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In June 2010 I contacted Dell to see if they could lure me away from HP. I wound up purchasing a Studio XPS 435T/9000 with the i7 CPU 920 and 12 megs of ram. When it arrived, the software wouldn't load. The online techs failed to make it work as well and they dispatched a tech who replaced the hard drive and memory. It was bad as well. Dell built and shipped me a new unit. It worked but now the hard drive is going bad as confirmed by their on-line tech. They want to send someone out to put in a new hard drive (this would be my 4th including the original). But they won't take care of spending a few dollars for a specialist to get the data off my current and going bad hard drive (Seagate 1.5 TB). I think after this much trouble with the same component, they should extend a little goodwill and cover this. But I can't even talk to anyone in the U.S. I'm very disappointed with Dell's customer service program. Jim Myers

I am very very disappointed and Dell computers my wife and I bought three all of them are broke down I also got charge for services never rendered on a preferred account. In which I have complained about it and all I ever get is a runaround until a knee that I have to get a hold of this department or another department I was sent six times to different departments only to hear the same crap all over again. My wife works at Boeing and I work as an engineer and I can tell you right now in my business office in and my wife's at Boeing we now have HT computers in because of the way I've been treated I am going to turn this into small business administration and also going to contact the legislators offers to let them know how Dell is ripping people off you are very bad company and I could tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt I will never do business with you ever again because all you've proven out is that you are not to be trusted with anything is you can't get help from you or anything else you are very very because poor business and my company will not longer ever do business with you again.

can not for 3 weeks get an answer about my order'no one will help me order delayed for 3 weeks.dell says shiped to fedex, but fedex says never give them the package. it is for a labtop lost time and business. called 11 times can not call anymore would like to cancel account.very: very" very" bad business.will tell everyone i know about my very bad time. wil call locial tv stations and write to papers who ever will listen. want my account canceled. if not answered will keep trying comsumer complant,better business bereau and so on. order #512133633 never shiped.

I wish there was a rating lower than this one...I am utterly disgusted with dell. I am a pastor of a church and i bought all kinds of dell equipment to furnish my church. My first let down was when i couldn't go to a simple office supply store to buy ink cartridges for my laser jet color printer. I had to go thru all types of hoops of fire just to print documents. But when my laptop of 3 yrs decided that the screen didn't want to light up. I called Dell and talk to people all over the world. to try and order a screen. They (dell) kept pushing my deliver date back. Then i received an email saying the order was cancelled because I didn't respond to an email saying to confirm I still wanted my order. I have never heard such foolishness. And let's not mention the customer service. I'm just upset....and they made me buy an extended warranty before I could get my screen which will probably be re-furbished.

I have had a nightmare with Dell and trying to buy a product online. According to them I cannot have the product that showed in my cart and now they are sold out. Oh and to mention the times I was hung up on by managers.

Dell sent me a defective computer. I called technical support, and they attempted to help me. The computer experienced a BSOD. I contacted technical support again, they couldn't fix it and offered me a replacement computer, free of charge (and this was AFTER they tried to send me a hard drive and have me put it in myself!!! After complaining about this, they finally said okay, we will send you a replacement computer). This was over a month ago. They took forever to supposedly ship out the computer....then they shipped it to the wrong address (and they accepted it as their fault), then they were supposed to send it out again in 8 days. I called back...oh, we are just putting it together, it will take 8 days. I called back again, oh ma'am we are sorry, It's going out now, it will be to you in 8 days. I checked the order to find it was cancelled. I called again, oh, it was cancelled because we no longer have your computer in stock, but we can offer a similiar one. This was the end of the line. I demanded a full refund. Now, customer service (in India) is claiming the only option was an exchange...that a full refund isn't an option because it's past 21 days of original purchase. I said someone can give me a full refund. The rep kept arguing with me. All of this was Dell's fault. All of it, but they want me to pay for the computer AND keep it?? I am contacting the BBB, and the Dell Corportation. I will never, ever, purchase from Dell again.

