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i want to talk to mike dell i drop my mini 10 laptop and now dell wants me to pay more in warrent parts i think it stupid so if mike dell get this please call me 1-330=454-5059 i had nothing but trouble from yr company thanks sara and competer

If we could choose negative stars, Dell would get a whole line of them. After many many calls and emails, I still have yet to receive the two ink cartridges I ordered two weeks ago. I have yet to communicate with someone who seems competent. They refuse to answer simple informational questions, refuse to let me speak to a supervisor, etc. The people I got transferred to were Panamanian, very careless and slow. It took me half an hour to place the order and then was called the following morning by someone in the warehouse who wanted my billing address because,apparently, the order taker got it wrong. I think but he also got the order wrong. He was not willing to verify part numbers("We use different numbers at the warehouse") and tells me that the ink cartridges for the A960 will fit my printer. No cooperation getting verification of this. At the moment I'm waiting for a response to one of my two phone calls and four emails. Couldn't get their chat system to take my question. I will probably destroy the printer so that Dell cannot make money selling cartridges for it in the future. I will never buy from Dell again.

Dell is very dishonest, I purchase an extended warrantee with Anti-Virus after 4 months my computer got a virus I called then, and come find out that I do not have anti-virus protection, it was a bait and switch. I held for almost 2 hours to get a refund. this is my last purchase with Dell NEVER AGAIN.....in the past all my computer have been purchase from Dell. You have lost a good customer, but i guess you don't give a Dam as long you all are making the almighty dollar...

Dell = HELL! There is no way to describe Dell's "customer service." For those of you who haven't yet had the "pleasure" please consider the following recommendations before you call/email: 1. If you call be patient. Be VERY VERY patient. Your call will last HOURS. 2. Enter the number on speed dial. This will save time when they hang-up on you. 3. Don't waste time asking for a supervisor/manager. Your requests will be denied. 4. Be sure to "have a nice day." This is a clue that you will either be transferred or hung up on. 5. Hide your credit/debit cards. They will try to up-sell before helping you. 6. Don't hold your breath while waiting for that promised prepaid FedEx return label. You'll expire wayyyyy before you get the label. 7. Keep copies of all of your emails/texts. Dell will not respond to any of them, but you will find them usefull when disputing the charges with your bank or credit card company.

Dell tech support is the worst thing I have ever dealt with. Their tech in India or where ever..are rude condenscending and made my problems worse. I have been trying for 2 weeks to fix a simple problem (i.e get the product key code) and they want to do everything but give it to me. I spent almost $900 when I got his laptop and you would think that they would stand by thier products. This is our second Dell and we bought our girls Dell's when they went in College and I WILL NEVER BUY another Dell.I asked for the US corporate office phone numbers and was told they could not provide it to me. They also told me that would refund my service fee because they couldn't help me, I still have not gotten that refund. DO NOT BUY DELL

Dell has the worst technical support.

Graduate Student: I would like to know who would handle a situation like mine? according to your finace department i purchased a computer from you. I would like to know who in the name of God can correct this error. I have never owned a personal computer i live so far in the sticks i can't even get affordable internet service. I have never owned a personal computer until jan 5 2011(school had to have one). could you provide me with information where I signed for a computer or where the computer was delivered and what was the vin # of the computer so i can do a nation wide serch to find the computer I own which I have never seen. I have lived at the same address for ever. I realize Dell is a global leader in computers however; I'm 1 individual in millions of custmers could someone please shed some light on this for me. I thought you need to have possession of something to be charged with it. I have had to deal with this crap for several years. please provide me with this information I would pay the monies if i had aquired a service from your company is thier any one who can help me.

My situation is similar if not the same as all the other former Dell Customers. Starting with the purchase of my computer. I was checking prices and changed from person to person and only wanted price. Next thing computer was on the way. I like a fool kept it thinking Dell had good service. The service is bad!!! On phone for long times, being changed from person to person. My call too was to someone in India. I was sold parts I did not need and a service that I will never use. I ended up having my computer fixed by someone in our local town and with that fee plus the crazy HIGH charge from Dell..I maybe should have looked into new computer...The next computer will NOT be a DELL. I would not even give as much as one star to the Dell service. As I look at all the not so happy customers or former customers I would only hope that Dell would do something to make things better b/4 they have no business.

