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miss informed

Before u try to use any feature u want make sure it can work on your phone and don't go by what the customer service says because they don't know either ! And if u set up a balance payment plan don't do it till the very day ur bill is due !!! Cricket is a awful !!!

Cricket has the worse service and phones and customer service. If u ask me it just a waste of money and ur time I've been with them for about two years and I regret it. Its good that they don't have contract phones

Half the price, double the hassle

Worst customer service and payment system that I have dealt with, makes the federal government appear quick and efficient in contrast.Constantly unable to process my payment online, my money is held pending from my bank account, so I cant use it elsewhere, then I have to go down and pay a three dollar fee and pay it in person. I would never allow this incompetent company to automatically withdraw money from my account.They'd probably take five payments and refuse to return it which they have done before.

horrible service

People before u even think of getting Cricket service u should look up bbb the service is bad an they will shut ur phone off even if u paid ur bill mine got shut off 5 times n a three day period after I paid my bill. Walmart has the best deal going check em out an my rating for Cricket is a BIGG 0000

Shaking My Head

For over 1 year each month I have had to fight to make a payment. It is inconceivable how initially for some months I could text *pay and the last four of my card, go online, or use the icon in the marketplace on my phone. Somehow though, none of those methods continued to work. I called corporate exactly a month ago to complain. I spoke with a young lady who said she would file an escalation claim regarding the problem, but I never heard anything from her. Yesterday, I went into two store locations and niether manager could help me, but they were definitely sure about the fees due for them to take my payment. I refused. So, just now I got off the phone again with corporate while I read these horrible reviews against them. I did speak the a decent gentleman who actually seemed like he cared. He researched to ensure that the escalation was filed, and it was. He provided me with the TCK number, which the young lady never gave or told me anything. He took the payment and waived the fee. I asked what is the purpose of the fee. He replied that it is for the system they use to process payments. I know, that sounds whack! I told him why would you charge a customer a fee to use your system. I went on to say your competitior do not do this. I told him you guys are on notice because disgruntled customers are mobilizing in effort to either remove you or force you to do right by us, by complaining with the appropriate ethical governing bodies. I even notice the control this company tries to inject upon us. In the rating they force our hands. They force us to give a star when a star is not even warranted. I think that I will do my dissertation on this company. Conceivably, there is a lot of workplace deviance at work here. Wow! What a good idea to expose such toxic professionalism and quality response to customers. Wish me well ya'll.


If I could, I would not even give a star. The worst. Do not believe their coverage maps, They are not true. 30 day money back is also not true. All they do is try to keep sending replacement phones and then they make you pay return shipping on phones you do not order and have to return. It is absolutely absurd. 2 weeks later and they are still trying to send more phones and have no record of a refund request. Don't do it.


I purchased the ZTE score from a cricket store on East Ohio Street in Pittsburgh. and my muve music hasn't worked in 3 weeks so I don't understand how I'm paying 75 dollars a month for found it doesn't do what it's supposed to it goes off whenever it wants loses signal every 6 miles cuts off in the middle of conversations and just blanks out I went to the cricket store where I purchased my phone and the customer service representative told me that there cricket phone is messed up to and when I called the company they told me there's nothing that can be done you just have to let the problem run its course. I just don't understand why I'm paying for service that I don't have. if you looking into buying the phone I would say don't buy a cricket, because they'll take your money but when you have a problem will do nothing to help you!!!!


Purchased the galaxy s 3 online. tried to activate it with no success. I was instructed to go online or to a local store. Not finding anything online that would help I visited a local cricket store. They were very helpful and were able to activate my phone but charged me 15.00 to do so. I do not believe this is fair. while I was at the store the clerk was telling me all about the muve music and it's benefits so he downloaded the app and asked me where the SD card that came with the phone was and I explained there was not one. This puzzled him. When I returned home I called cricket to see if there was a mistake. The woman on the phone would not let me finish a sentence and left me on hold for 5 minutes. She said that online does not come with the card and that's why there is a difference in price. the guy at the store said they were the same. She would not answer my question just keep repeating that it did not come with an SD card. I asked if there was anyone else I could speak to and she said that the manager would only tell me the same thing. I asked her to just answer me this. I am correct that you will do nothing and will not let me talk to someone that can do something. Her answer was yes. I have been a cricket customer for at least a decade and I have never had a problem with the service itself but every time I have to deal with your costumer service it has been very unpleasant. I just spent 540.00 for the phone and another 50.00 in accessories at the cricket store and you want to play hardball over a 29.99 SD card. Seriously considering Straight talk!

Con artists with a licence

Had service but stopped cuz i buy a new phone 2 months later broken or Did knows what happened to it. I have health issues and even in covered areas i had no services. Paying $70 almost a month for bad service. Don't go to cricket they will sell u useless phones and the service is horrible.

