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I tried to contact customer service....the lady had no idea what I was asking her and kept asking me if she could help me fix my phone. I was looking for the corporate number I do not even have service with these idiots. She had to put me on hold twice and still could not do what I asked which was supply me with a number....I ended up finding it myself. Good luck if you use this company...I wouldn't

cricket screwed me over

Cricket promised me a new phone when I called 611 to find out what phone I was going to get I was told I was getting a 4G but the lady at the Harrisburg store gave me the wrong one when I called 611 the guy denied saying so I know all calls are recorded and they gave me a defected phone I took it back a few days later to the same store and the same girl failed to tell me the phone needed to be replaced I been paying a bill for a phone I use half the time and now its to late for the warranty and they want me to pay more money I don't receive calls my internet never works my calls are dropped and I keep getting code error boxes I think cricket shouldy honor what they promise instead of lying and denying I pay a lot of money but cricket don't want to fix anything


Hah, trying to reach 1800 cricket is like trying to get a hold of something that does not exsist. My calls are constently dropped they tell me "whats your zipcoad" I give it to them to send a signak. And nothing had changed. And if your phone is "defective DONT WORRY they wont fix it. Mine hang up on people. Then calls different people, kicks me off the internet, I guess t has a mind of its own.. Had like usual cricket does nothing to help but offwr you to pau full price for a new phone.. And there insure deal they got is a joke. In one year of paying insurance you could have bougjt a new phone already

customer service / paying fee/lifeline services

i have apply for lifeline over 6 times i dont know what is the problem with cricket i never been late never had services cut off the corporate office in louisville ky on dixie hwy service people are rude have sat there waiting for hours whole the customer services people smole out front of building flirt with women that come in and talk on there personal cells while you wait and wait how fair is that and no need to try and call in complaint you might as well be talk to yourself and if that wasent enough they cricket had the gall to send message saying they would be adding a dollar to bill for services i called asked them why was this i was told to cover services for what i asked could not anweser that question just jept saying for services well if you are going to charge your customer for something should not we know the reason or should,nt the customer services people know what it is for and explain it to us it is bad enough that it cost me three dollars to walk into the store and pay my bill on top of my bill itself you would think it would cost there customers not one penny to walk into there store to pay for there bill but to charge you and ectra three dollars just to pay it this should be a free service to your customers if for no more than to thank them for being a vauled customer i wondered if cricket ever took a moment to think if they would require there customer services in store and by phone to be more polite and helpful to there customers and and not charge us and extra three dollars to pay our already high cell phone bills what a better company they could become after people gravitate to companies that prove they want someone business and they are vauled customers cricket make there own business bad

Horrible customer service

I bought a galaxy S-iii at a cricket store a week ago in west valley city, Utah. 3500 south and 2900 west, a salesman named Miguel( he mentioned at one point being born on May21) installed a shield protector on my sons new phone and at the end of the transaction i noticed many bubbles and blotches, put the case on right after and sprayed the phone with the water in fact there was a puddle under the phone we had to make sure it was working before we left the store , so i asked him to redo it and he said it is normal and that those bubbles would go away, I took the phone to another store to get a second opinion and they told me it was a bad job and i needed to get my money back, when i went back they refused to give me my money back until i kept complaining finally they gave me my money back charging me a restocking fee for a shield protector that was used already, i didn't want to argue anymore so i payed it but i do believe this salesman needs more training in customer service.

Go elsewhere

Are you serious with this company! Poor policies, poor customer service, poor coverage. Just plain poor! If you can afford another carrier, do it! don't put yourself thru the pain of dealing with these people.

sims cards

customer service was nice to me. but for cricket to tell me i cant buy a sims card for my iphone3gs. i gotta buy a new phone from them. just lost a customer. if i have to go elsewhere to use my new phone and cricket wont help i guess the other companys will take my money. oh and my present cricket phone is junk thats why i want to use this one.

Customer Service Rep

My overall experience with cricket has been unsatisfactory. I have been a loyal customer to cricket for quite sometime and never at anytime did I consider going with another mobile carrier untill recently


I made a payment via phone and it posted to some else's account. It's been a month now and I still havent recieved a credit to my account or refund check. Everytime I call, no one seems to know why I havent recieved my refund. Its funny how they disconnect your service for non payment asap but cant give you whats owed to you asap. I should not have to constantly call for a mistake they can clearly verify.Theres No telling when I will get my money back. I dont believe they have a clue either. SMH!

