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worst sevices ever

I went in to the Provo store in Utah in October and they missed up and took 126 dollars out and it is almost Feb. and still I have not received MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finance director

I went into the store at 924 market St Phila pa 19106 today. There was 1 being waited on and 2 workers. I waited 5 minutes before one of the workers told me to sign it. When attempting to sign in the machine at the front of the store didn't work, when I told one of the workers to got smart with me. That store is very unprofessional and I am cancelling my service as well as my entire family.

poor service

I have only been wirh cricket since 11/1/13. I made a payment that did not post on 12/15/13, had to take my bank statement into the store to show payment was made. Told everything would be fine and service was turned back on Only to be turned off again a week later. The payment was never posted to the account and they are trying to bill me for two months.

I went to pay my November bill at the cricket store on Youngsfield St. in Wheatridge, Colorado. The clerk took my money and handed me my receipt. The receipt she handed me was dated for October. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until my service was cut off for not paying my Nov. bill. I had to have my phone for work purposes, so I had to pay again. I was told I needed my receipt to show I paid my Nov. bill. I'm am so done with this racket, after my wife and I have been customers for over three years continuously. They lost our business.

Horrible Customer Service

Cricket wireless Payment Specialist department was contacted to receive a refund for a double charge done on their end. My account was debited twice and only one payment was authorized. I sent one text authorizing a payment. I spoke to supervisor Derick at Cricket in the specials department and he said "they have a NO Refund Policy," I asked for a copy of where that is noted and he said "unfortunately we do not do that" and "If I have an issue with my phone I need to contact customer service for phone issues." Unfortunately they do not send a transaction log for text like they do for other wireless company's to show that only one text was sent out from my phone. What kind of service is this even after many years of being a loyal consumer.

charged for no service

I decided to get cricket service after a couple of years, however when i called to set up service my phone was unable to be activated for some reason however, the service was canceled and they still took the money for a month of service and I have no service. Then they charged me twice for the transaction. they basicly stole an extra 48.00 from me. this is sad a big company like this and they treat people this way.

Show your customer appreciation

I find that cricket is a good cellphone service your prices are good. I have broadband & cellphones with this company. Suggestion make broadband faster and data service longer without paying extra money that I don't have I am a disable woman living off a fixed income this is the reason I chose cricket and been with you all over a year or so.I would like for you all to show customers how much you really appreciate their business with your company. I don't want too pay extra for data usage it should be unlimited like everything else.Now my compliant last night about 3:30 am cricket disconnected service for an hour that's not fair to me! I pay my bill on time very month and it been like that. All these entry too win I've put in but who's the winner? Please keep in mind of your Customers and Please get someone that I can understand over the phone.

I think I made a mistake

I am a new customer, dissatified with the new phone I brought, and got no satisfaction, talking to customer service got me a foreign employee, and I was told that I could not pay my mail though I know that is not true. I see I have made a mistake

Unprofessional and liars

I had set up a bridge payment on my phone they took the payment it was processed i received the conformation via text message and then the next day the shut off my phone then they switch me from one department to another they cut my phone back on and then when I want to make a new bridge agreement the supervisor is going to lie and say it was my banks fault the info i put in was not correct then she said they could not verify my info so i called corporate they gave me an full extension i am switching my phone services.

Termination of Service

I discovered that Cricket WILL NOT let you terminate or disconnect your service in a store nor through the online website account, you must call in to 800-cricket and be harrassed by their so called specialists who do not want to turn your service off!!! After numerous attempts and arguements I went ahead and discovered you can go on the automated phone system option menu and report it as a lost/stolen/fraud phone and it suspends your service since they will not terminate it. You can also go to the FCC website and file a complaint against the company as well.

Best way to get a hold of customer service rep Dial 18002742538 if youre calling from your phone choose option #1 , the option #4, then option #2. Goodluck!

everyting this company does sucks

i had my phone for bout 2 years now and we have been paying double the amount then i suppose to for my phone to work and we were being passed around and talked to like 5 people and been talking with them all day and still nothing. if anyone is asking for a could company for a new cell phone I WILL NEVER SUGGUEST CRICKET!!!!


I paid my sisters bill using my credit card. The transaction cleared my acct. with no problems. And I have paid her bill for her many times. My sister has a dispute on her acct. Now I can't make a payment online or over the phone because of the dispute. What does her acct. have to do with mine. We have spoken with customer service and all they do is transfer the call around. No once seems to know why I can't make a payment or why her acct. is in dispute. How crazy is that. I think it's time for my to switch to AT&T. And I have had Cricket Service for about thirteen years, and never had a problem.

lousy service

This company is almost impossible to contact. You can never get a live person on the phone. Their automated system runs you in circles, asking the same idiotic questions over and over again. They don't tell you all of the necessary information up front when you buy a phone and expect you to be a mind reader.


On 6/21/12 they took my credit card and charged my account 2.5 times more than the bill for $120.54 then applied my money to another phone number. I have been trying to get my money back or just have it applied to the correct phone number. Here it is 7/1/13 still trying to get my money back after they have cut off phone service. I just get transferred from one person to another, no one wants to help.

Please let me know and others when do you plan on updating the broadband to match up with the latest Microsoft Word. Secondly, is it possible to contact a live technician on the phone, thank you! We want to continue being a loyal customer to Cricket and we need your assistance in the above matters mentioned thank you.


I have reported them to the BBB. They are horrible. The customer service is the worst and the service overall is crap, they never want to help solve the problem just say no and hang up, I asked several times to remove something off my bill it hasn't been done, I asked to replace my phone it hasn't been done, it's like what's the point. Hopefully I can cancel my service this week. I am so over this crap it's ridiculous. I need my phone that's why I have it... I should've stuck with Virgin Mobile.


Cricket has the WORST phones and charge so much money . My phone turned off and it never came back on. They made me pay 10 dollars for a new one and that one was defected. They sent me 4 defected phones in 1 whole month. My last one i got i paid 50 dollars for and its starting to act up and i only had it for a couple weeks. My grandmothers phone cracked and they took our coverage off without tell us. Cricket need to fix there and phones and service before people start leaving and sewing the company. Im close to do that.

Customer Service is TERRIBLE

So they advertise on their site you get free next day shipping when you order a phone....then they take 3 days to process your order, send you an invalid FedEx shipping number, and tell you they probably shipped your item UPS but they don't have a tracking number. Customer service rep was rude and just kept repeating himself trying to give me number to call UPS, which is obviously not going to do any good since they do not have a tracking number. Now I can't even cancel the order because they say it is in shipment, although they have no proof they shipped, and was most definitely NOT shipped overnight delivery as advertised. What a bunch of muppets...

Rude & Ignorant

I have been a Cricket customer for over three years and I have never dealt with the same problem three times month to month. I am an American Bar Accredited Paralegal and the way they dismiss and act like the mistakes they made are just one of those things is unbelievable. I had the same exact mistake happen to me three (3) times back to back and they did not feel like they should or could credit my account for what they did. Therefore I am notifying the Better Business Bureau and any other interested organizations. These are hard days and time and people don't have the time or gas money to keep running back to a Cricket Store when the act like it's no big deal.

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