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Cricket is way cheaper than other companies!!! Love their service! and will never go back to Sprint, T-mobile, or at&t. I pay 50 a month with insurance on my galaxy s5!

Worst Phone Company

The most unprofessional disrespectful Company and Customer Service Reps ever 3 hours and 5 calls later still hvnt gotten my issue resolved. I will be leaving this company aswell ridiculous.

Ordered Phone

I ordered a s4 phone on Dec 2. 2014 and it never came. I called and stayed on the phone for several hours and for several days. From one department to the other; on one knew what happened or how to resolve the issue. Now I am looking to go to another company. I will not support Cricket

The telephone number you have listed on your website is incorrect. Please correct.

Sorry Company

this is the worst phone service in the entire universe

bad service

I'm thinking about starting a lawsuit on cricket for still selling phone at ridiculous prices after they knew they were going to merge with at&t. Just so they can rip u off even more money honest I was with the company for over 10 years. And all they did was rip off the customers I paid 700 dollars for phone not even a year ago now it's going to be obsoletes cause of there merger with at&t.

Horrible customer service & Website

After two days of trying to order a phone online from cricket, I have come to the conclusion that it was not meant to be. I am so glad that I have taken the time to read some of these reviews. Their customer service is the worst....nobody and I mean NOBODY knows what the hell they are doing nor can you understand them. Although Verizon is expensive, I will stick it out with them...because you truly get what you pay for.

iM BEIGN CHARGED FOR A phone I don't have I've called everyone and anyone and no one seems to be helping me does anyone know who I can contact for Service or Customer Complaints I need a Corporate Number or a valid Address

Rip off company

I went to a local store to see the options avail. in the store- then went home and chatted to a live rep online- to verify there was 7 day satisfaction guarantee- well went and got phone and service and decided i was not happy- so went to return it and was told something totally diff- 25 restock fee taken off phone price plus no refund for service- so now i am paying for service i can not use. SAD ! this company is a scam and i would not refer anyone to them if we had to depend on house phones again. smh

dishonest company

After 5 + years with this company they have stolen from me for the last time. Service was paid for through Nov 11 2014. Could not resolve the issue of not receiving inbound calls and refused to address my concerns. They Clearly do not want my business nor any one else. their staff simply does the same thing over and over again and does not resolve my issues. their corporate office at AT&T Does not care and will not resolve issues regarding their wholly owned subsidiary.


The kiosks always malfunction and say I didn't pay my bill. I go to the actual Cricket store, and they say they can't view the billing receipts? So they tell me their going to email me a receipt within 24 hours, and then forward it to a different Cricket email address. I do, and it says it's not even an email address. So confusing. Why do they have to make paying bills so hard? Oh yeah, and Cricket without Muve Music totally makes me want to switch service. TMobile costs pretty much the same, you get free music, and all the same services. And you get service in more places. Cricket kind of sucks.....

Bad Customer Service

I bought a cell phone Apple 5 and the company will not exchange the defective iphone after a year and 1 day.

Shocking Rating

It is beyond my comprehension to see a company with this dismal rating. ANY ONE LISTENING FROM CRICKET MANAGEMENT?

Rude Reps

I bought a Galaxy S3 and I took it out of the box and the screen was completly shattered to make matters worse the store did not give me a receipt and the phone was very expensive and I tried chatting online with a rep and they just act like they totally didnt care about the situtation so from here on I will no longer be a Cricket customer there phones suck and no reception what so ever and this is like stealing my money I will never make a stupid buy again im very disappionted in this!!!!!!!

This has too be the worst phone comp. I have ever had to deal with. I had 4 phones, Of the 4, two of the numbers were wrong in their sys. I changed companies on 6-6-14. I contacted cricket on 6-9-14. They sill had one phone open. It was a phone number the I did not have on any of my phones. PS. I do not believe that their hired help made it past the 8th grade.

Lack of Cricket Wireless warranty support for the old CDMA phones still being sold

Bought a simple flip phone and service in Dec. 2014 Phone froze. Under factory warranty, I was told by Cricket to do an exchange, I was told that I needed to pay a $60.00 deposit (3X the amount of retail price) after I have been calling for 7 days leaving call back messages. Found out that they no longer using that service, but it still is being used as an option. I went to a "Cricket Store" the only thing they would do is "Migrate" my # to a new plan, which is more expensive. They could do nothing else. I cannot get any help from Cricket Wireless. It's all ATT now.



unlock doesn't mean unlock

my Samsung galaxy 3 said unlock on the cricket website so i pay way to much money for it just to fine out that the phone is tethered to cricket and only to cricket because the phone is cdma you can't use the phone on any network ext cricket

I was in the store at 3254 Elvis Presley memphis tn, my new Samsung Gakaxy five weeks old phone did not have service i paid $15.00 again for service it did not come on, i ask for a refund or another phone they refused they was rude i left and went to att

scam calls

Cricket is selling our phone numbers everywhere. I keep getting calls from scam artists and have saved the numbers and looked them up and they are all related to phone services to trap you.

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