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The broadband sucks in south texas. I paid 100.00 for a modem and a crappy 2.5 gigabytes worth of slower than dial up junk! Two weeks to get connected and eight hours of service calls. I switched to A T & T. I left a message with Doug...the ceo on his phone. I want to be fair but they should be more accountable. No one to complain to but a bunch of Indians overseas. We should bnurn the modems on video and post on facebook!

The worst ever... purchased the new Huawei, Smart phone.,!, as they say, you get what you pay for! mailed it back for a credit, its been 30 days now,,No Refund!!! I was first told after waiting two weeks, that I had to wait 30 days I was told last week that my account was going to be credited last week I was told yesterday, that my account was going to be credited today Today No Credit!!! I was told today!, that I have to wait 30 business days!!!, Is this legal!!! am I ever going to get my money back!!! and yesterday I returned another phone back. I guess, i'll just have to wait and see... and yes, there customer service dept, Sucks!!! I can't understand this people!!! What a dissapointment!!! I hope,!!! I don't lose all that money... almost $400.00 what a big mistake!!!


I have no complaints regarding the Cricket modem BUT...I added a cell phone in August, 2010 and it's been nothing but problems. I purchased the service and phone at a local store after being told coverage for my area was fine. Paid $80.00 to buy a phone that was supposed to have a $40.00 Cricket Visa Prepaid Card mail in offer. My first problem was that coverage was so poor that when I was fortunate enough to find a spot with signal strength, if I took a step, I would lose the call. Very disappointed with lack of coverage. When I contacted the closest corporate store about my problem, I was told that I should have never been sold the service because I live in Michigan and they don't have adequate coverage in MI. I went back to the local store with this information and the store rep told me that the corporate store didn't know what they were talking about. I was told service and coverage areas improve all the time so if I could just be patient I was sure to see better coverage. Well, no improvement with coverage in almost four months. The next problem; I received a response to the rebate that it didn't apply to my state. When I called on that, sure enough, if you look at the form it only covered Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Las Vegas. I have no idea why the MANAGER of the store instructed me to send in this rebate. Now, the sticker is removed from the cell phone box and I doubt anyone would even buy it from me since the label with the important information is gone! This has been a very frustrating experience. Best to avoid Cricket if you live in Michigan.

Cricket has the worst service ever. I strongly agree with all the complaints listed above. None of the representatives have been helpful or professional. Since the initial purchase date of their poor wireless broadband service, I have had ongoing issues. CRICKET IS THE WORST!!!!!! They have uneducated employees who give you the run around and only seem to repeat themselves by saying "i'm sorry," "i apologize," and "unfortunately, there is nothing I can do" and it seems they have no managers or supervisors in the office, they all appear to be in meetings 24/7 per Kevin Badge #:CD7D. You are all unprofessional and lack knowledge of outstanding customer service. I would never recommend CRICKET to anyone. Cricket never resolves their customers dispute. They only seem to know how to say "i'm sorry, there is nothing I can do about it" --- I will never ever use CRICKET for any sort of service. I have wasted too much time going in and out their stores and calling their very unhelpful 800-CRICKET number or their corporate office number 858-882-9924/858-882-6000.

I just want to say that I know me entering this complaint will not do anuthing. I think Cricket has the worst customer service EVER. First off there is a big time language barrier. I can not understand rep. The rep does not understand me. I ask to speak to a supv. that speaks english or that is american. The supv gets on the phone and it's the same thing. I can not understand him. My bill is to be a set amount each month. And every month it's a different amount, and they have no record to tell me why. I mean cricket is not Sprint, so why am I paying for it like it is?? They are rip offs. Cricket sucks to the core. The only reason why I am with Cricket is because I have not so good credited to get a phone else where. I will def pay 200 hundred dollars to get a phone with a better company if I have to. I am not racist either. I am a hispanic, so I know about the different languages, but jeeeeeeeeeez. If we can't understand each other, get reps that can speak all languages, take your reps and put them into better training classes. Make them be more familiar with their crap, because this is unbelievable. They don't speak english, they can't tell you what you have been paying and why. When you add a service they fail to tell you about any additional fees that go with the features.....I just want to pull out my hair. I am like I said def done with cricket. I mean I am a Customer Service Specialists, and that is not the way I treat any of my customers that call in. We are kind we know our stuff, and if we don't there is always someone available to get that answer for our customer.....Cricket needs to step up the game. OR I am sure Cricket will be no longer.

