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Mortgage HOLDER

Consider your options strongly when choosing to establish your mortgage with Bank of America. As an existing customer with a mortgage loan that originated at over $400k, and has been paid on for 10 years with only 5 years left to pay, I was declined to refinance my credit line based on an appraisal conducted by an affiliate of the Bank. Conveniently, my appraisal was 2% over their loan to value ratio!

bad service

I have a 7% interest rate on my mortgage. I wanted BofA to lower it. If they wanted to they could. But instead they said I have to do a Loan Modification. I don't want to do that. 7% is extremely high. They could chose to lower it if they wanted.

Bad Customer Service

I was looking to speak to a person in one department and was transferred to the wrong person 3 times and then on the last transfer I was hung up on. My loan is no longer service by Bank of America and they have not removed it from the foreclosure list. That is what I have been trying to do, but nobody would take care of it. Nobody seems to care and/or knows what each other department is doing. These large companies think of there customers as numbers only and do not care.

Terrible service

I got a line of credit which the bank wants to recall. They send me a letter which was received 3 days before the deadline to response. I called the officer immediately but got only a voice message. I left 3 voice messages to call me back asap. No response. How do you deal with a bank that does not care to talk to you.


B of A should go out of business, they are unethical, dishonest, inept and an example of what happens without regulation, I have been a customer for over 20 years and they have done nothing but go downhill.

McMillan Firearms

You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. After 12years of doing business with McMilan you decide that because they deal in firearms and accessories that you are going to drop them as a client? You are ignorant, bias morons, and I will never do business with B of A again. Further, I will make ure that everyone I know and/or deal with is aware of your action. I think you should be sued for restraint of trade.

Credit Line Account

Why do I continue to receive late payment fees for an account that is paid on time. This issue has been ongoing for months and calls to the Presidents office go unheard. Thank God that we all have choices to select other banks and make fellow workers and friends aware of the way BOA treats its long time customers

Deplorable service & security!!!

I have been trying to access my account and the bank is telling me that the passcode on my account has changed so I have been unable to access it. I can't believe that the telephone bankers are not letting me access my account. This is completely unacceptable. I am worried about the security of my account and how someone could have changed my verbal password without my knowledge or approval. I even tried to close my account and they told me that I could not without this verbal password they have that I did not set. This is crazy. I am on the line with the corporate office and they have me on hold for too long to speak with someone and I am sure the person who answers this call will give me the run around as well. I have been with this bank for the past 12 years. I have been with them when LaSalle bought out Talman and now since Bank of America has bought out or acquired LaSalle bank and this kind of business is very disappointing. I had always had the utmost faith in LaSalle Bank and in turn Bank of America but it seems like my faith is misplaced. If this is the kind of service you would like to receive then I must tell you that Bank of America is the bank for you.

I recently had a situation with the Bank of America in which I had a check to be held because of a number of NSF fees we received for one of accounts. I called twice and spoke with two different customer representatives and floor managers. Everyone was nice except for one of the floor managers. I wish I knew name so I could report her. I called corporate the next day and they refunded a few of NSF fees as a courtesy. Its nice to know there are still descent people in the world. Thank you Krystal for make our life a little easier.


In all of my 61 years I have never come across a bank where the staff are so rude, the service lousy, the products so poorly represented. Bank of America consists of a culture of confusion, deplorable customer service. This is evident in the way I have been treated and many thousands others as I read on the internet. Stay away from this bank they are horrible.

Trying to Give You My Money

Your Customer Service Department is really horrible. I was on the phone for 58 minutes. All I was trying to do was pay my bill online. I eventually opted to pay it by phone. But I am really concerned as to who is running that cheese stand.