I am not sure if anyone from Dell actually reads this so I am not sure if I am wasting my time or not. But on Dec 13th I ordered my daughter the Alienware Mx11 for Christmas and this was more then enough time to get it here in time for Christmas. I recieved a confirmation that her computer would be here on Dec 23 which was perfect because I was off work this day. On Dec 23 I checked to see if the computer had shipped and it still showed it was being processed so I called Dell and they told me it wouldnt be here until Dec 29th. I was pretty upset and crying because they told me they were short on parts and they would be restocked in time for Christmas. I felt horrible that my daughter didnt have her Christmas present on Christmas day. Now we have the computer,its about 3 weeks old and the hard drive has crashed. I called Dell and they cannot believe this systems hard drive went out after 3 weeks. We receved the machine on the 29th of December and on the 13th of January it had a blank screen. When I called tech support, after they diagnosed the problem they told me to call back the following day to resolve the problem. Arent they supposed to forward the problem to another department and have them call me back? So now I am on the phone agian with Dell and I really feel that after all this my daughter should be compensated in some way for all the problems we have had with this computer. If Corporate would like to contact me in reference to this you can reach me at 240-299-2748 Thank you and I have now been on hold for 19 minutes

I called Dell (India) about a month ago and after spending over 2 hours on the phone troubleshooting the tech support guy finally said well lets reinstall everything something I said in the first place to do! Now almost a month to the day I am now getting an error message that says my microsoft products are not valid, products that were supplied by Dell! So now again after two hours on the phone (Indai) I keep getting transferred and transferred between customer service and tech suppor noneof which are in the US. Ha Michael Dell you want to know where your profits are going and why people are not buying your products try employing people in the US!!!! Never again will I purchase a Dell product and trust me my friends will not either! A MOST dissatisfied customer EVER!

I give Dell 1/2 star for still being in business with such lousy business practices. Dell should call themselves the transfer avoid solving issues company until they have ran nearly ran their customers off. Who ever is running Dell must must have forgotten to take a class in leadership, customer satisfaction and plain common sense.

i unfortunately have been a loyal dell cusomer for over fifteen years and i'm here to say that dell has the worst customer support and service that i have ever seen. i don't want to talk to someone in india i don't want to spend hours on the phone trying to resolve a problem, i do not recommend dell for any purchases of any kind

I have an Alienware that is just over a year old and it has broken down twice, Crashed and now the card reader doesnt work, I can't microsoft office because they did not send me the CD, and now am b eing asked to pay for one..... I will make sure no one ever buys this product again, I have paid well for extra Warranty and they won't take the computer back according to Leddie Ramos, manager of support that says I have no options.... Won't tell me his bosses name or let email someone else..... so I will tell the world now and publish it until I get a new computer, I will write to president of Dell until he responds. THank you Maria Miller

Please avoid at all costs. Dell (India) has no respect for their customers and you can not get American support what so ever. Will be closing down this account and never doing business with Dell again.