Phone calls

OK. So the guy in the store could not help me...he stated he was the manager. Great. So, I looked up the corporate #, the guy TRULY understood I was upset. He sent me over to the escalations department where a very nice gentleman looked into my issue and stated he has the issue taken care of (getting frequent phone calls from Cricket for some unknown reason, when I checked my service it stated I owed $34 when I did not). So, at this point a fair rating until I see the results. Really did appreciate the attention from corporate.

I just called this number and left a message. Do they call you back? I am so sick of this situation. They keep trying to charge my card for a purchase I did online that I never received anything for! No one can find my order information, and no one can help me.. no matter where I call or which location I go to! I want to go to the BBB, but I dont even know what to enter when it asks for the company info, as there is so many different addresses and phone numbers linked to this company! Ugh, so mad!!!!!!!!!!!


Been with Cricket broadband for years. When I signed up, they say I had 3G for $40 p/mo. They mandated a svc rate increase to $45 and said it was for 4G. It take 3 mins to upload website graphics. No exaggeration!!!! I called Cricket and was told I have 2G. I was furious so they gave me a discount off my bill, but now they keep shutting down my device and making my svc so slow that I give up trying to get on internet. THE FCC SHOULD LOOK INTO THIS!!


I have noticed that when using top-up cards to add money and services that the time of duration is based off of the Cricket's Corporate Office, of which is located in San Diego, CA. For instance if a top-up is made on today at 12:01 am CST your acknowledgement of the payment and service start date will begin from yesterday's date at 10:01 pm PST. This will intern shorten length of service by two days due to this calculation error.

Phone service-custmer-service

Cricke nasty attude very rude will not answet th phone.ckI wish cricket go out of business!

I Hate Cricket!!!

The worst mistake I have ever made is getting Cricket. I've had my phone activated for about 2 hours now and I already hate every about this company. I called and talked to customer service, who are completely NOT helpful! Please if you are reading this do not put yourself through this. This company is horrible!!!!

I am trying to upgrade to a better internet broadband plan and you tellme Ihave to do it by phone.So I call and then I am told I have to go to your store??? I do not live near any of your stores and I also have no car to get there! I am trying to give you more money and you won;t take it. Also I can no longer make my monthly payment online because the My Account page has been screwed up for 3 months. I really can't understand why so many companies who had good customer service have become so messed up andwon't fix these problems because you are going to be the biggest losers of all.

Nothing but headaches

Good God! I've been trying to upgrade my phone for the past two days and their website is busted. No confirmation...stuck on "processing" forever. I even left for 5 hours and it was stuck on that. Different web browser, deleted cookies...all that. 800 number is a joke. I can only purchase to create a new account? You give me the option to buy a new phone but when I press 2 it says you're not able to? Service has been a joke. Only reason why I am sticking around is because of the price. Primitive system on the customer's end as well as the retailer's end. Guy there even said corporate doesn't even communicate much with them and he is the store manager. Can't do squat to honor the broken online system. Customer service phone numbers are a joke and provide squat because their reps can't access anything.

The Worst No Customer Service

I bought a pin number to top up my cricket paygo and it kept telling me the pin number was invaled. So quite natually I thought the store sold me the wrong pin. I tried to get in touch with paygo custumer service by dailing 611 and the automated computer kept telling me for five days that no custumer service representivives were available( which is absolutley ridiculous). I had to go to the main store in Metro Chattanooga for the problem to get straightened out which took thirty minutes, because crickets pin computer was having problems. This caused a lot of stress I didn't need. Get your act together Cricket!

Meh, ok service

The company in my year of experience with them so far hasn't been that bad. My phone still works pretty well, some of the buttons are starting to wear off, but hey, it's been a year. Only problem I have ever had is with their customer service department. I wasn't able to print a bill I needed for company reimbursement, so I called customer service. after 2 hours of arguing with the original rep that was just repeating the same thing over and over, I finally got handed to a supervisor who also repeated the same thing, that they couldn't email me a copy of my bill to print off. I asked the supervisor for the corporate number which I'm sure by that point they were more than willing to hand me off to corporate. 3 minutes of talking with the first person at corporate, and I had my emailed copy of my cell phone bill to print off. My theory is Customer service is just for mindless stuff like I need to find a store or I can't figure out what my phone number is. Corporate stores are the real customer service that might be able to help you, but when they can't figure it out, corporate offices are like next level support.

Sour on cricket

I've never had a call that did not get dropped. The staff at the store claims it is because I live near the Airport. Funny, I don't have the same problem with my new carrier. Also check your billing. Cricket billed me $50.00 for a basic bill. Then they added $25.44 to the bill when I paid the bridge payment until I could get another carrier.

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