Bill Payment Checks

Bank of America issues bill payment checks with no signature on them, making it almost impossible to deposit a check because certain Citibank branches will not accept these checks for deposit. Other banks such as Citibank and Chase issue bill payment checks with a signature. Bank of America should get with the program.

bad business practice

The bank sets policies that allow them to keep customers' money for days with the excuse of protecting the customers, they find loop holes within banking regulations to do this. That is the reasons that sometimes years later they have to pay huge fines to the government.

Great customer service

I just want to thank one of your valuable employees Melody Bethea she works at the branch located in Washington DC South Capitol Street, someone had attempted to cash one of my checks that I had put in my mailbox outside my home, this check was made out to one of my Utilities bills (Pepco) the check was compromise addressed to a different name and amount from $160 to $960, she and the teller was very alert to notice something was not right with the check. Ms. Melody contacted me for authorization to pay the money. Well to make a long story short the person did not get my money and I am just so happy that there are good intelligent hard working people working at Bank of America. Thank you again Assist Manager at Bank of America Melody Bethea

BofA run around

BofA has been misleading me into thinking they were going to give me a loan modification, after asking me for numerous documentation, and letters with signatures, during the Holidays of all time, they have sent me letters of denial, based on no reasoning, not even giving me legitimate reasons. Now they are threatening me with foreclosure, they have had me speaking to three different Customer Relations Managers II, who do nothing, but look at notes, and ask for numerous documentations, and don't give any status' updates on what is going on. Bank of America, is nothing but a Con Artist Fat Cat Corporation, abusing hard working Americans. Obama and his big Bail Out, and now they are abusing the Working class Americans and not bailing them out on their own situations. I am thoroughly upset at how I am being treated. I say, never ever do business with Bank of America, close all your business with them and make them feel the HURT.

Online Problems

I would like someone to be sure and let the CEO and other top executives know what an inconvenience it has been to have the online banking feature for checking accounts not working properly. Hopefully they know of the continuing problem where you can not change a 'cleared' item into a 'reconciled' item,as it just changes back once you leave that page. Makes balancing a checkbook impossible online. Making B of A's online "services" not very attractive. And those I've talked to with customer service have no answer as to when this problem will be resolved .


Bank of America refuses to give my refund back of 1,069.99. I been on the phone for weeks, with claim Dept. speaking to Supervisors taht refuses to give you last names or direct lines, everytime I call I have to spend a lot of time, explain the same problem each time over and over. That's is not professional from BofA . . . . not acceptable.

I have been involved with BOA and I wanted to refinance a loan with then for a reduced rate. My monthly payment would be reduced by $500 monthly. I have an excellent credit rating, two homes, one of which is paid for and the other has this equity line plus I have more than ample resources for payment. The problem is that I am retired and although I have been paying $800 monthly there seems to be a problem with me paying $300 monthly. The documentation required transcends all banking rules requirements. It is intrusive and I can't believe this is the same bank that professes to recreate a positive image.

Spoke to someone about re-finance a mortgage I have with WellsFargo, since I am retired now they felt I would not be approved for a 15yr so I applied for the 20yr should not be a problem. I wanted to have all my finances under one back. So after 3months, and mountains of paper work they suggested I should close all my credit cards currently being used even though I do or did not carry a balance. I was not approved and then I was informed that I will not be given my application fee of $460.00 because they had to get an appraisal. I informed them that this should have been done after they did all the numbers and felt I might not be approved. Imagine that they suggested that I should have applied for a 30yr. I told them that I wanted less years at a lower rate. I have owned 3 homes, numerous cars and have NEVER been late with any payment and NEVER paid a late fee. What else is a person do to get a mortgage at a lower rate. AT this point I WILL BE talking my banking elsewhere

Opened a joint account with my daughter who was 8 at the time. She is now 29, married and wanted to place the account in her name only since we had forgotten it was a dual account. I went to the local branch where the account was opened with 2 pieces of ID and they refused to take me off the account. They would be willing to close the account, but not take me off! Told my daughter to close the account and find another bank. Hope she follows that suggestion and leaves BofA in the dust!

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