I WOULD RECOMMEND TO NEVER DEAL WITH DELL IF POSSIBLE THE ONLY REASON I AM IS THEY ARE SENDING ME A REPLACEMENT COMPUTER - AND SINCE I AM UNEMPLOYED - I HAVE TO TAKE IT - ALSO THEY OWE ME SO MUCH MONEY FROM ALL THE CHARGES, I have time and time again - called Dell I had an Inspiron 1501 Laptop - for 3 1/2 years - It was the worst experience I ever had - three times a week I would be calling them and they would come on line and try to fix problem - and make it worse than they would say they would call back the next day to fix it - usually on for minimum of 4 hours - they would never call to fix it. You call technical support 800-624-9896 put in your service code and then get transferred to the wrong dept after being on hold for 55 minutes. They then transfer you to home user dept - on hold for another 55 minutes. Why is your phone system as screwed up as your computers. Every time you did something to my machine I was charged and charged again, and everytime you did something the next day my computer wouldn't work. You can't get a hold of anyone in headquarters. So after all these charges - which cost more than the computer - they reviewed the case and said they would send me a "refurbished computer" = wll refurbished it is - as it does not work. The first day I got it on November 15, I would not even open it - I said I would wait until after Thanksgiving - so I wouldn't be stressed. WEll that Monday I opened it and it wasn't working - surprise - surprise - called Dell Technical - 8 hours later got it working. It is an Inspiron Laptop 1545, which does have nice features and has the upgrades as promised - however the touchpad does not work. So I called Dell back and told them - they tried to do something and it still didn't work. So they sent a technician to my house - to replace the motherboard and touch pad. Of course after he left - it didn't work again except now it would freeze my computer when I used it. Called Delll Friday 1/7/10 - and said obviously it is a defective computer - (Iguess not refurbished) and we will send you a new one with all the newest upgrades. The computer i like - if it worked - but touchpad just stops and freezes the computer. I called on Sunday and talked to another supervisor because the one on Friday never called back. The one I called Sunday said he would call between 2 - 6 and give me all the info, I gave him my cell no 6 times which is the no they have on file. I SPECIFICALLY GAVE MY CELL NO BECAUSE MY LANDLINE PHONE IS ANOTHER ROOM IN THE HOUSE AND VERY RARELY USED. I STRESSED DO NOT CALL THAT NO. - THERE IS NO ONE AT THAT NO. I JUST PICK UP THE MESSAGES FROM MY CELL. SO WHAT DOES HE DO - HERE I HAVE MY CELL PHONE WITH ME AND HE CALL THE LANDLINE PHONE AT 6:45 -PM, DOESN'T LEAVE A MESSAGE EXCEPT TO TELL ME I WAS NOT THERE TO GET HIS CALL. UNBELIEVABLE. I HAVE NOW BEEN ON HOLD FOR 45 MINUTES. SOMEONE ANSWERED - AND OF COURSE I WAS IN THE WRONG DEPT. HE IS TRANSFERRING ME TO HOME COMPUTERS - LETS SEE HOWLONG I WILL BE ON HOLD. THIS IS SO UNBELIEVABLE - THEN THEY HAD THE NERVE TO SAY MY COMPUTER WAS OUT OF WARRANTY - I SAID WHAT - AND THEN THEY SAID WE ARE GOING TO CHARGE YOU FOR THE SERVICE BEFORE WE TALK TOYOU. I SAID YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANOTHER CENT FROM ME - YOU OWE ME - THEY HAVE CHARGED ME OVER 1000 TO FIX PREVIOUS ONE. I AM NOT PAYING FOR IT. OH GOOD, THEY JUST DISCONNECTED ME WHILE THEY WERE TRANSFERRING ME TO A SUPERVISOR - AFTER HOLDING ANOTHER 45 MINUTES HERE I GO AGAIN - THEY TRANSFER ME TO SMALL BUSINESS - SMALL BUSINESS SAYS I AM HOME USER - YEAH I KNOW THAT - I DONT KNOW WHY YOUR PHONE SYSTEM ALWAYS TRANSFERS ME TO THE WRONG PLACE. OK NOW I GOT THE RIGHT PLACE AND HE IS GOING TO TRANSFER ME TO A SUPERVISOR - LET'S SEE WHO I GET NOW AND HOW LONG IT TAKES. EVERY MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR TAKES AT LEAST 20 MINUTES TO GET ON THE PHONE - I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW STRESSFUL WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!1 DON'T EVER BUY A DELL DON'T EVER BUY A DELL DON'T EVER BUY A DELL DON'T EVER BUY A DELL WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!! THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS NO. HALF THE TIME I CAN'T UNDERSTAND THE PERSON ON THE PHONE AND I WILL TELL THEM TO GET ME SOMEONE ELSE THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND. I DON'T THINK 1 TECHNICIAN HAS ANY IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING. NEVER ONCE HAVE I CALLED AND GOTTEN MY COMPUTER REPAIRED. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT ONE TECH KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU BUY A DELL - DON'T SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED. NOT I GOT A SUPERVISOR - AND HE IS TRYING TO LOCATE THE SUPERVISOR THAT LEFT THE MESSAGE ON MY MACHINE. SO FAR 20 MINUTESON HOLD - MY PHONE IS READY TO GO DEAD MY ONLY RESOURCE IS TO WRITE THIS AND HOPE SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT. TALKED TO A SUPERVISOR - GUEES WHAT - THE SAME WORDS EVERY TIME I CALL - SORRY - I UNDERSTAND - OUR APOLOGIES - NOW YOU WANT TO HEAR SOMETHING I GOT SOMEONE IN EL SAVADOR - THE GENTLEMEN THAT I CALLED LAST NIGHT AND CALLED ME BACK TONIGHT WAS FROM INDIA. YOU DIAL THE SAME NO AND YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO END UP. AT LEAST THIS SUPERVISOR IS GOING TO TRY TO GET A MESSAGE TO INDIA SO THE GENTLEMAN CALLS ME BACK - I WILL PROBABLY END UP IN COSTA RICA NEXT TIME. PLEASE - TAKE MY WARNING SERIOUSLY - THEY ARE NOT THE SAME COMPANY THEY WERE. YOU USED TO BE ABLE TO GET AN AMERICAN TO HELP YOU. ALSO BEING UNEMPLOYED - I HAVE REFUSED TO DO BUSINESS WITH COMPANIES WHO HAVE OUTSOURCED THEIR WORK OUTSIDE OF AMERICA. uggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - NOW SO STRESSED OUT - WILL TAKE TWO HOURS TO CLAM DOWN THEY DON'T LEAVE YOU AN EXTENSION SO YOU CAN GET THE RIGHT NUMBER WHEN THEY CALL YOU - YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU ARE GOING TO GET.