I purchased a new smart phone and your customer care tells me they can not port my old ATT number into my new phone. The reasons mentioned were not reasonable , further more porting my old number to my new device is widely advertised from cricket and it is the law that the old company need to release the number and the new one to transfer it

I HATE THIS CRICKET CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT HAVE IN ASIA> NOT EVEN IN THE USA.....CHEAP LABOR "SHAMEFUL" They had me on the phone with these people who are NOT customer friendly at all. I spoke to a Agent, Supervisor and floor Manager, and of course NO RESOLVE. My account they have it in another persons name and said I have to bring that person to the Cricket corporate office to have it changed. WHAT???? I don't even know the person they have the account in....OMG!!! I am "BUGGED" out.....CLEAR here I come. Just maybe one day they will figure it out unless profit is more important than satisfied customers, and if that is the case they will learn very quickly that the "CUSTOMERS" make your company NOT the money!!!

My Cricket Complaint, I paid my monthly bill of $48.00 at a Cricket location in Henderson,NV today on 10/20/10 and as i entered the store location the clerk or employee was on the phone so i waited paitently until they were done off the phone.When he was off the phone he asked if he could help me and i replied yes i want to pay my bill.He asked me my billing info and i told him,so after the transaction was over he handed me a reciept that was NOT very readable like the reciept paper needed to be changed out to another roll,and i asked for another one and he replied are you serious you can still read it and i said yes please and from there i recieved POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I told him Thank You sir on the way out and he replied NOTHING! MY POINT TO CRICKET COMMUNICATIONS, I pay a $48.00 phone bill every month on time and would like a legit readable reciept with my payment. If this type of service continues to on go with CRICKET COMMUNCATIONS, i will rate them with POOR SERVICE NOT to mention blogging about it and PERMANENTLY change my service provider. Location Address: 560 Marks St.#E Las Vegas,NV 89014 Phone: (702)227-0101 Merchant ID: 37350095 Operator: rm Jeffery VanderPuil Phone number: (702)788-4577

online complaints are huge and the worst one is that Cricket Corp offices are not findable for restitution of legitimate claims. I have sent my letters only to have them returned with "insufficient address" stickers from the post office. I have left yet another message - I have never gotten a call back in 6 months of leaving messages. I am sending one to the address above and keep my fingers crossed. If I do not get an honest response within 30 days I will be making a formal complaint to FTC and FCC and I urge you to do the same. The more complaints the better until Cricket is forced to do something. I was told by the store employees that it is a foreign based company (South America) and looks like we need to deal with companies that are US based.

To whom it may concern, As stated my name is Pat McIntyre and I purchased a new phone of yours. I have NEVER had so many problems with any prior phones before. Your service store(CORP. Store)on Tatum leaves a lot to be desired.....21 complaining customers....6 walked out....all at 10:30 a.m. today. There were 2 girls trying to help 15 prospect for new phones or complaining customers. My time in your store was 93 minutes......never again. In the meantime, your manager for this store, is window washing and hanging balloons....how pathetic. NO help from him regarding any or better service. My wife also has a Cricket phone. We will do everything to give your company, your product a bad name........your service and product STINK. Pat McIntyre

Has anybody lately looked/read your complaint RATIO.............You service/products leave much to be desired. You are ALL a self-serving Co..........out to screw the public. Pat McIntyre

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