not warrant, fix, or service. One last word, based on my experience I will be AVOIDING DELL AT ALL COSTS!

On July 1, 2010. I ordered a power button for my Insprion 531. The CSR,Manish Bajaj, told me I would receive it on July 8,2010. It is now July 8th-No part-no notification. When I go to my account online, there isn't even an order in the "My Orders" tab. I checked my email- no messages. I chatted with a rep on the phone in the parts department, and he said that there was a problem with my DPA (preferred account) and that he would re-order the part.**NOTE-- As soon as I read that line, my messenger alerts me that I have an email from Dell. When I open it, it says that my order was cancelled on the 6th. It's now the 8th, the date the part should've have been shipped, and I'm just NOW getting notified.--**Because we were on chat, he advises me that he will have to call me to finish the order. Before the chat ended, he said that he could not give me the call but another representative would. I asked him how long it would take, he assured me of 3 minutes. After 15 minutes of no return call, I called the order support customer service. I was on the initial hold for 33:58 before someone answered. Once she answered, she told me that there had NOT been a second order(the one I just placed via chat)for my part nor did they have any in stock. WTH?!?!?! So I pose to her the following questions:(1)How can I place an order for an out of stock item? (2)Was the part out of stock on 7/1/2010 when I placed the initial order? (3)Why did I have to wait 7 days to get information that they didn't have it in stock? Shouldn't that sort of thing be in a system? What auditing info do they use? She wants to transfer me back to the parts department?!?!?! I was highly PO'd. I told her that I wanted to speak to an American supervisor. She puts me back in queue for another 28+ minutes on hold, only to have the phone answered by another Indian woman,Ramya Partha Sarathi Rang, who was apathetic at best to my situation and holds back a laugh as she asks me to hold again. I told her I refuse to end this call until my issue was resolved. After placing me on hold for another 7 minutes, guess what... She comes back telling me that she has miraculously found another part that would fit my pc. I told her to give me the item number, and sure enough, it is the same friggin number they kept telling me over and over that was out of stock. I called her out on it, and she said yes that it has now become available. (total BS) I told her that the part should have been here today, I wanted it overnighted at THEIR expense. She then tells me they don't have overnight just second day shipping, and that it would not be shipped until Monday because they don't ship on Saturdays. I said, well today is Thursday, can't you send it out tomorrow. She not only told me NO, but said that it wouldn't be here until the 14th. Another 6 days I have to wait for a part that should have been here today all because they screwed up.

If I could give Dell in India lower than 1 I would. All Dell support in India is interested in is selling you product. I am so discusted, I wanted to contact Dell in the USA but apparently they don"t care enough about their customers to have their phone number listed. This is the last Dell product I will be buying.

My issue is technical support in India or wherever they are functioning. It seems that they have no regard for the customer. I am tired. I was hung up on three times. I had technical support go into my computer to do a routine examination, and they messed up my software programs. They worked fine before technical support. Now they are saying I have to pay for software support. That is BS! There is no way I am paying for something that was not my fault. I am trying to get an email to an executive at Dell. Number one I should have went HP that was my fault, I will never buy another one of these monsters. They have a technical support office in India and I guess this gives their corporate operation plausible nonavailability in the event you need "real Local support". Dell Sucks!

I purchased a labtop approximately a year ago. My warranty recently expired. I tried last week to bring up my internet page. It would not come up. I called my internet service, Microsoft, and Dell. My internet stated that it was not any of their connections, try Dell and Microsoft. I called Dell and they would not talk to me unless I purchased their $59.00 monthly service contract. After I purchased it , - it still did not solve my problem. I had to purchase another $59.00 from Microsoft. After four hours later Microsoft was able to give me another internet access. I tried and tried to contact Dell to get a refund credit but they gave me the runaround. I spent hours on the phone to no avail and no one would connect me to the customer service person who would give me a credit. This is the last Dell that I will purchase and I will tell anyone I talk to not to purchase a Dell. Dell is deceitful and dishonest and all you get is someone in India who is trained to give you the runaround. I see from the previous comments already on line that I am not alone in my opinion.

Unbelievabale change in company culture from my first purchase five years ago. Was proud then to own a Dell. Started purchasing process in April for second one. NIGHTMARE since day one. Have culture now of dishonesty and deceit..Have been constantly lied to. Have been asking friends about their recent experiences and all that have had recent dealings with Dell have had bad experience. Not all that Dell has done may be illegal but is definately unethical. Think my last contact that was to purchase service contact was form of "bait and switch" and IS illegal. Trying to decide how to proceed..Think TX Attorney General would be interested..If I ever get free will NEVER get mixed up with Dell again. Very sad to see a good company go so bad. Tried to contact Dell in Round Rock and can't get number. If someone in position of authority at Dell reads this..they REALLY need to hear my story, Orders placed in above name. Sure you can locate a phone number.

Do not buy anything from DEll, they are not the same customer service oriented company of years past. This is my second home office Desktop CPU. Ordered Unit told them when to deliver, as I would be OOT on business, confirmed it and they still shipped it! Sold me in home 24/7 service and said they would set it up, that's why I bought plan. CRS confirmed that this was what I will be receiving, not sold the correct package. Unit is unopened. I have had a complete run around with their beligerent India CSR/Tech Team. Fed EX has confirmed many units shipped are either rejected or returned. I have had it with this company. Now for the big joke on them.....called AE they are doing a charge back. Next I am going to my CIO who was on the phone three way while ordering, is furious. I am going to halt all Corporate ties with DEll today, next we will sever all ties to their HDQTRS. For a simple fix that they rejected we are going to drop them. They said I could not return it past 21 days.....I never signed for the package! These idiots would rather screw you out of $1,200, so I'm going to screw them out of a major account.

Dell should pot a zero on there star list. I have tried to speek with someone from texas but with no help. I bought a STUDIO XPS 8100 with $600.00 dollare in up grades and got none. My computer has yet to work, and every thing but the tower box has beeb replaced with used parts, DELL calls them REFURBISHEDE. I call them JUNK.

I am deeply disappointed to discover that Dell uses refurbished (used) parts to fill warranty repairs. If I wanted a used part, I would look in my local newspaper or eBay. I will never purchase another Dell PC, no matter how inexpensive it may be.

Have been trying to get a service issue resolved for 3 weeks. Calling DELL is a big joke. First you cannot get anyone in the UNITED STATES. Second, when you finally do get someone they do everything but answer my question. You get transferred a million times to people that cannot help you. I am currently on hold while I write this review. I have been holding and transferred over and over for the last 32 minutes. I have paid for their premium warranty with Next Day Service....what a joke. I called the number in Texas to Corporate and when I finally got a live voice I am in the Phillipines!!!!!!! I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER DELL COMPUTER AS LONG AS I AM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CANNOT GET SERVICE, YOU CANNOT TALK TO ANYONE WITH ANY KNOWLEDGE, IT IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called Dell for to pay for my laptop and was transfered 7 times and didn't get anywhere. Sure would have liked to pay for my laptop I ordered. it took me an hour and a half and ended up hanging up with frustration.

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