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BOA gave my stalker my address

My stalker got my account number then made a $100 deposit. As he did the deposit, they gave him my address! It took years to find a place to hide from him! As soon as I think that Im safe a teller hands out my address like its for sale in exchange for a deposit. Can I sue?

Bad Service

I have had an acct with BOA before it was BOA for over 20 yrs! I keep a very large sum of money there. I wanted to deposit a check made out to my son and signed by him into MY account. Of course I would sign also. I told the rep at the desk I had 15 times that amount in my account to cover it. She denied me. She never looked up my account, didn't check how long I was a customer and didn't care to help me in the least. I was DEPOSITING, nothing else!!! Very bad service and I am taking my account out of BOA pronto!!!!


I have a date tonight but you guys took you sweet time depositing my check and now it hit the negative because you guys decided to let my car payment hit my account before my own money. So thanks again

sold good customers mortgages

I am very disappointed that BOA sold my mortgage to an out of state mortgage company. I prefer dealing with locate businesses. Since BOA doesn't seem to care about me, I will now refinance with a different locate bank and take all of my accounts away from BOA. BOA should not throw their good customers out the door. This shows that BOA does not care about its' customers so why should we care about BOA. I been a good customer for a very long time but BOA does not care about that. Good bye BOA!

Horrible mortgage brokers

Been dragged along as mortgage broker claimed to be getting our credit handled. Never called back, never answered his phone. 3 weeks later, calls randomly saying he made changes. We had already found a new broker. This guy messes things up extremely badly. DO NOT go through them for a mortgage.

Incompetent Accounts Representative

A week ago I went to the Chino Hills branch Chino Hills Parkway to wire money to fund my trading account. The incompetent acct rep named Anthony Andrade who processed the wire transfer lost the paperwork he is suppose to give to one of the bank managers to process. I would never have found out had I not contacted someone from the branch. Why does Bank of America hire incompetent, unprofessional representatives?

worst bank in history

the bank is very unfair I was trying to receve a modification the amount of the loan was set at 1,800 a month not making that kind of cash your bank refused to modifed the loan for months your bank should be shut down the bank dosn't work well with coustmers the coutmer is always wright your bank does't corarprate well with coustmers they do not listen at all when they receve paper work for modifation the paper work goes to the screder the manager i had should be fired a plan to stall the homeowner the homeowner thiks he is getting the modifation but they are just stalling time thinking that the homeowner will not apply and through up hands thats what they want they want the homeowner to fail should be shout down

worst coustomer service

I was denied for mortage modification when I called the manager said the file was closed. the bank did't call or write letter regarding this matter the coustomer if you are closing the file I sent all items she requested I belive I was treted unfairlty this manager does not deserve this job

I have been lied to by numerous supervisors since 6/5/2013. Your services lack creditability.

Crooked and misleading bank practices.

I recently had a situation when I was a victim of identity theft and someone deposited a check and withdrew money. The bank who know I dont live in the city where the deposit was made and most of the money withdrew from. Instead of trying to find out who took the money. The bank took my social security income. The bank was the not able to give me no information.... they have been holding my social security income and said they are not going to give it back to me. I depend on my social security income to help me live. I have to buy medicine and bay my bills on that small income. I could die with having my important medication. The bank does not care

Unfair practices

Bank of America took and held my social security income without notice. When calling to inquire about my money they wouldnt answer my question to why they took my money. I need my income to pay for medicine and living expenses. Runaround is all you get from these people. somebody help me!

Home Loans and Modifications

I am writing this to inform you that after going through every step by step process that I was advised on by your bank, it was months before Bank of America would even speak to me regarding the status of our home loan due to the death of my husband. I had a right to cure letter from your attorney and followed the procedure to the letter only to be informed that my check was being returned, because the amount had increased. this was within the course of 30 days. After speaking to the attorney's office, they informed me Bank of America cannot do this even though you try always. Your attorney even spoke about how frustrating it is to work with your bank. Was also informed over the phone that I needed to return the check along with an extra $2,000.00 with 5 days. I have had no information to this effect. I am contacing consumer credit, an attorney, and my senator. This is madness!!

B of A Fax #

they are definitely doing their best NOT to fully comply with the National Mortgage Settlement Act. Anyone have a current working fax number for Patrick Moynihan at B of A?


They are a bunch or crooks don't use the for anything I repeat they are liers and swindlers.


It's chaos. Some well connected crooks are hiding behind employees who are encouraged to lie. It's going get worse if the Departments of Justices do not stop the prevalent corruption.


bank of americia is the most coriup bank there ever was,i been trying for 4 years to do a mod,as with every body else they lose all the paper work,i hope people dont think these people you talk to realy keep those papers,they go in the sheder as you send them,i have sent 20 complaints hud,cpa,us treasure,and my att general ,i live in texas,he is a joke ,don you know that the feds are surporting these people,so they can get there pay offs,time for the people to take a stand!!!!!!!!

mortgagee change/funds for claim

poor. BOA sold the loan to new servicing agent as of 5-1-2013. Midwest storms we suffered water damage. check is payable to the mortgage on policy at the time of the loss 4-18. BOA would not sign off on the claim check even though they were the mortgagee at the 4-18 date. delayed getting the fund needed for repairs! BOA is not for the customer. BOA cares nothing except they dont have to do any work!


Please provide negative stars for this nightmare of a mortgage company. Have spoken with 10 different people over six months to get a refi and currently have a mortgage with boa ! They request documents repeatedly and none of them know what they're doing. They do not return phone calls and lost my lock- in due to their incompetence. Do NOT deal with them under ANY circumstances - you will regret it if you do ! Truly the worst experience of my 45 years of dealing with banks !

BOA gave a statement of my account to someone I barely know cause he asked for it. isn't that a breech in Privacy? I am closing this account and taking legal matters into my hands!

How can u give someone with no I'd for an account , a bank statement! I reported this and no one from coporate office thought it was important enough to get back to me abt it


I owed 90.00. There was a typo error and 9000.00 was sent. The bank saw nothing wrong and cashed the check. Trying to get the money back is a killer. I am on the 8th business day and nothing has beend done. The bank also charges anyone cashing one of their checks $5.00.

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