Same ole' stuff in here. So I called last night to order 4 televisions. I was quoted $1653.00 for (1) Vizio 47" Razor LED, (1) Vizio 42" LCD, (1) Sharp 32" LCD, and (1) Sharp 22" LCD. The sales rep forwarded me to the Dell preferred credit to verify my account, at which time he advised me that my order did not include the 47" LED tv, but rather (2) 42" LCD tv's. I told him that was not accurate, requested he not charge the account, and send me back to sales to rectify the order. Of course, he charged the account anyway, and then sent me to sales. The sales rep immediately assumed responsibility for the mistake, and acknowledged that he mis-quoted the merchandise. The rep brought his supervisor on the phone who also acknowledged their error, and agreed to stand by the quoted price, as well as annotate my account...but it gets better. Apparently the sales reps do not have the authority to cancel orders, nor do they have the ability to annotate accounts, because neither the rep nor the supervisor made noted my account with the quoted and agreed upon price. The supervisor told me I would have to call the cancellation department in the morning to have my order canceled, at which time I could re-order at the quoted price. Frustrating, but okay. Well, when I called back, cancellations refused to cancel the order. They said that the request had already been sent to the vendor and they were unable to do anything. They said I would have to receive the tv's, and then call back to request a refund. REQUEST?!?!?!?! Are you serious. Dell is sending me merchandise that I did not order, nor did I agree to pay for...and because I used my Dell credit (HUGE MISTAKE), I have no way to prevent being charged. Now, the burden of their screw up falls on my shoulders, because now I will have to spend another 47 hours on the phone with numerous people who do not speak English, just to get AUTHORIZATION to mail back their crap and fix THEIR mistake. I think this is definitely grounds for legal action. I also plan to raise this issue to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. This is absolutely ridiculous. Class action anyone???

SOS- ORDERED Desk Top Inspiron 560 ST in PLUM PURPLE BAZEL colour at 12.45 PM on 12/11/2010, with full payment on IVR(based on Quote No 24387300BR490106149 in good faith). Recieved Order Confirmation at 7:03:54 PM on 12/11/2010 on my Yahoo e-mail, with details in FINE PRINT. Out of happiness and old habbit of checking Design Drawings, I took a print late at night and found that at line No. 8 of the Description, the colour was printed as FLMINGO PINK BAZEL. Around 10.00 AM on 13/11/2010, I have used your web to send a mail to Dell Customer Support which they acknowledged at 11:39:37 AM, Re Case ID 3682920 MWD#AutoReply#(KMM12917241123241LOKM) PROMISING that my mail is being processed (?????)and will revert to me within the next working day (???? we live in nano speed era). i have waited +3 DAYS. On 17/11/2010 I have contacted the sales person named on the order who later on made me speak to the Sales Manager. Both tried to convince me to take delivery of the pink colour as already manufactured and they will replace by ordering my colour under the Garb of Refubrishing. I have refused and we agreed to cancell the order. In the mean time I had a shock in waiting when a merchant returned my Credit Card on Grounds of little cash. Rushing back, I have checked my card account on the net and found that there were two payments in the name of Dell, one cleared on 12/11/2010 and the other dated 12/11/2010 under settlement.My card has been Blocked. The Sales Manager says that the invoice under settlement is a system mistake and may not go through and the cash already released to Dell will come back in normal 21 days. Is it fair practice to hide information, not rectify it when informed within 12 hrs, Bill twice, and ask me to take delivery of a Pink Machine to be replaced later on in the garb of refubrishing. Now I donot have faith in Dell. I request you to return all my money quickly, before the Credit Card company starts penalty interest, the cost of unblocking and reissue of credit card. You can forget about my insult at the merchants and the dissappointment of my wife who had selected this gift on our wedding aniversry day today. Hope, Dell is not managed by Nero, who was fiddling when the Rome was burnt. Come out of your cool offices guys and what your staff is doing. Sorry for bad english, as i am very very frustrated. Thanks and regards.

I rate Dell less than poor. I have been haveing problems with my laptop staying on while using. When I am typing, my laptop goes off. Dell has sent a tech person to my house about three times for the same issue and I am still having problems. I just brought my laptop in March 2010. Dell sent me another laptop with refurbished and used parts on November 18, 2010. I called Dell the same day to tell them that I do not want a laptop with refurbished and used parts. They did not care. So, I told them that I was not going to except what they were telling me. I felt as if they did not care. I am thinking about suing them so that I can get a refund. I will never, never, never........recommend Dell again.