I have had no problems as far as making or reviving calls,texts or web ability. However the customer service is by far the WORST EVER encountered! The stores (been to Three) are only interested if you are looking to set up with them or spending money. Complaints are regarded as too troublesome to bother with, calling customer service is a lost in translation nightmare and all around the folks employed by Cricket are unscrupulous hustlers. I wish they would address thease issues, be a upstanding business and treat current customers the respect we deserve. I imagine if this is not dealt with they all will be without a job soon enough.

don't ever go to cricket bad service and customer support 3g is old and slow, poor signal , there is no way I can't explain the nightmare I have by been a cricket customer also having a security police officer at the store discriminating a customer in front of every customer should not be tolerated and they seem to like it did never report the police or any of that. stay away from cricket you will be sorry I promise.

9/26/12 I have been a cricket customer for over 10yrs.for the last 3 months my mother who has been a customer for several years has had HORRIABLE service for about 6 months. now her phone has been shut off for none payment but she has her bill coming out of her checking account!!! I set it up for her myself. for the last 3 months i was assured that the problem would be taken care of, last month we also found out she was being overcharged for services and that was suppose to be corrected this month, not offering to give her credit for the over charge of course. So i decide to go into the main office located on Rodney Paraham we waited for 45min to talk to a rep, a young lady walked in the next available rep a male came over to her and pulled her to the counter, and informed my mom and me another rep is finishing up and will get us next. OMG!!! how tacky of course we left and i failed to get names, note the office has terrible customer service all the time. i took my mom to sears and signed her up for a new and afforable service, i will also be disconnecting my service with Cricket and I am on a personal crusade to get some others to do the same.

I find the customer service center in the Phillipines to be VERRY condicending people, they cannot even keep their story straight. I tried to get a change on my billing date, I have 2 numbers on the account, both had to be re-assigned to the account one went thru no problem in 15 minuets, the other is comming up about 2 days and still not back to my origonal number.

I agree with all the complaints I have read about cricket service which is a rating of -5, that;s right minus 5. I have had service with cricket for 6 months paid before time each month. I was having a problem with caller ID which the phone number I was assigned from cricket evidently belong to another women before me which was a land line. I was told that cricket needed 90 days to correct the problem. After 90 days I was told that it would take another 7 to 90 more days to correct the problem. What the hell! I read someone else complaint about customer service reps not being american and english speaking people, can't understand a word these people are saying, and constantly apologizing for there inadequate service. That's not solving any problems. I will be forwarding my complaint to the ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE IN NORTH CAROLINA. Other customers I feel your pain!

I was a Cricket customer and never had any complaints until now. I was helping a friend pay their phone bill with Cricket. Made the payment with Visa, someone at Cricket processed the payment. But! Gave me a BOGUS confirmation Number. Now, my Bank says the payment was paid. Vesta says they didn't get it. So the friend service was discontinued, with the payment made. I had my Bank filed a CLAIM to get my money back. Now I am a Business Owner, and I was considering getting Cricket for my company. But after this No Thanks. People beware of a company that does this type of business.

Worst service, worst phone.. Problems replacing the phone, as I was in the store, the new phone did not work! gave another phone... worked for few weeks, then problems again. Had to pay $20 and take a bus for 2 hours to get to the service center. The 1st address they gave me was a sales center, not service... I am still without a working phone after spending plenty of time with what they call customer service. complaint to BBB will be filed shortly.

I hate calling cricket... Have you noticed that every time you call you have to talk with a foreign person? I speak english. Its hard to try and take care of business when you also have to figure out with the phone represenative is saying. I hate cricket you can never call and speak to someone when you need to. When you have a bridge paymnet agreement ??? PLEASE GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what any of you are talking about. Cricket is a really awesome wireless company. The people are friendly and know what they are talking about. Yes, there are "dealer" stores that sell the phones and can set up an account, but that's the end of their business. If you have issues, you have to go to an actual Cricket store, not a dealer. It's just like how there are stores that sell Verizon and T-mobile and AT&T phones and can set up your plans, but you don't pay your bill there, you pay the company. I haven't seen a provider yet that doesn't have authorized dealers. Get your facts straight before you go and bash a company because you have made a mistake and you are an idiot. Imagine what the people who work in those stores go through daily. All they get to hear are the bad things because no one takes time to tell them the good things. Go to mycricket.com and pay your bill if you are paying with a credit or debit card, and don't get mad when they shut off your phone for not paying. Guess what, they don't even do that until you're a month overdue! No, I don't work for Cricket. It just sickens me to see all this negativity because I have had nothing but amazing service in every city I have lived in throughout the past 5, almost 6 years. Be responsible for your own stupidity and quit blaming it on the company.

Cricket is the best prepaided cell phone provider out here!!

I called the 800 number to see If the Cricket usb modem would work with my Tablet & they told me that It would so I paid $30.00 they re-act my account & they put me over to a tech. to Install the usb Modem & that the Tech could not get It to work so the tech tried to sell me another one & I ask how much It would cost & she told me It would cost $150.00 & I told her that I don't have that kind of Money & I told her that they need to put back the $30.00 that they took out for the Monthly fee which they had to take out . They told me that they can't refund but I told them that I never used the Service so they better put the money back In to my Account.

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