I was trying to buy a new tower for my PC and have been transfered to the Philipines on 6 different phone calls. I even called the Corporate office and they routed me to the same location. I was told by the "senior manager" that someone for the US would be calling me in 15 to 20 minutes. Never happened!!! If Dell wants to outsource all its customer support operations they have lost me for a customer. I have purchased several computers and monitors through the EPP program and was quite happy. This change in policy will definitely hurt Dell.

This is about the 4 printer I have return back 2 the computer.I believe they repaired send it back 2 me.I have bought the inkjet paper for the printer.It is still jamming up on me again.I'm paying on the computer note monthly.When call them I be on 4 a long time.I am ready up set right now.I am taking up 2 online courses on the computer.I have 2 print out my assignment for school.THAT'S when have a problem the printer.I need another new printer.I just got this printer in November of 2010.They had 2 send me a printerhead 2.YES you will lose your business with me.Please this very carefully.Yall is not concern about the product.

Here is the best yet regarding the Dell laptop Inspiron 1545. I placed a call to a service specialist not located in the United States. After 5 hours of being transferred to this one that one and the other one, a total of 8 specialists and 2 supervisors, here is the end result::: all of my files are GONE from my computer. They jerked me around by telling me it was a software problem, not a hardware problem. Then it was a hardware problem, not a software problem. They restored my computer to its factory settings and the computer collapsed. While all of this is going on, they are constantly asking me if I have important files on my computer!!!! Of course, I have the Dell Data Online Backup to use to restore my files, but no one gave me the website!!!! I still do not have a resolution to my problem and I am on the phone with them again!!!! NEVER BUY a DELL!!!!!

I ordered a phone product from Dell Dec. on Dec. 28, 2010. It is January 3, 2010 and my phone doesn't work. I have been either on hold, disconnected, placed in a customer service loop that doesn't get get me anywhere for over 3 hours. This is really bad customer service. At 3 hours and 30 minutes I was told to call Motorola for assistance because the customer service people didn't know what to do. Unbelievable! Too bad because I usually like Dell, but this experience has not only been unacceptable, but totally unnecessary and an egregious breach of any type of decent customer service on Dell's part.

I wanted a new battery for my laptop. The sales person was very nice and when I mentioned that the computer was really slow we discussed more RAM and a new harddrive. After purchasing everything I got it right away as promised. That's where it stops. When I got the harddrive I installed it right away along with the memory sticks. The harddrive was totally empty. No driver, nothing. The computer didn't work. So I called and they said that is how the hard drive comes, but if I purchase a support program for only $59.00 they would get it up and running just like new. Excited I paid the $59.00 and the tech people started. One tech person after another, being hung up on or promised they would call me back tomorrow and they didn't, I finally called them back. Now the tech person says that the hard drive wasn't good for my computer because it was too big. Now I have parts that don't work. So I put my old hard drive back in and the old memory sticks and, you guessed it, the old hard drive wouldn't work now because it recognized another hard drive had been upgraded. I'm not completely illiterate about computers but this was rediculous. So I called the $59.00 tech people and they told me that that was a software problem not a hardware problem so they would have to transfer me over to software tech support and that would cost me $89.00 for a one time issue, which I had to haggle over to get that price. So they walk me through a bunch of stuff and it was almost done. Then the tech person says they'll call me back tomorrow and I would get the printer, and all my other programs back. Never called me back. This has now been over a week and my computer still doesn't work. I am in tears and finally get someone who says they will help me get a return lable to send back the wrong parts and they would help me. Again I was transferred 3 or 4 times, hung up on 3 time from the same call experience. I finally got my shipping labels but there is no place to officially complain about my service. I have been a long time customer with Dell but it looks like this is the end. I can't believe they just can't get my compter up and running. There has been so much trouble just getting my computer back to where it used to be. I'm going to take it to a reputable computer technician and get it fixed and request my tech support service money be returned as they never fixed it. I just keep getting, yes mam, I vill help you, no worry mam, or miss carol.

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