What can I add to what has been said about Dell. They are terrible beyond words, They are so incompetent there is not a word to describe it. Five countries, 28 people and NO ONE can do their job or complete a RA. Supervisors included. Dell can go to hell because that's where their customer are sent trying to deal with Dell.

I bought my Dell 3 years ago. After nine months just before the warranty expired my PC would beep twice. They wanted me to repair it. I said no so they sent a Tech to replace the memory cards. Well 9 or 10 months later the same problem, I called to tell them I have the same problem and they did not want to repair it. I went through the BBB and they repaired it and I asked for a year warranty on the circuit cards only and they said no. Well it has happen again and they do not want to fix the problem that they fixed while it was under warranty? I even said I would swap with the CEO to see if he likes a PC that you need to replace the memory cards every 9 to 10 months. I guess they are only for the money and not customer & their product. I do not think it is the memory cards but something on the mother board.

I ordered a camera online for next business day delivery. It was never delivered. I contacted Fed-x first to find out where package was and was told it was never sent to them. I called Dell and was told there was an problem in processing the order. I advised that I would not be paying for a next delivery and told them they were going to eat the cost. I was credited and assured I would receive camera in two business days. It is now one week and I still do not have my camera. The rep I spoke to the 3rd time I called hung up on me and the 4th time I called I made the rep stay on the line until I was satisfied with how the problem would be fixed. This representative assured me he would reprocess the order and I would receive it once proceessed. He even check the stock to see if it was in stock. I have not received my camera. My last and final call was today and I was assured I would receive my camera and was given a new reorder number. I said all this to say this has been the worst shopping experience purchasing from Dell and this will be my last. Bring our jobs back to America.

With all the bad reviews on this blog, I don't understand why Dell is not doing anything about the customer service we as customers receive from overseas. I am having the same issues with my laptop computer I had 2 months ago and the first thing on the guy's,(Rahul), mind, from India,is to sell me an extended 1yr warranty at what he says is a big saving, $179.00. When I refused and told him I needed help with getting my computer fixed right now, that's when he got an attitude. I could tell it in his voice and the lack of response I started getting from him. I asked to speack to a supervisor and he did't bother to say hold. He finally came back on the line to say, his Supervisor is on another line. I left my name and number. I will call them everyday until I get some satisfaction or sue them for not abiding by the terms of the warranty agreement. I will not by another dell computer. Next time I will try Gateway laptop. My husband has one and he has not experienced any problems. Corporate Office, when are you going to listen and respond to our legitimate complaints??? CAD

Just spent hours on the phone with Dell customer service in India. Can't they even get someone you can understand other then pay $277 more to talk to someone why my computer won't work. They rob from Americans so they can pay people in another country to steal from us in a tough economy. And no you can't speak to anyone the United States about your computer. I will do everything in my power to let people know what kind of company this is. Internet,blog and word of mouth.I hope somebody at Dell will read this, because they sure don't have the balls to talk to me, other then an Indian of which I can't understand. Dell you are pothetic.

When we received our new XPS laptop it had a defective screen. Therefore, we called the toll free number we were given. You can see below the results left a lot to be desired. When it comes to customer service Dell doesn't even know what the word means. We paid extra to get service in the US and what do we end up with, talking to people in India who can read a computer file but who can't understand English. There is a lot more to communicating in English than just speaking English. You must be able to understand what the customer's problems are and the people in India don't even have a clue. My son went from a Dell he had in college to a Toshiba. He likes it better than the Dell and he doesn't have problems with it. We were going to buy a second Dell laptop but it doesn't even take a first grader to know what I think about the service we have received and Dell has lost a long-time customer. Maybe if the company goes bankrupt it will finally understand providing customer service by using Indians who can't communicate in English is no way to retain or attract customers. I would strongly suggest people go elsewhere besides Dell when buying a computer.

