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purchase computer

can't talk to anyone in US - that speaks coherent english

Laser printer H825

The very WORSE customer service I have every seen in a company.


ditto... worse company ever and you can't find a corporate office phone number to call. I wonder why.

8 Hours Wasted

3 Phone Calls - 2 appointments set up - 2 return calls never received - 8 hours of my time wasted. Goodbye Dell - welcome MacBook Air.

computer services company

the worst experience of my life in dealing with these people

Dell laptop

Worst service ever... Have had my laptop for 2 weeks keep saying parts on back order... Everytime I speak with them it's always a different story ...have not received it back yet ... Worst ever...

My Dell Inspiron laptop is the best! Have had it for 9 years. Out dated and don't want to give it up.

Never Again,DELL

Purchased a new DELL Inspiron Desktop! Worst computer I have ever owned! WORST!!!!!

Dell has poor customer service

I got a promo code for my birthday from Dell and an associate called me a liar and said that Dell does not send out promo codes. Worst service ever!!

Wish I would have known before

Had the laptop for 14 days. The power would not plug in right. They had me send it in, when I should have just returned it. They wanted $169 to fix. Customer service is a joke. Unbelievable. Would never recommend any Dell product

Customer Service

There isn't any way to get a hold of Dell customer service if you purchased your Dell product through another store.

Dell is a piece of shit

Bad computers, bad software, bad customer service. A general "Let the buyer beware" attitude. The must have gone private because no one would buy stock in this corporation

Dell Computers

Americans, please do not buy Dell Computers, If you have a problem with you PC, the techs are in India and do not know what they are doing also, their English is terrible

terrible components fon went bad in 6 mo.tech replaced it and scratched screen

I want a computer with quality parts and professional service. Does Dell have these available ? I have not seen them.


Worst customer service possible . Lap top quit working sent in for warranty repairs , not part available and I have no computer , account has been archived , service could be no worse , never again will I purchase a dell product.


USB Ports. I have used Dell for 10 years or more and no serious problems. I wish they had more USB ports for add on's though. You usually get 4 ports, One for keyboard, one for speakers, one for mouse, which leaves only one for a printer or other device. I would like to have a printer, camera, and card reader port. Can a pc be made with more USB ports for add on's?

boycott dell

I just got hung up on by a dell representative.SHE said I was wasting their time because I couldn't afford the 300 dollar service fee to clean my computer. When I asked to speak to the supervisor she asked me what do I mean. I said I don't like your tone and the fact that you have insulted me by saying that I'm wasting your time and she said that she was going to block my from calling and hung up on me.

Dissatisfied customer

I will never purchase another DELL product in my lifetime


Why are your tech support people so ignorant? They didn't know what to do about a "Proxy server" error massage and how to get my internet working.

piss poor company

will not answer complaints do not cover warranties on there piss poor product sell you bill of lies

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