To make a long story short Im just going to post the two emails I wrote to dell. "Luis..Luis....Luis, Where do I begin. So the tech guy that came to replace my motherboard has upset me soooooo much. I thought Dell sent service techs that knew what they were doing. 1st. The guy starts to open the cover to gain access to the motherboard/vid cards. 1 problem...he was pulling the lever to unlatch the door but he was actualy pulling the first vent plate. Before I intervened he had already broke the vent from its plate. He didnt say anything so neither did I. Right when that happened I jumped outta my chair and instructed the (pro tech) on how to open the door. I recall viewing an instructional video at the dell website on how to completly disassemble the area 51 desktop. The guy in the video knew exactky what he was doing. Im guessing the guy that came out today missed that class. 2. The last tech that came out here was smart enough to place a protective matt ontop of my desk incase the pc he was working on scratched the serface of the desk. I guess this tech skipped that part of his class too. Iv only had this desk for two months. Nothing in my home is scratched...nothing. 3. Im not a hardware proffesional but I do know you dont want static electricity to build up on the mother or any various componets in a pc. So why did this tech take the motherboard replacement out of its static proof packaging and place the new motherboard on my carpet floor? And now...Im still having my screen flipout when I turn on my machine. Why do the tecs you guys send out not know their trade? With these problems I am having and ontop of the two techs you guys sent out...Im starting to lose faith in the alienware line of pc's. Attached is two pictures from the "Wrath of the dell service tech". I also have a video of him "In Action".....damaging my desk. If you would like that too I will be more than happy to send it to you. The only question is....."What now"? Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated. You have my personal cellphone number and I would like you to call me first after reading this. If for somereason I wasnt able to answer my phone an email will work. A very unhappy and displeased.....WILLIAM. I also wrote M. Dell the founder and ceo of dell and got a reply by email and by phone from a woman that says she's from the coporate offices but didn't include witch coporate office she was writing me from. I checked my voice message first and this so called "coporate" rep for dell left me her name, phone #, and extention#....but left out one number for her ext=( I ended up opening her email, found the correct extention #, called and got a voice message greeting to leave a message~>:[ Yea.....way to go dell. I have now lost all interest id dell.

Is there a rating less than 1? Dell sucks!!!!! I just purchased a Dell XPS 7100 10/14/10 and right out the box, I noticed I was not able to record sound, heard from the speakers. This computer cost me over $1700.00!! Tech support logged on remotely and messed the 1st computer up; they sent me a replacement and it too had the same issue. The sound card installed is sound blaster; which is trash, it does not detect sound in the recording field on the sound card.I talked to Dell Solution Station who explained to me that it would cost me an additional $230.00 for them to remotely access my computer to fix a software issue that was present at purchase. Not happening!! I have been on the phone today 11/4/10 on hold with transfer after transfer trying to speak to someone in returns to send this piece of junk back, it has been almost 7 hours that I have been on hold dealing with this today. Every person that I get says I need to speak to someone in a different department. At this very moment I am still on hold waiting to get someone to assist me with sending this PC back. I can find better use of my money than to just throw it away. Finally they provided me a reference number to return the PC, now I have to wait for an email with the return label attached, that has yet come through that is only good for 10 days, if I ever receive it. I will never purchase another Dell and will close my preferred account!!!!

Dell sucks. As veryone has said. You can not reach anyone. The whole company is incompatant. They just keep putting you on hold every time you want to talk to someone important. Boycot these idiots.

I will never buy another DELL. I bought a DELL mini notebook that lasted two months. They replaced it and it lasted three months. A tech came to the house to fix it and said it would have to be replaced. Oct. 28 they sent a REFURBISHED piece of junk. I talked to a manager in India after insisting that I would not talk to another support tech. I talked to someone in the Philippines...useless. Talked to someone in Tennessee. No return calls so far. I'm not stopping. I'm calling them everyday...and some 500 million Facebook people will learn to never buy a DELL.

TECH SUPPORT SUCKS - outsourced to India and they always say "Not a problem" then continue reading off their scripts. Dell support is a joke. I had also purchased Dell Online Backup - when my computer crashed last week and I went to recover my files after installing a new computer - no quickbooks files were backup - they stated they don't backup quickbooks files because they don't want the liability?? What the ****? I will never buy Dell and will put the word out to associates to avoid this company at all cost.

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